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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 1:24 PM

It’s the last high volume day of NBA Playoff action this year, with FOUR games going on the Tuesday Night card. The day-to-day schedule will still be busy through the second round. But, we’re not going to have any more one-day quadruple-headers like hoop fans will be enjoying tonight.

Let’s take the games in rotation order in this special Tuesday Night BONUS report…



There’s been slight interest on the big favorite, as Indiana opened -10 and is now sitting at -10.5 in some places. This is far from a sharp blitz by any means. But, the sharps who are betting have taken the Pacers. Wise Guys who like betting double digit dogs in the playoffs aren’t getting involved here because they’ve been hurt too often in recent years in lame duck games like this. It’s either Indiana or pass for the sharps…with most passing, but those who are betting taking “blowout value” on a Pacers team that’s won games by 15 and 23 points in this series.



The combination of Boston and the Under has caused small line moves in this game. Boston opened at +2 but is now +1.5, as many Wise Guys we’ve talked to expect the Celtics to wrap up this series this evening after finding their form on Sunday. Be aware though that there is enough Atlanta money to keep the line from dropping any further to this point. The total opened at 174, but has fallen to 173.5 or 173 at most stores as of press time. The first two games in Atlanta landed on 157 and 167, and the numbers guys will tell you that games with tight pointspreads often die in the second half because both teams run so much clock during their possessions.



Chicago has been drawing early attention from sharps, with an opener of -4.5 being bet up to -5. We’re hearing that some of that is position-taking though, with market players assuming the public is going to come in late in the day on the #1 seed playing at home in a must-win situation. That might drive the line up to -5.5 or even -6, and then the market players can take Philadelphia plus the higher number and shoot for a middle. Frankly, many sharps we’ve talked to aren’t optimistic about Chicago lasting too much longer given their injury situation. Even if the Bulls win tonight as favorites, Game Six in Philly would be tough. If this series does go six, we expect the sharps to hit Philly at any low opener in that game.



A set of sharps has been fond of Denver in this series, and that group hasn’t given up yet. An opener of Denver +6 is down to Denver +5.5 because of the respect the Nuggets have from certain elements of the market. Others who aren’t on that bandwagon don’t see any value on the Lakers yet given that their last two victories were just by four points…so they’re sitting this one out. Remember, one of the most potent weapons that sharps wield is the ability to pass! They only play when they have the edge. Sharps “in general” may be on Indiana, Boston, Chicago, and Denver in these four games…but there aren’t many individual Wise Guys who bet ALL FOUR of those games in that fashion. That’s why moves of a half point are the story.

The best minds in handicapping here at VegasSportsMasters are also being picky tonight. A few of the guys are really stepping out with major releases based on either their information pipelines or their statistical indicators. And, the lack of line movement thus far has set up great numbers for VSM clients to attack!

KELSO STURGEON is releasing a 50-unit Upset Game of the Week on the heels of his recent 7-1 run. Hopefully you won with Kelso on his 100-unit blowout last week on Denver over the Lakers 99-84, and on his Monday Night sweep with Utah (+) and the LA Clippers (-).

TONY SALINAS has another of his popular Over/Under Parlays. He swept his last one easily, and plans to do the same thing tonight. Play the options individually, and earn 13-5 with this potent parlay!

WAYNE ROOT has his NBA Game of the Week, a feature that’s hitting 73% in 2011-2012

JIM HURLEY is posting a Double-Up Lock Level move in the NBA playoffs, and one from baseball that you can parlay it with.

Enjoy this huge night of TV basketball…and WIN WHILE YOU WATCH thanks to the handicapping legends here at VegasSportsMasters!

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