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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 1:56 PM

Going For 4th-Straight 150-Unit Baseball Parlay Winner Tonight - Highrollers Up $6,067 With 1st Three

Pacers Take Down Money Last Night With 50-Unit Cover At Boston...Tonight It's 25-Unit Winner Plus 25-Unit Total Of The Week

Injuries Fatal For Clippers In NBA Playoffs - Not So Warriors
Betting Big Baseball Favorites Road To Doom

By Kelso Sturgeon

It's always easier to get out of bed when you're winning. It matters not whether one is a hardened veteran of the battles of the sports betting arena. It's simple - winning is good, losing is bad and that means I was all smiles when the alarm clock went off at 4:05 this morning.

Last night I hit my 3rd straight 150-unit Major League Baseball parlay which gave my highrollers a one-day profit of $1,980 and pushed their earnings on these bets over the past week to $6,067. Tonight I am going for my fourth straight and am confident I will win it.

Last night I hit a 50-unit NBA Playoffs winner with the underdog Indiana Pacers (+7) with their cover in a 102-99 loss at the Toronto Raptors. Tonight it's right back with a 25-unit play and my 25-unit NBA total of the week.

Last night my Best Bets Baseball Investment Club went a perfect 3-0 with a modestly priced winning favorite and two underdogs getting it done. Tonight it's right back with three more plays that should get it done - again a modest favorite and an underdog.

The winning continues and you will find the details later in this column.

Reality Of Laying Big Wood In Baseball

It is not for me to tell bettors to stay away from laying big numbers with any baseball team but week after week there is empirical evidence the risk seldom is worth the reward. There were three games last night with favorites -200 and up.

Washington, with Max Scherzer (2-1, 3.45) starting, was -200 at home against the Philadelphia Phillies and lost, 4-3.
The Los Angeles Dodgers, with ace Clayton Kershaw (2-1, 2.43) starting, was -325 at home against the Miami Marlins, and lost, 6-3.
Boston, with ace David Price (3-0, 5.76) starting, was -230 at home and the Red Sox beat the Atlanta Braves, 11-4.

Now, let's do the math. If you were betting at the $100 level, you laid $200 to win $100 on the Nationals and lost the $200. If you were laying the $325 to win $100 with the Dodgers you ended up another $325 in the hole. A $230 wager on Price won $100.

The end result is that you risked $755 to win $300 and finished the night $455 in the hole. To me the reward vs. the risk in these games is not worth it.

Injuries Fatal For Clippers In NBA Playoffs - Not So Warriors

Few teams in the NBA playoffs were performing at a higher level than were the Los Angeles Clippers but their dreams for a league championship came crashing down yesterday when it was announced point guard Chris Paul (19.5 points, 4.2 rebounds and 10 assists per game) would miss the rest of the season with a broken hand and that forward/center Blake Griffin (21.4 points, 8.4 rebounds and 4.9 assists) was also done because of a quad injury.

While the Clippers have survived without one of these players from time to time during the season the loss of both is a fatal blow to their chances. Even if they beat Portland in the first round they must play the Golden State Warriors in the second round and their chances of besting the latter in a best-of-7 series rests somewhere between zero and none.

Meantime the Warriors will be without the leading scorer in the NBA, shooting guard Stephen Curry (30.1 points, 5.4 assists and 6.7 rebounds), for at least two weeks as he recovers from a knee injury. Only a fool would suggest Golden State won't miss him but the team is loaded with players who can take up the slack and should keep right on marching.

Pacers Take Down Money Last Night With 50-Unit Cover At Boston...Tonight It's 25-Unit Winner Plus 25-Unit Total Of The Week

My NBA playoff clients took down the big money last night with a 50-unit cover by the Indiana Pacers (+7) who were nipped by the host Toronto Raptors, 102-99, in a game they led all the and should have won straight up. The winning continues tonight with two solid gold 25-unit plays - a winning side and my NBA Playoffs Total of the Week. I am confident I will take down the money in both spots and you can win these bets with me for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

Wednesday Night Schedule

Charlotte Hornets (50-36) at Miami Heat (50-36)
Tips at 8:05 Eastern...On TNT
Best-of-7 Series Tied 2-2

Portland Trail Blazers (46-40) at Los Angeles Clippers (55-31)
Tips at 10:05 Eastern...On NBA Network
Best-of 7 Series Tied 2-2

Houston Rockets (42-44) at Golden State Warriors (76-10)
Tips at 10:35 Eastern...On TNT
Golden State Leads Best-of-7 Series 3-1


Two Underdogs Highlighted 3-0 Tuesday And Another Schedule Loaded With Opportunity Says We Will Do It Again Tonight

I said it and I did it. I said in my Best Bets Baseball Investment Club ad yesterday the schedule was stacked with winning bets and then proceeded to go 3-0 with a modest favorite and two underdogs. Those wins were expected, just as are three more games tonight. I am releasing three solid games tonight, confident I will get the cash in all of them and you can win them with me for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

Last Night's 3-0 Games
15 Units...White Sox (-121) 10, Blue Jays 1 (Won)
10 Units...Rangers (+108) 10, Yankees 1 (Won)
10 Units...Twins (+109) 6, Indians 5 (Won)

Going For 4th Straight Winning 150-Unit Parlay
I Am A Perfect 9-0 With Winning Baseball Parlays The Past Week With My Highrollers Taking Down A Profit Of $6,076 With Those Plays

My Personal Best Baseball Investment Club for highrollers broke the bank again last night with another winning 150-unit 2-team parlay (my third in just seven days) and highrollers betting those parlays made a profit of $6,076 in that time frame. Amazing but quite real and tonight I am going for my 4th straight winning 150-unit parlay.

There are two teams on tonight's schedule that grade out with a 90% chance to win and that means it is again time to go for the big bucks, betting 50 units on both winners and then combining them in a 50-unit parlay. The sky is the limit on how much you can win. My figures say these teams will dominate from start to finish and that's good enough for me. You can win this 150-unit parlay for just $20, charged to your major credit card. You can take it to the bank my highrollers club will get it done again. The success of this club for highrollers has its foundation in the risk vs. reward element and the risk must be 1 and the reward at a 9. That ratio is so powerful it almost guarantees one can make a fortune during the baseball season. The fortune is there waiting for you and you can win it for just $699 and play right through the final game of the World Series. These games are also available on a Monthly Trial basis for just $300.

9-0 With Last Three 150-Unit Parlays

Last Night
50 Units...Pirates (-155) 9, Rockies 4 (Won)
50 Units...Cardinals (-125) 8, Diamondbacks 2 (Won)
50 Units...Parlay Of Pirates & Cardinals (Won)
$500 Bet At Each Position Returned Profit Of $1,980

Saturday, April 23
50 Units...Dodgers (-117) 4, Rockies 1 (Won)
50 Units...Cardinals (-145) 11, Padres 2(Won)
50 Units...Parlay of Dodgers and Cardinals (Won)
$500 Bet At Each Position Returned Profit Of $2,053

Wednesday April 20
50 Units...Dodgers (-141) 5, Braves 3 (Won)
50 Units...Rangers (-124) 2, Astros 1 (Won)
50 Units...Parlay of Dodgers & Rangers (Won)
$500 Bet At Each Position Returned Profit Of $2,043



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