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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 9:27 AM

Winning in the National Basketball Association playoffs continued in sizzling fashion last night as I went 2-0 again, with the highlight of the night being a 50-unit win by the underdog Denver Nuggets (+6) with their straight up 102-99 victory at the Los Angeles Lakers. That, coupled with the Boston Celtics (+1 ½) cover in an 87-86 loss at Atlanta, pushed my record to 9-1 with my last 10 post-season plays.

I am coming right back tonight with another winning 25-unit, 2-team parlay on the nationally televised (TNT) games-the New York Knicks at the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers at the Memphis Grizzlies-and you can win the parlay for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

I also am going for another 50-unit Major League Baseball win this afternoon and you can win that one for just $25, charged to your major credit card. All of today's offers, plus my current 9-1 NBA record, are listed below. All games are available on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

Meantime the San Antonio Spurs are making a strong case they are the biggest meal ticket in the history of the National Basketball Association. They have won 14 straight games and have not recorded a loss since April 11. In going 14-0, San Antonio enriched bettors by going 12-1-1 against the spread. That's what those paying attention expected from a team that has won 77.1% of its games and covered in 68.7% of them this season.

If one had bet just $1000 on each of the Spurs' games this season, that person would have gone 54-16 and be up $36,400 without the aid of even a cheap dart board. These figures are possible only because the betting pubic apparently wrote off the Spurs at the beginning of the season and decided it was going to be the Miami Heat (79% SU, 50% ATS), Chicago Bulls(72.9% SU, 57.1% ATS) and the Oklahoma City Thunder (72.9 SU, 52.9% ATS) making all the noise.

So much for the cost of not paying attention to that which is really happening.

Spurs Obviously Have The Plan

It is a long way to the NBA championship round in late June but nothing has happened to change my mind that San Antonio will win it all. As noted previously, I loaded up on them at 7-1 to win the title before the playoffs began, believing what I saw night after night in late March and April-i.e. that Coach Gregg Popovich was already preparing a team that was a little long in the tooth to win it all.

Popovich, who recently was named NBA Coach of the Year, had a plan to win it all and has his team executing it to absolute perfection. It is no accident San Antonio swept the Utah Jazz 4-0 in the first round, and it is no accident I took the Jazz plus the 8 and got the cover as the Spurs won by 6 points, 87-81.

The plan not only is working for San Antonio, it is producing money for bettors.

I have used all four of the Spurs-Jazz games and have gone 3-1 in those outings. Here is how I used them:

May 7...10 Units...Jazz (+8) 81, Spurs 87 (W)
May 5...10 Units...Spurs (-6) 102, Jazz 90 (W)
May 2...25 Units...Jazz (+11 ½) 83, Spurs 114 (L)
April 29...50 Units...Spurs (-10 ½) 106, Utah 91 (W)

I lost the May 2 game because I thought the 11 ½ would be enough and took the Jazz last night because I believed Popovich's strategy would to get the win while resting his aging stars, Tim Duncan, a 14-year veteran, and Tony Parker who has endured 10 seasons of battle. That to me would open up the Jazz for a backdoor cover, which is what they got.

Duncan played 27:40 minutes, Parker 27:17 and the bench, the deepest and most talented in the NBA, scored 57 of the Spurs 87 points.

The plan remains in place and there is no doubt in my mind the NBA's Western Conference champion will have to go through San Antonio.  The Spurs no await the winner of the Los Angeles Clippers-Memphis Grizzlies.

Meantime, according to the plan, San Antonio is rest and will hit the floor again with fresh legs-an absolute requirement to winning it all.

My 9-1 Run In NBA Playoffs

Tuesday, May 8
50 Units: Nuggets (+6) 102, Lakers 99 (W)
10 Units: Celtics (+1 ½) 86, Hawks 87 (W)

Monday, May 7
10 Units: Jazz (+8) 81, Spurs 87 (W)
10 Units: Clippers (-2) 101, Grizzlies 97 (OT) (W)
5 Units: Parlay of Jazz and Clippers (W)

Sunday, May 6
50 Units: 76ers (-3) 89, Bulls 82 (W)
10 Units: Celtics (-3) 101, Grizzlies 79 (W)

Saturday, May 5
50 Units: Clippers (-3) 87, Grizzlies 86 (L)
10 Units: Spurs (-6) 102, Jazz 90 (W)

Friday, May 4
1st Round Playoff Game Of Year
100 Units: Nuggets (-3 ½) 99, Lakers 84 (W)

Tonight's Complete Betting Menu

9-1 Last 10 NBA Bets, Going For 25-Unit 2-Team Parlay Tonight
I went 2-0 in the NBA playoffs last night to push my record with my last 10 post-season bets to 9-1 and the winning continues tonight. Last night it was a winning 50-unit play on the underdog Denver Nuggets (+6) in their 102-99 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers and winning a 10-unit move on the Boston Celtics (+1 ½) who got the cover in a 1-point, 87-86 loss to Atlanta. Tonight it is a repeat of Monday night's winning 25-unit parlay, with 10-unit plays on both winning sides and a 5-unit parlay of those winners. You can win this 25-unit parlay for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

Nationally Televised ESPN Rays At Yankees Game Tops 2-0 Night
The New York Yankees (16-13) host the Tampa Bay Rays (19-11) again tonight and I am going to release it as my top Best Bets Baseball Club play of the night, a decision supported by all the figures. On the mound for Tampa Bay will be right-hander Jeff Niemann (2-3, 4.05), while the Yankees counter with rookie right-hander David Phelps (0-1, 3.74). Win this 15-unit play, plus a second 5-unit game, for just $10, charged to your major credit card. Better yet, get on board for the entire baseball season for just $199 and play every day right through the World Series in October.

50-Unit Baseball Power Play Wins Today
My Chairman's Club suffered another tough 25-unit loss last night as the Cleveland Indians fell to the Chicago White Sox 5-3 in 10 innings. That followed a 3-2 loss by the Detroit Tigers who the night before gave up three runs in the bottom of the ninth to lose at Seattle, 3-2. Sorry about that but I know what I am doing and am firing the big guns again today with a 50-unit power play that grades out with a 90% chance to get the cash. Win this knockout play today for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

Again, all games available on this website and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

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