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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 3:00 PM

No, it’s not the circus coming to Gotham. But, the “greatest show on earth” in basketball terms will be on full display Sunday evening when the Golden State Warriors and three-point master Steph Curry visit the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. The game’s greatest team…the game’s greatest scorer…on the game’s most hallowed grounds!

The Big Apple loves a big show…and Steph Curry already has a history of living up to neon dreams on his prior trips. He loves the stage. He loves the spotlight. And, he is no doubt looking forward to this chance to shine in the metaphorical home of big time basketball.

Golden State will obviously be a clear favorite. Let’s see what JIM HURLEY’S key indicator stats say about the chance for this to be a close game. One of the many examples of good news for Knicks fans this year is that the team is covering Las Vegas pointspreads! Can they cover as a home dog Sunday night?


Offensive Efficiency

Golden State: 113.2 per 100 possessions (#1 in the NBA)

New York: 102.4 per 100 possessions (#16 in the NBA)

Golden State isn’t just “best in the NBA” right now. They’re making a very strong case for “best in HISTORY” because no other team has come close to matching their efficiency and pace. New York is league average…which is a huge step up from where they used to be. Phil Jackson is pushing the right buttons behind the scenes. Carmelo Anthony has done a great job of playing team basketball while buying into the system. Jackson knows how to inspire stars, even if he’s doing that from behind the scenes rather than the bench. New York may not be able to match Golden State bucket-for-bucket. They are at least a bigger threat to do so than last season.


Defensive Efficiency

Golden State: 99.0 per 100 possessions (#3 in the NBA)

New York: 104.2 per 100 possessions (#18 in the NBA)

Identical differential here in the league rankings. Golden State is still 15 spots better. Both drop a couple of spots on this side of the floor while maintaining the general description. Golden State is still elite…while New York is still average. Two true success stories because many thought the Warriors would take a step backward this season after winning the title…while few thought the Knicks would be playing such competitive basketball so quickly.  


Pace Ranking

Golden State: #1

New York: #24

This is why Golden State is knocking on the door of being named greatest offense EVER. They’re the best on a per-possession basis because they shoot so well….and THEN they play the fastest pace in the sport right now. How can anyone keep up with that? Frankly, nobody can. Golden State only loses when they have an off-night. It’s as if nobody else’s “peak” is even as good as where Golden State normally plays. Maybe San Antonio can make that case. The Knicks? They’re going to need the Warriors to come out flat or tired if they want to spring an upset. Covering the spread is more manageable…because the market has been slow to react to New York’s improved level of play.


Against the Spread

Golden State: 28-17-1

New York: 29-20

That’s right…just a shade under 60% against the number as we approach the 50 game mark for the Knickerbockers. Unfortunately here…Golden State has been just as underrated. Both teams were nine games over .500 entering the weekend. That could cancel out, creating a fair line. Handicappers will have to make some judgments about motivation, preparation, and the potential for fourth quarter execution (if needed). When two money-making teams square off…sometimes the best option is to just pass and enjoy watching the gamer!

JIM HURLEY’S sources in New York have made NETWORK clients millions over the years. They’ll be on site here to alert us to any breaking developments. If there is a major release coming…you can be sure it’s because of great information from people in the know!

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Speaking of the Super Bowl…we’ll be building up to that here in the NOTEBOOK wall week. Here’s what’s on tap…

Monday-Tuesday: College Hoops Preview…West Virginia at Iowa State (Tuesday night)

Midweek: College Basketball Conference Report for the Pac 12

Weekend: NFL Super Bowl Preview…Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos

It’s a great time to be a sports fan and Las Vegas bettor. Super Bowl Week is one of the most exciting weeks of the calendar year! And, we have great basketball this time around to magnify your profit potential. Keep reading helpful handicapping hints here in the NOTEBOOK. Then, hook up with JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK for BIG, JUICY WINNERS!


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