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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 7:00 PM

A few quick things worthy of your attention in the bases right now…

*The Minnesota Twins have been the most successful team in the American League over the past month, and hardly anyone knows about it! The market is still pricing them like a non-entity. ESPN spends more time hyping its new business relationship with Fantasy Sports than it does talking about actual developments in real baseball. Were YOU aware that Minnesota was 21-9 over its last 30 games heading into Saturday action?

The pitching was supposed to be a laughingstock. The offense was supposed to be a bunch of guys swinging toothpicks. They were a consensus choice for “Worst Team in the AL” before the season started with a win projection down around 71-72 for the season (everyone else was at least at 75). They’re currently in a tight divisional race with Kansas City and Detroit…with a better record than projected division winner Detroit.

Please remember that the quants driving the market these days still make a lot of mistakes, particularly when it comes to seasonal projections. They’re not as smart as they think they are…which means YOU have a chance to beat the market if you watch games and do your homework!

*Oh…the projected “second-worst” team in the AL before the season began was the Houston Astros. They entered the weekend with the league’s best record at 30-19. Yes…two of the best teams as we approach the 50-game mark were supposed to be two of the worst!

We’ve always encouraged you to monitor recent form when handicapping baseball. Be sure you visit MLB websites that post records over the last 10, 20, and 30 games in their expanded standings (like baseball-reference). We’re about to finish the first third of the 2015 campaign. What happened in April may not tell you much about what’s going to happen in June and July (or beyond). Focus on current skill sets (health, strengths and weaknesses of the guys in the daily lineup) and current form.

*Speaking of early illusions…remember when everyone gave up on the San Francisco Giants out of the gate? This was supposed to be one of their “bad” years given how they alternate success with disappointment. Well, the defending World Champions just moved back into first place with a 22-8 run. An 8-12 start out of the gate is old news. Once again…the Giants are poised to have a great battle with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

There are so many distractions trying to get in the way of your handicapping. And, the mainstream news sources have really moved away from covering the pennant races in recent years. Don’t let us surprise you with news that the Dodgers fell out of first place Friday night!

*If your pitching staff is allowing 4.0 runs per game in the Majors this year, you’re doing a good job. St. Louis is only allowing 3.0 runs per game! Almost unbelievable! The starting rotation is solid, and the bullpen slams the door as soon as they enter. That’s allowed the Cards to post a dominating 17-5 mark vs. teams with a losing record. St. Louis really needs to be priced like Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers is starting every game for them. That’s how dominant their pitching has been. Instead, they’re being priced like a nice team that’s been getting lucky. It ain’t luck if nobody can get on the board against you!

*The National League has generally been inferior to the American League for several years now. Even if that’s destined to even out a bit this season, it looks like the WORST teams in the senior circuit are going to have some trouble in Interleague play. All teams who are six games below .500 or worse entering the weekend (Colorado, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Miami and Philadelphia) are a combined 8-17 against the AL. Contenders like Washington, St. Louis, San Francisco, and the Los Angeles Dodgers are 14-8…so you can trust the elites when they play crossover games.

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More baseball for a couple of days here in the NOTEBOOK before we preview the much anticipated NBA Championships featuring Cleveland and Golden State. Coming up…

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The NBA Finals begin Thursday, but we’re putting up the preview a day early so you can fully study the matchup before making a final decision on how to play the opener and the series. Some great baseball matchups to study as well!

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