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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 5:13 PM

Wait A Minute—Is The Super Bowl Betting Line A Dead Number And Made Specifically To Trap Bettors?

400-Unit Play On Sunday’s Super Bowl Plus Free 100-Unit College Basketball Winner Saturday

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By Kelso Sturgeon

One never wants to over think the handicapping of a single football game but I must confess that is my mindset chasing the winner of this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Forgive me for leaving the road most traveled but am I the only person in the world who believes the betting line of the North Carolina Panthers -5½ is a sucker number made up to think bettors are getting a bargain with Denver at +5½?

There is no question the 5½ is a dead number—one that seldom shows itself in the outcome of games. There were 512 regular season games this past National Football League seasons and the final score fell of the number 5 just eight times, or 0.02% off the time. In the first 49 Super Bowl only one game fell on 5 and that came in 1982 when the San Francisco 49ers (-1) beat the Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21, again producing that 0.02% figure

If 5½ is a dead number, does this means in reality those betting favored Carolina are realty laying -4 and those  taking Denver are actually getting down at a +4? It is just a question I am asking but it is a legitimate one.

A check of several sports books in Las Vegas in San Jose, Costa Rico, revealed the wiseguys and sharps got down at -3 and -3½ at the opening and have not yet come back into to middle the game. The obviously are waiting for +6½ to open the door to the key number 6.

Again, all of this is food for thought.

400-Unit Play On Sunday’s Super Bowl Plus Free 100-Unit College Basketball Winner Saturday

The 50th annual Super Bowl will be played this Sunday at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, and I am 100% confident I am ready to again bury the bookmakers of the world with my 400-unit play as I continue my truly dominating run in the National Football League’s classic championship game.

For the record I am on a 24-6 run in the Super Bowl since 2001, standing 12-3 on sides and 12-3 on totals.

I am stepping right in on the Carolina Panthers (17-1) –Denver Broncos (14-4) game with these plays.

My 400-Unit Play Sunday
– 200 Units On The Winning Side –
– 100 Units On The Winning Total –
– 100 Units On The Side/Total Parlay –
– Plus 5 Free Bonus Proposition Bets –

You can see clearly by the size of these wagers—especially the 100-unit parlay at odds of 13-5—that I indeed to put a giant hurting on the guys on the other side of the counter—something I have been doing for most of the last 15 years.

While the Super Bowl kicks off at 6:30 Eastern Time Sunday and will be televised nationally by CBS the winning will begin on Saturday with a FREE BONUS play on a 100-unit college basketball game—another contest you can bet with confidence. My record in highroller basketball games stands at 10-1 over the past 12 days—that’s 91% winners—and I am a perfect 3-0 in 100-unit plays.

Sharps Are All Over Super Bowl Proposition BetsMore Than 400 Being Offered

It may surprise the world that many sports books handle as much money on Super Bowl proposition bets as they do on the game itself and it probably is a bigger surprise to most that a high percentage of those dollars come from the sharps and wiseguys who know the odds are right and that there is a legitimate chance to win.

This is not to suggest all Super Bowl prop bets are of the kind one can handicap but some are far removed from the shoot-for-the-moon category. The former are for serious handicappers, the latter for recreational bettors who enjoy getting 100-1 for a shot in the dark.

The popularity of proposition betting grows each year and here are some few of the things you can bet on in Super Bowl #50.

Special Point Spreads…

Carolina -2½ -190
Denver +2½ +160
Carolina +2½ -300
Denver -2½ +220
Carolina -7½ +120
Denver +7½ +150
Carolina -10. 5 +180
Denver +10½ -220

Team To Score First Wins Game

Yes -165
No +135

Will There Be A Successful 2-Point Conversion

Yes +300
No -400

Will There Be An Overtime

Yes +700
No -1100

First Turnover Will Be

Interception -165
Fumble +135

Will Panthers Score In All 4 Quarters

Yes +220
No –44

Will Denver Score In All 4 Quarters

Yes +300
No -400

Cam Newton Passing Yards

101-140 Yards, 8-1
141-180 Yards, 6-1
401-420 Yards, 40-1

Peyton Manning Passing Yards

0-100 Yards, 12-1
101-140 Yards, 8-1
401-420 Yards, 40-1   

These are just examples of the more than 400 individual and team proposition bets.

College Revenge Game Of The Week Keeps Best Bets Club Winning On 2-0 Night

Best Bets Basketball Investment Club clients went 1-0 last night with Iowa’s 15-unit 73-49 blowout win over Penn State and tonight steps up the pace with two outstanding plays, one of them the club’s Revenge Game of the Week. This game will be released as a 15-unit play and the team I am releasing is primed to its revenge against a team that buried it earlier in the season. Win this game, plus get a second game—a 10-unit play—for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

Better yet, get on board with a Best Bets Basketball Investment Club membership or just $179 and receive the entire college and NBA seasons.

Next 50-Unit College Basketball Release Wins Tonight
9-2… 82.0% Winners… With Last 11 Highroller College Plays
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My Personal Best Basketball Investment Club for highrollers has been on a red-hot run with is 50 and 100-unit college basketball releases (Perfect 3-0 in 100-Unit Games), going 9-2 (82.0%) winners the past two weeks and intends to take down the money again tonight with another big-game play. This 50-unit release should win and cover the number rather easily. I assure you, as my record indicates, you do not want to miss it.

This powerful winning streak is a result of hard work, spending hours looking for the definitive edges that in the end will decide the outcome of a game and then being confident to step up to the windows and go for it.

Highrollers can do just that again tonight with the 50-unit college game that should never be close after five minutes into the second half. Win this one with me for just $50, or better yet jump in for a month of play for just $199. That is approximately $1,000 with of service for the $199 figure.

9-2 Run With Big Game College Games 82.0% Winners

2/3… No College Game Qualified For Play
2/2… 50 Units… Providence (-8) 70, DePaul 77 (Lost)
2/1… No College Game Qualified For Play
1/31… 100 Units… Colorado (-4½) 70, California 62 (Won)
1/30… 100 Units… Tenn-Chattanooga (-4½) 63, Samford 56 (Won)
1/29… 50 Units… Yale (-14) 81, Penn 58 (Won)
1-28… 50 Units… Long Beach State (-5½) 80, UC-Santa Barbara 70 (Won)
1/26… 50 Units… San Diego State (-4) 57, Nevada 54 (Lost)
1/25… 50 Units… Miami (-4) 80, Duke 69 (Won)
1/24… No Game Qualified For Play
1/23… 100 Units… Wichita State (-30) 88, Bradley 54 (Won)
1/22… 50 Units… Northern Kentucky (-12) 82, Ill-Chicago 69 (Won)
1/21… 50 Units… Tenn-Chattanooga (-5) 73, NC-Greensboro 60 (Won)
1/20… 50 Units… Temple (-10) 62, La Salle 49 (Won)

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