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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 9:39 AM


On your mark, get set ... let's go win a bundle in this year's NCAA Tournament! Hey, we've got a whole lot to say about this year's Selection Sunday show - besides the obvious fact that two hours of air time on CBS is way too long to listen to those half-wits! - but it's all about cashing in big in this NCAA Tournament and in all the other smaller tournies that are dotting the March landscape.

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Folks, we came here today not to praise the NCAA Tournament Committee folks but to bury 'em ... yes, we know a whole slew of TV talking heads on CBS, ESPN and Fox last night were rattling off a number of problems with this year's field but let's start with our opinion that seven - that's right, seven - teams were hosed by not getting invited to this "Big Dance" and they include (in no particular order) St. Bonaventure, Georgia, Monmouth, Ole Miss, Saint Mary's, UAB and South Carolina. Even if the committee blowhards had put two or three of these teams in the Dayton play-in bracket, it would have been cool but we're sitting here today wondering out loud why the likes of Oregon State, Vanderbilt, Syracuse, USC and Tulsa were included into the 68-team field. Hmmm.

Okay, we'll toss the committee folks a proverbial bone by saying 80-to-85 percent of the teams were seeded either right on the money or just a single seed too high or too low for our particular tastes, but the truth is most college hoops junkies would get that same percentage about right. See, we knew we couldn't even hand 'em a complement!

In terms of the actual seeding, #6 Seton Hall was royally screwed after copping last weekend's thrilling Big East Tournament title against Villanova - you've noticed that #11 seed Gonzaga is a 1.5-point betting favorite for that game in Denver, so maybe both of those seeds here are "off" -- plus you don't need any more piling on from Kentucky coach John Calipari who tossed playful barbs at the committee for seeding his team fourth and behind #3 seed Texas A&M, whom the 'Cats just beat for the SEC Tournament crown on Sunday afternoon in Nashville.

Right, go figure.

The other major problem we have is there's a whole lot of unattractive Thursday/Friday matchups and not nearly enough captivating Saturday/Sunday Round of 32 matchups although everyone's drooling over a possible Indiana vs. Kentucky showdown and ditto for Texas vs. Texas A&M. Could have/should have done better!

Our final two criticisms are - and one of 'em is the same as a year ago - the Big 10 was not treated very nicely with mini-tourney champ Michigan State not getting a deserved #1 seed over Virginia and with Maryland slightly "mis-seeded" as a #5 and ditto for fifth-seeded Indiana (both should have been fours and you could have made a case for the regular-season champ Hoosiers as a #3 seed).

Finally, how is it that overall #1 seed Kansas landed in the South - the no-doubt-about-it toughest region - while the lowest of the 1's (that's Virginia) to us looks like it'll cakewalk its way into the Elite 8 game in the Midwest.

As far as "The Ugly", well, does aforementioned Seton Hall deserve to be schlepped all the way to Denver; does #7 Iowa deserve to play a Philly school (see #10 Temple) in the Northeast (at Brooklyn) and why did the committee folks send so many West Coast teams two or even three times zones away - that's USC in Raleigh, Arizona to Providence and Oregon State to Oklahoma City.

Heck, if you're gonna include USC and Oregon State in this field in the first place, then give 'em a better schedule, okay?

Ahh, enough from the complaint department.

Now, how about some insight that the likes of Seth Greenberg and Charles Barkley and Clark Kellogg didn't give y'all during last night's never-ending tournament shows?

It's funny how everyone's talking about how there have been so many important "seniors" on the rosters of NCAA Tournament teams and then most folks went out and picked Kentucky to get to the Final Four with a freshman/sophomore backcourt.

Have seniors been important the last couple of years for Villanova (no Sweet 16 games since 2009) ... or not?

Ask us and - while the NCAA Tournament is a "whole new season" - it's very much about which teams are jelling and which teams have some magic working on their behalf. We'll be the first to say that Kansas should be the betting favorite to win it all and fellow #1 seed Oregon is peaking too but beware of sleeping on the likes of UConn and Hawaii and St. Joseph's - all of the above could be substantial money-makers this first week and beyond.

Again, we shall have our Jim Hurley game-day selections beginning tomorrow (Tuesday) when those Dayton-based games go off - that's Vanderbilt vs. Wichita State and Florida Gulf Coast vs. FDU on Tuesday and Michigan vs. Tulsa, Holy Cross vs. Southern on Wednesday - but if you're looking at some Las Vegas lines that could be "short" than check out Baylor (only -5.5) against Yale and Stephen F. Austin (+ 7) against West Virginia ... we'll clue you in game days whether or not we're on these underdog sides, okay?

NOTE: Lots of NCAA Tournament Previews and more in the next edition of Jim Sez.

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