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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 12:00 AM

What Do You Call A Yankees Bettor: A Sucker!
And Things Are Not Going To Get Better

50-Unit NBA Playoffs Blowout Stuns Tonight

4-1 In 150-Unit Baseball Parlays As Another Wins Tonight With Teams That Have 90% Rating

Avalanche Of Best Bet Club Underdogs Continues To Bury Bookmakers… 2 More Tonight

If you are one of the tens of thousands of die-hard New York Yankees fans you have to be a bit despondent over their current 8-15 start, the fact they are riding a 5-game losing streak and the reality that finds them in last place in the American League East. While long-time Yankees general manager Brian Cashman says he is not about to push the panic button, he is doing the big sweat.

Cashman notes he is confident the team can turn things around, noting in 2005 the team opened 11-19 and went on to win 95 games and the AL East championship. The 2007 team opened 21-29 and ended up winning 94 games and a wild-card berth in the post-season

Baseball insiders and real authorities of the game say Cashman is whistling past the graveyard if he thinks a recovery such as those is in the works. They the Yankees have reached the end of the line with the team they have and will have to begin to rebuild. Staying with the same players – many of them among the most over-paid in Major League Baseball – won’t work this time.

The facts…
– The Yankees are ranked 11th of 15 American League teams in runs-per-game.
– The Yankees are ranked 24 of 30 Major League teams in hitting with a collective batting average of .234.
– The Yankees are ranked 24th of 30 Major League teams in pitching with an ERA of 4.79.
– The signs are in the wind. For instance the Yankees opened at 16-1 to win the World Series and are now 30-1.
– The signs are there for bettors. New York has been a major money-burner for bettors. Those who wagered $100-per game on New York are down $920 for the young season, the 4th worst figures in the business.

To me it is not an overreach to label devoted Yankees bettors as suckers, The figures speak for themselves,

150-Unit 2-Team Baseball Parlay Scores Tonight
My Baseball Highrollers Club Clients Set To Break They Bank Tonight On 2 Teams With 90% Chance To Win

My Personal Best Baseball Club for highrollers is 4-1 with its last five 150-unit 2-team parlays and tonight’s 15-game schedule offers an outstanding opportunity to win another one – and I intend to do just that. It’s again time to break the bank with another winning 150-unit 2-team parlay.

There are two teams on tonight’s schedule that grade out with a 90% chance to win and that means it is time to go for the big bucks, betting 50 units on both winners and then combining them in a 50-unit parlay. The sky is the limit on how much you can win.

My figures say these teams will dominate from start to finish and that’s good enough for me. You can win this 150-unit parlay for just $20, charged to your major credit card. You can take it to the bank my highrollers club will get it done again.

The success of this club for highrollers has its foundation in the risk vs. reward element and the risk must be 1 and the reward at a 9. That ratio is so powerful it almost guarantees one can make a fortune during the baseball season.

The fortune is there waiting for you and you can win it with my Personal Best Baseball Club for just $699 and play right through the final game of the World Series. These games are also available on a monthly trial basis for just $249.

50-Unit NBA Blowout Winner Tonight
There Are 2 NBA Playoffs Games On The Schedule Tonight – With All The Favorites Short Priced –
But One Of These Games Will Be A Shocking One-Sided Blowout

It is always about the number, the number and the number. In NBA betting it is a simple reality that on any given day any team can beat the other, a fact that boils down to one challenge – beating the number. There are two NBA playoff games on tonight’s schedule and that is the case in each one of them, where all the favorites are being offered with very accurate pointspreads.

In one of those games, my figures say one game will be an absolute blowout because it is in a “perfect storm” situation. Every single thing is in its favor and I am expecting nothing but a dominating performance from start to finish. Playoff game, or not, this one should not be close.

May I remind you this past Sunday we had this same situation in one of the games and the Miami Heat (-6.5) buried the Charlotte Hornets by 33 points, 106-73.

Tonight it is encore time and you can win this 50-unit NBA Playoff shocker for just $35, charged to your major credit card.

Better yet sign up for my NBA Playoff Package for just $125 and play right through the championship round in June. As a bonus the package also includes a month of free daily Best Bets Baseball Investment Club selections.

2 More Baseball Underdogs Top 3-0 Triple Tuesday
My Best Bets Baseball Club Has Gone 5-1 Past 2 Days And 4 Of Those Winners Were Bookie Bustin’ Underdogs

There is nothing bookmakers hate more than winning baseball underdogs and the individuals that find them day after day. Considering the fact I have won with four of them over the past two days most certainly has me on the most-hated list but that does not bother me. I am coming right back tonight with three more standout baseball plays, including two more underdogs. Highlight of the night with be a 15-unit play on another underdog that will win just as impressive as did the Cubs (+134) last night.

You can win this 15-unit play, plus two 10-unit best bets, for just $15, charged to your major credit card. Better yet get on board for the entire Best Bets Club season for just $299 and play every day right through the World Series. Monthly subscriptions are also available for $125.

Last Night’s Results
15 Units… Cubs (+134) 7, Pirates 2 (Won)
10 Units… Rangers (+145) 2, Blue Jays 1 (Won)
10 Units… Phillies (+160) 3, Cardinals 19 (Lost)

Sunday’s Results
15 Units… Red Sox (-165) 8, Yankees 7 (Won)
10 Units… Royals (+107) 4, Mariners 1 (Won)
10 Units… Rockies (+100) 6, Diamondbacks 3 (Won)

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