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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, June 15, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Let’s talk about baseball today. No reason for another NBA Finals report right now. Golden State is in its expected position in terms of wrapping things up. They’ll either finish the job Tuesday in Cleveland, or Friday at home in a seventh game. Barring a major injury or other surprise, there’s not much to add to what we’ve already discussed.

In BASEBALL, there are a few interesting developments…

The TORONTO BLUE JAYS have caught fire, winning 11 in a row heading into a four-game series with the New York Mets that begins Monday. Students here in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping really need to pay attention to recent form this year. It only takes a couple of tweaks (good injury news, a smart lineup change, key players finding their form etc…) for seeming also-rans to become contenders. I keep mentioning this…but overall relative parity in the sport allows for big jumps forward or big falls backward when something changes. I’m not suggesting that the Jays will keep steamrolling the sport. But, you need to figure out what’s been going right the past week-and-a-half, and make proper assessments about the immediate future. This is a team that recently swept Houston, took 2-of-3 from Washington, and scored 31 runs in three days at Fenway Park!

The TEXAS RANGERS are cooling down a bit after a similar streak. But, they’re 17-7 over their last 24 games. That’s a little less than a month of playoff caliber performances. And, it came against a representative schedule. Same story here. Texas fixed some leaks, and saw other players improve. BOOM! Immediate contender. I’m very interested to see how the Rangers compete with the LA Dodgers in their four-game series that starts Monday night.

How about the BALTIMORE ORIOLES? They’ve won eight of their last 10…and are starting to look very much like a contender as well. It wasn’t too long ago that I was talking about how disappointing the AL East had been this season (with the AL Central dominating the league). Maybe the Blue Jays and Orioles read that article! Baltimore gets a gift this week with a four-game series against the lowly Philadelphia Phillies. If they can maintain their focus, the O’s will stay hot.

Recent hot streaks aren’t limited to the American League. Over in the National League, we have these two very strong runs…

The PITTSBURGH PIRATES are 17-5 over their last 22 games. It sure took them awhile to get going. But, they stole some of the “hot” that had been all over the San Francisco Giants in a great road series and kept right on rolling. If you had written the Pirates off as a relevant team this season, it’s time to play closer attention. They face the Chicago White Sox this week.

And, it has to be said that the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS are having a great stretch…even though they’ve been a fantastic team all season. The Redbirds are 14-5 over their last 19 games…which helped lift them to 20 games over .500. What’s amazing here is that the market still can’t price them right! Adam Wainwright got hurt…and he was the only guy priced like a real ace on the staff. Their strong bullpen has made everyone tough to beat…particularly with some bats behind them. If the Cardinals ever really start to light up the scoreboard…they might make a run at 110 wins! Their series with the Twins this week has a chance to be interesting if Minnesota isn’t overly intimidated.

It’s very important to remember that a hot streak that shocks the market can from anywhere. Sometimes it’s a “bad” team that gets good with some smart changes. Sometimes it’s a slow starter that gets their ducks in a row. Sometimes, it’s a team that you already know is good…turning into something that’s even better. Golden State was like that through much of the NBA season actually. The market knew they were good, but had trouble accurately pricing what they had become until the latter stages of the season.

Is St. Louis a baseball version of Golden State? Still well over half the season for you to take advantage if that’s the case!

I’m not going talk specifically about teams that I may be looking at to get hot (or stay hot) during what’s shaping up as a very entertaining week of Interleague baseball action. If you’d like some help finding the best betting options every night (baseball and the NBA), you can purchase those right here at this very website with your major credit card. Questions about extended service can be answered personally by one of my representatives in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-777-4155.

Back with you again at the end of the week. It will mostly be baseball the next few weeks…though I’ll start mixing in some early college and pro football preparation as well. As you longtime students you know…much of the money you make in the Fall is due to the work you do over the summer! The Dean of Sports Handicapping greatly appreciates the hard work and attendance of you regulars and newcomers alike. See you before the weekend.


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