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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, July 1, 2016 at 3:30 PM

"Welcome To Hell" Sign In Rio Says It All And Signals Pending Disaster For Coming Olympics

Las Vegas Begins Fantasy Sports Betting This Fall Via A Pari-Mutuel System - Details To Come

Mutuel Funds For Sports Betting Made Legal In Nevada Bet They Look Like Terrible Bet For Investors

Rangers Baseball Bettors Best Friend - Twins Their Worst

By Kelso Sturgeon

On a recent day at Rio de Janeiro's main airport - Galeo International - arrivals were greeted with an ominous banner that read "Welcome To Hell". The protestors did not face police resistance because there were policemen and firemen who were no longer receiving their salaries because there was no money for such things.

Also on greeting banners were these stunners: "Police and firefighters don't get paid" and "Whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro Won't Be Safe". Leaving the airport arrivals another banner at the side of the roadway said, "Welcome, We Don't Have Hospitals".

These banners are quite disturbing because the Olympics - known this year as XXXI Olympiad - will be held in Rio August 5-21, with 10,500 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees competing in a city bankrupt and in a country in political crisis, chaos and itself on the edge of bankruptcy. Chaos and unanswered violence rule the day and despite assurances from the city that all will be just fine, the only thing officials know for sure is that 100,000 condoms are already on hand and ready for distribution.

Everything connected to the 2016 Olympics points to a total disaster, with event facilities unfinished, the infrastructure leading to them incomplete and the water where some events will be held awash in raw sewage and toxic chemicals. This is the current situation and the show starts in a month.

Betting on the Olympics has always been conducted throughout the world and this season it will be conducted for the first time in the United States, in Nevada.

One prominent Brazil athlete - a star soccer play - advised those planning to attend the Olympics to stay home because of the chaos and lawlessness. He noted the risk of being robbed, mugged and even murdered were quite short.

At the present time there are few cities in the world as dangerous as is Rio and my advice too is to stay home. The jury has not yet decided whether betting on Olympic events is something to be considered but there is no question there is additional risk at every sport at every point.

Big Changes Coming To Sports Betting World

It has been an eventful summer in the sports betting universe. Fantasy sports betting has been legalized in Nevada as has the ability to establish a mutual fund that can accept bets (investments) from anywhere and Monmouth Park is experimenting with several new ways to bet on horses in conjunction with London-based Betfair, a giant world-wide bookmaker. Included in it all is fixed-odds wagering where one can lock in his price at any point during the wagering.

Just in case you might wonder how big Betfair is in the world of betting, in Friday's Wales vs. Belgium soccer match it had booked just under 10,000,000 pounds - 4,108,688 on Wales and 4,082,227 on Belgium.

All of these things are going to have a major impact on future sports betting and points to the need to address fantasy sports, soccer and new ways of betting horses. They are certain to expand and shortly will be booked in the subculture where the most money is wagered.

It also is a signal to the world that the major sports are moving past their hypocritical anti-gambling stance and may soon be legalized in several other states. The NFL has said it won't block the Oakland Raiders from moving to a new $1.5 billion domed stadium in Las Vegas and NBA commissioner Adam Silver has already said it is worth a look.

It takes time but barriers come down. Keep in mind when the first insurance of any kind was offered in the United States (it was insurance against accidents) by Franklin Health Association Company of Massachusetts in 1850, it was classified by supposed moral and religious people as being gambling - a certain sin against God - and was shunned for many years.

Texas Rangers The Money Tree - The Twins The Money Burner

The Texas Rangers opened the baseball season with a certain degree of respect, listed at 12-1 to win the World Series, and after a so-so start during which they made bettors back up a bit - are now the biggest money winners in the sport. If you had wagered at the $100 level on every game they have played this season you have won $2,920. The Rangers are now 7-1 to win it all and have done it by going 12-4 in their last 16 games and, more than that, standing 8-3 in their last 11 games as an underdog.

The money-burner is Minnesota. The Twins opened the season with high hopes and were listed at 40-1 to win the World Series. They now stand 25-53, are in last place in the American League Central and a bet at the $100 level on then in all 78 games has left bettors $2,290 in the hole. The Twins are 9-19 in their last 28 games and no white horse is in sight.

Just remember - betting baseball is about current form and not some pre-season expectation.

Saturday's Betting Menu

$10 Three-Team Baseball Parlay Should Return $135
This 3-Teamer Proves Once Again You Do Not Have To Bet A Fortune To Win One

My personal daily baseball betting menu almost always includes in addition to my single-game plays a modest 3-team parlay, using teams that grade out with solid chances to get to the winner's circle. It has proved profitable for me over the years and today am asking you to join me by betting a modest $10 3-team parlay on teams that (1) are playing well, (2) have most of the important edges in pitching and at the bat and (3) that are the right price.

That $10 wager should return you in excess of $135. You can also bet these three teams separately if you wish but today the value is in the parlay as I again prove you do not have to bet a fortune to win one. Get all the cash for just $15, charged to your major credit card.


50-Unit Baseball Blowout Rocks Bookmakers
A Mismatch Has 95% Chance To Win And Will Set Stage For Dynamite July 4th Weekend

There are no secrets left in the world of baseball betting at this point of the season. The real contenders have moved to the head of the class and the pretenders have shown themselves to be just that. In other words highrollers can bet with even more confidence now than they could even two weeks ago. The better teams just keep rolling while the rest struggle.

We have a single game on the Saturday schedule where a modestly-priced favorite has all the edges and grades out with a 95% chance to win. It simply does not get better than that and you can win this 50-unit highroller play with me for just $25, charged to your major credit card. This is an outstanding opportunity to begin the July 4th weekend with a big blowout winner and I can assure you that you do not want to miss it.

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