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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 12:05 PM



Okay, so we did the math for y'all and this is what it says: Following Friday afternoon's latest Chicago Cubs win - a stirring 8-6 home triumph over the National League East-leading Washington Nationals - the Cubs were sitting there with a 22-6 record (a scintillating .786 winning rate) and they also were plus $1130 in all based on $100 per-play wagers in every game thus far.


Maybe you thought playing the Cubs day-in and day-out so far this 2016 season would've netted you a larger profit but do keep in mind that the Chitowners lost last Sunday while laying a -210 Las Vegas price tag and the loss before that (all the way back on April 23rd in Cincinnati), the Cubbies were -165 in that tilt.

In other words, as hot as the Cubs have been since Day One of this current campaign, there's certainly been a "price to pay" when they suffer the only occasional loss.

The $64,000 question now is will the Cubs ever go on a little losing skid and when will we all know as handicappers when to pull the trigger against 'em?

Hey, keep in mind the legendary 1984 Detroit Tigers actually started off the season at 35-5 and so bettors back then that kept going to the proverbial well with the belief that those Motowners "had to lose eventually" were toasted a month-plus into that baseball season.

Still, common sense says Major-League Baseball teams simply don't play .786 ball for the duration - and that includes the 1998 New York Yankees (see 114-48 for a .704 winning percentage) - but we know right now it's tough to call your "man" and tell 'em you want to wager X amount of bucks against the Cubs.

Still, let's look at what lies straight ahead:

The NL Central leaders host the oft-anemic San Diego Padres for a three-game series beginning Monday, then host Pittsburgh for a three-game set this next weekend (and remember the Cubbies sweep three straight from the Buccos to start off this past week) and then it's a three-game road trip to Milwaukee.

Can you see Joe Maddon's crew "hitting the skids" during these upcoming nine games? Neither do we!

But consider the strategy that we may employ here at Jim Hurley's Network ...We're looking to the middle of this month and maybe looking to cash when going against the Cubs starters not named RHP Jake Arrieta and LHP Jon Lester. We shall remind you of our likely "game plan" again soon enough ... but we're plotting it out and think in another week or so there will be some good times to go anti-Cubbies ... and at really snazzy prices too!

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Okay, so who's gonna come out of this Mother's Day weekend with a real smile on their faces ... and maybe even in total command of their respective best-of-seven playoff series?
Well, anything less than series splits by Sunday night for the likes of the Atlanta Hawks, Toronto Raptors and Portland Trail Blazers will be a disaster for the above-named teams while the Oklahoma City Thunder may not be saying as much while heading into the weekend but the Thunder will take a split of these two home games against San Antonio ... right?

If you're gonna be watching for a few items of note this weekend, then consider that heading into Friday's games the NBA Playoff Betting Favorites were 31-20-0 (a rock-solid .608 win percentage) and yet you could get as many as five road favorites in the six games ... will the chalk-eaters be so potent when laying road juice?

All we can say is through the games of Cinco de Mayo (yes, May 5th), NBA Playoff Road Betting Favorites were a dead-even but vig-losing 7-7 ATS (against the spread) and that ain't exactly a whole lot to write home about!

Note: Catch more NBA Playoff Previews/Recaps in the next edition of Jim Sez plus more MLB News & Notes.

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