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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 7:00 PM

We had a chance to check in the other day on one of our pet stats, Wins Minus Home Games. Today, we want to take a look at another of our favorites…30-game records. As we’ve discussed often over the years here in the online NOTEBOOK, recent form is often a better indicator for what’s going to happen on a given day than anything that happened back in April or early May.

With that in mind, let’s check on the 30-game records through Friday night’s action as posted at the Baseball-Reference website. We strongly encourage you serious handicappers to visit that website often for important information.



Toronto 20-10

Tampa Bay 18-12 (both Toronto and TB are 15-5 their last 20)

Baltimore 17-13

NY Yankees 16-14

Boston 11-19

The AL East really started off slowly this year…before catching fire in recent days. Well, Boston is still in trouble! But, you can see that the top there teams listed are playing some of the best ball in the Majors over the last month. Toronto and Tampa Bay have really been running roughshod the last three weeks…vaulting themselves very seriously into playoff discussions. The Yankees still have a lot going for them regarding what will be a favorable home/road split moving forward. A lot to like about the top four against outside competition.



Kansas City 17-13

Cleveland 17-13 (only 4-6 their last 10 though)

Minnesota 16-14

Detroit 11-19

Chicago White Sox 10-20

We talked about Cleveland making a move recently. They cooled off over the last week-and-a-half in a way that put a damper on that. But, they’re still neck and neck with KC and other top AL teams over the past month. Look at Detroit down near the bottom. As we discussed yesterday, the have the talent to contend…but aren’t getting the job done. Amazing how many naysayers have been wrong about Kansas City!



Texas 21-9

LA Angels 16-14

Houston 15-15

Oakland 15-15

Seattle 14-16 (a worse 7-13 their last 20)

Texas has become a huge story. That didn’t seem possible in the first several weeks of action. But, they made some smart personnel moves, and some youngsters have performed above expectations. Can they keep this up all season? Will the LA Angels continue to be a disappointing mediocrity all season? A lot going on in this division…and it wouldn’t be a shock if any of those five teams put together a very strong second half. Though, Oakland needs a strong second half just to get back to the .500 mark overall.



Atlanta 15-15

Washington 14-16

NY Mets 13-17

Miami 13-17

Philadelphia 7-23 (also 1-9 their last 10, 4-16 their last 20)

That’s right…nobody’s over the .500 mark over the past month in the NL East! Atlanta is hanging around the race just by treading water. Washington is still the most talented of the group by a mile. Why is it taking them so long to get rolling? A true disaster in Philadelphia, who appear to have taken the NBA’s Sixers’ approach to heart…you have to fall back to HORRIBLE before you can rise up to contend. Hard to argue since the Houston Astros have made that work in the other league.



Pittsburgh 22-8

St. Louis 17-13

Chicago Cubs 15-15

Cincinnati 13-17

Milwaukee 11-19

Pittsburgh is back on track after a slow start. Funny how the same “surprise” teams in “small markets” like the Pirates and Royals keep overachieving with brains and hustle…while the same mega-rich “disappointments” continue to fail with high priced sluggers striking out all the time. St. Louis is chugging along nicely as they continue to build on a hot start. Horrible year in Milwaukee.



Arizona 17-13

San Francisco 16-14

LA Dodgers 15-15

Colorado 14-16 (but 1-9 their last 10)

San Diego 13-17

Where did the D-backs come from? Nice little run for them. San Francisco made a move but settled down must a bit. The Dodgers go on the list with the Washington Nationals as “superpowers” who aren’t doing anything super of late. The market keep pricing them both like world champions. San Diego had to fire its manager, and is still dealing with turmoil. Colorado’s recent collapse is better captured by the “last 10” than the “last 30.”

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Back to baseball previews on Monday…leading up to the beginning of our summer series of college football conference previews…

Monday: MLB Series Preview…Los Angeles Dodgers at the Chicago Cubs

Tuesday: MLB Series Preview….San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants

Wednesday MLB Big Game Preview…either Atlanta/Washington or Kansas City/Seattle

Thursday: MLB Series Preview…New York Yankees at Houston Astros

Friday: MLB Series Preview…Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

Saturday: College Football…Mountain West “East” Preview

Sunday: College Football…Mountain West “West” Preview

We’ll start with the mid-majors then work our way up to the major conferences through the course of the summer. Every weekend will be devoted to college football to make sure you have extra time to make notes for your season preparation.

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