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Submitted by Wayne Root on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 10:30 PM

The KING OF UPSETS did it again! The man with more documented upset calls than any other handicapper in history won his Super Bowl 50 PINNACLE play on the Denver Broncos (+) over the Carolina Panthers 24-10 Sunday evening in Santa Clara.

Denver was obviously the right side from the get-go. And, their fantastic defense had them positioned to spring the upset the whole way through. If Peyton Manning wasn’t a shadow of his former self as a quarterback at this late stage of his historic career, it might have been a rout.

I told you not to worry about Manning last week! In that discussion of Denver’s upset potential, I said…

I would strongly suggest that you STOP thinking about Peyton Manning when you handicap this game. The Denver Broncos aren’t here because of Manning. They’re here in spite of Manning. Denver has obviously had a championship caliber defense all season long. That’s true whether you’re looking at yards-per-play allowed, or high impact plays like sacks and takeaways.

Denver just won the AFC Championship with its defense. They can win the league championship that way too. Don’t forget that John Elway finally broke through to win a Super Bowl in his later years thanks to defense and the running game. He cut down on his high-risk passing approach to swing the percentages in his favor. He’s running the franchise now…with another aging quarterback who needs to be a “game manager” rather than a superstar.

Can Denver’s defense lead the team to victory as an underdog? They just did it against Tom Brady, who has a lot more postseason experience than Carolina quarterback Cam Newton.”

Hey…the man is a legend and deserves all the accolades coming his way on the way to the Hall of Fame and beyond. Sunday, Manning could barely manage the “game manager” label. Little production and a horrible performance on third downs. But, he did make enough plays to cash in field position opportunities when they presented themselves. The defense kept presenting them! And, the defense scored a touchdown on their own early in the game.  

You’ll recall they did that by knocking the ball away from Cam Newton and taking it to paydirt. More from last week…

“Cam Newton may not be quite ready yet to win a Super Bowl. A lot of star players need to get there and lose before they get there and win. He’s definitely an amazing talent having an amazing season. But, he’s also the type to get flustered when things aren’t going his way. He’s more mature now than he was a few years ago. Maybe he’s not as mature as he needs to be.

Cam Newton will be dealing with…

*The most pressure he’s ever confronted

*Possibly the best defense he’s seen all season

*An unfamiliar stadium known for having a difficult field surface

You want to tell me that Cam Newton’s a sure thing to keep his composure amidst all of that?

I’m not going to suggest that Newton self-destructed, or anything like that. But, he was overwhelmed by the moment. He was throwing the ball too high early. He wasn’t reading Denver’s aggressive pass rush well at all. He tried to force things after falling behind. He wasn’t ready to win a Super Bowl…against the best defense he’s seen all season at a site where poor footing was messing up his receivers.

Once I had weighed all the factors and angles through the Super Bowl fortnight, it was clear to me that Denver deserved to be a PINNACLE play. This wasn’t going to be a situation like Alabama-Michigan State where the favorite was going to run away and hide (a rare favorite call for yours truly recently in the college playoffs). Carolina wasn’t likely to do that against this amazing Denver defense.

Oh, I also posted a Millionaire’s Club release on Under 45. That was never in doubt either. Unless the defenses were going to do all the scoring! It might have stayed Under 45 with a fifth quarter. Denver and Under both cover the spread by double digits.

Congratulations to all of you who won along with me (and to other handicappers at this website who swept Denver and Under like Jim Hurley, Richie Baccellieri, and Tony Salinas!). The smartest game day money really had the evening pegged. The line kept moving our way all day. WAYNE ALLYN ROOT and his clients moved the market!

Now, it’s time to close the book on football and focus on the road to March Madness. Hopefully you’ve been reading my analysis in recent weeks here at the website. Now we kick things up another notch because THE KING OF LAS VEGAS wins YEAR ROUND in ALL SPORTS!

You can purchase my top daily basketball selections right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my services best suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-777-4155. You just made a killing with me in the Super Bowl. That gives you a huge bankroll to use as we pyramid our profit in the baskets!

You just saw again why I’M THE MAN in Las Vegas handicapping. Even if you’ve been “football only” for the past few months…your road to March Madness begins NOW.  That means it’s time for you to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

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