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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 8:28 PM

Only two games on the card Thursday Night, but two very high profile games as the Miami Heat visit the New York Knicks and the Oklahoma City Thunder play in Dallas. There was already media overkill in Heat/Knicks because the mainstream writers have decided to treat Miami as the “New York of the South” in terms of the NBA. Then, Amare Stoudemire’s freak injury grabbed headlines after Game Two. Dallas-OKC became interesting very quickly when it was clear that the Thunder hadn’t learned anything from last year’s loss to the Mavs!

We’ll start in New York since that’s the first tip…



Game Three Vegas Line: Miami by 5, total of 186.5

Miami leads 2-0

A surprisingly slim line adjustment with the site switch, as Miami was -9.5 or -10 at home the other night, and -5 here. That’s home court advantage of just 2.5 points (-7.5 on a neutral court). Yes, the market has adjusted to the absence of Stoudemire. But, New York has played so much worse with Stoudemire than without this year that you might have expected more respect for the Knicks! Getting Stoudemire’s lack of defense and rebounding off the floor may be exactly what the team needs to be competitive in this series.




Field Goal Pct: New York 49%, Miami 52%

Three-Pointers: New York 5/15, Miami 9/21

Free Throws: New York 13/19, Miami 19/27

Rebounds: New York 40, Miami 33

Turnovers: New York 13, Miami 8

Vegas Line: Miami by 9.5, total of 185.5

Miami is pretty much scoring at will out of their set offense. Tyson Chandler can only do so much, particularly when the Heat have a few different superstar weapons who don’t play center. The Heat are better than 50% for the series even though they aren’t getting many cheap fast break points. There’s no reason to run when you can just set up and get a high percentage shot with a little patience. Miami’s scored 100 and 104 points in games that had 87 and 86 possessions. These aren’t track meets. This is the slowest series in the NBA right now but Miami is still getting to the century mark.

Will Stoudemire’s injury help or hurt the Knicks. The math says it helps. But a lot of players don’t follow math, and they could just throw in the towel assuming the series is over. Given Miami’s excellent form, the series was over before it started. They were clearly coasting down the stretch with a few too many disappointing results. Now that every game matters, the Heat are playing championship caliber ball.

JIM HURLEY will be working closely with his New York sources (the best in the business) to get a read on the Knicks mindset. If they’re up for one last hurrah, then tonight’s going to be the night. If they’ve thrown in the towel, home court doesn’t matter. The Heat stars love playing in the Garden anyway. Miami can name the score if the Knicks aren’t going to bring any fire.

Be sure you check the home page of this website for big play details Thursday afternoon. This could be a VERY big release for us depending on what we hear from our sources.



Game Three Vegas Line: Dallas by 3, total of 194.5

Oklahoma City leads 2-0

Big move here from the lines of -7.5 and -6.5 that we saw earlier in the series. Dallas has earned the respect of the market because they took two straight games to the wire. You can have one fluke. But, twice in a row and it becomes a matchup situation. Shawn Marion knows how to disrupt Kevin Durant. And, if you disrupt Durant you have a chance to hang with the Thunder. Hanging with the Thunder at home in losses of 1 and 3 points means you should be a small favorite when playing at home. The total has crept up a little from the first two games after final scoreboard totals showed 197 and 201 points.




Field Goal Pct: Dallas 42%, Oklahoma City 45%

Three-Pointers: Dallas 5/23, Oklahoma City 5/16

Free Throws: Dallas 28/32, Oklahoma City 37/39

Rebounds: Dallas 35, Oklahoma City 37

Turnovers: Dallas 13, Oklahoma City 16

Vegas Line: Oklahoma City by 6.5, total of 193.5

You can see that free throws determined the winner here. Oklahoma City was +9 points from the line in a game they only won by three. And, every point they scored in the last four-and-a-half minutes was from the line when they were trying to win the game. The Thunder really does attack the basket with authority, so you can’t blame all of that on officiating. Mark Cuban may have something to say about that though.

Durant has now played two bad games in a row by his standards. He’s still getting to the free throw line and getting on the scoreboard. But, he’s missing a lot of shots and turning the ball over way too often. Last year, Dallas got into Russell Westbrook’s head. Westbrook is playing better this time around, and appears to have made some adjustments. Now it’s Durant who needs to re-think what he’s doing if this team is going to advance easily as serious favorites.

In an evenly matched series, home court often doesn’t end up mattering much. That’s why it’s interesting that this line has moved such a big distance. Maybe this is destined to be a dog series where every game goes right down to the wire. Dallas is a smart team that knows how to get the most from its veterans when the season is on the line. Oklahoma City is disturbingly replaying its “young pups” mistakes from last season. We don’t think the Mavericks can take the series. But, they sure have a chance to make things even more interesting than they already have been.

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That wraps up Thursday’s previews. Back with you Friday to preview this TV Tripleheader:

Atlanta at Boston on ESPN

Chicago at Philadelphia on ESPN2

LA Lakers at Denver on ESPN

Wow…big stories there. Rajon Rondo returns for the Celtics as they try to take command of their series with the Hawks. Chicago has to bounce back quick or their 1-8 series with Philadelphia may get away from them quick. You won’t believe the stats from that game when we run the numbers. And, Denver is in a do-or-die situation against the Lakers after falling behind 2-0. The strongest home court in the NBA could push them back to 2-2 by the end of the weekend.


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