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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 1:26 PM

The Suckers Of The World Need To Be Saved From Themselves And This Can Only Happen When Boxing Is Banned

On A Bookie-Breaking 50-Unit 8-0 Run In Baseball And Another One Wins Tonight 

By Kelso Sturgeon

I do not wear a white hat - never said I did. My survival and success for more than 40 years as a professional handicapper is the result of knowing what I am doing, adjusting to frequent changes in the sports betting world and being armed with just the right amount of larceny required to beat bookmakers at their own game.

This is a tough game. Never forget there are as many gentlemen handicappers are there are lady whores. The public believes handicappers are all from the Black Hat Society. Fact? Fiction? Who cares as long as you win?

Sports betting is a serious business and those who base their handicapping plans on the motherhood and apple pie philosophy are soon found dead in the ditch. This is a complicated and challenging forum and it requires the combined personalities of a street fighter and ballroom brawler to be successful and last more than a few months.

It also requires the ability to get up off the floor when you get whipped.

The fact I have at least 2,080 weeks or more than 480 months on the firing line speaks volumes.

This column is being written to make a point about boxing but I need to lay down a little background before getting to it.

I left the racetrack almost 20 years ago when I moved to Las Vegas and I truly miss the daily battle to survive in a closed community of schemers, dreamers and inbetweeners. Horse racing is actually a confederacy of liars, cheats and thieves and it must speak to the dark side of my character to say I loved every minute of more than 30 years in the sport.

For the record, I won the Kentucky Derby with American Pharaoh this past Saturday and had three other winners on the card, plus a $500 trifecta in the last race. Gave myself a C- for the day. Just telling the truth.

Horse racing is the foundation of all I know and the reason I am still doing my thing after all these years. While hidden from the world, survival in the world of horse racing requires one to have an amoral view of the sport, plus at least a minimum love of larceny. Without those two elements one will quickly be devoured in a world of sharks and be forced to leave with one's tail between one's legs, and may even require a little R&R in the nearest nuthouse.

Those comments about the Sport of Kings may sound a little strong, but it's the reality in a world governed by this rule: "If you have a friend who is kind and true, screw that friend before he screws you." You do what you have to do to survive.

Horse racing is a wonderful sport and can be quite profitable if you are one who spends your time on the backstretch to listen and watch - and most of all, to then keep your mouth shut. I spent 30 years in the sport, serving in management capacities at Churchill Downs, Laurel, Pimlico, Arlington Park and Penn National, and then joining the real world of the sport by serving as jockey agent for three riders who won more than 11,000 races. I offer this background to let you know I understand the underbelly of sports.

Compared To Boxing, Horse Racing Is A Candidate For Sainthood

And that brings me to one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the world - the "greatest fight of the century" that matched champion Floyd Mayweather and challenger Manny Pacquiao. - the richest boxing match ever. Mayweather won this made-for-snoozing tap-dance easily and after it was over announced Pacquiao had a pre-fight injury to his right shoulder that happened a few weeks before the fight.
The public was screwed out of millions of dollars because of those who thought the bout was on the level, which it was not.

Bettors were robbed, those buying seats for the fight were robbed and those who forked over $99 to watch it on pay-for-view. Just call it the fraud across the board.

Mayweather banked $180 million for his efforts, Pacquiao a mere $100 million, plus another $20 million in endorsements. Mayweather did not make much from promoting products since advertisers are averse to showing public support for a well-known woman-beater.

Pacquiao said he is headed for immediate rotator cuff surgery - after stopping at the bank, of course.

Mayweather said he was first going to the bank and then post the $10 million bond to get a notorious rap music mogul and thug out of jail. His pal, and fellow woman beater, Marion "Surge" Knight is being held in the Los Angeles County jail for an alleged homicide.

And, yes, then Mayweather said he would like to meet Pacquiao again next year.

The Suckers Have To Be Saved From Themselves

Boxing has been a stinking putrid cesspool since the 1940s when Frankie Carbo, a soldier in New York's Lucchese crime family, became the unofficial "czar of boxing", arranging, promoting and fixing fights in wholesale fashion while also operating on the staff of Murder, Inc.

A little something you may not know: Carbo also owned a piece of Sonny Liston, which might explain the phantom punch in the first round that knocked him out when he faced Muhamad Ali the for the second time. In his night-time job, Liston was in fact a mob enforcer.

As corrupt and disgusting as boxing has been in the past, it outdid itself in the Mayweather-Pacquiao, robbing patrons - many who had paid from $4,500 to $35,000 for a seat - of money totaling somewhere between $300-$400 million dollars.

Since no one was murdered, that's the end of boxing's biggest swindle ever - a fight in which all the insiders knew the challenger had absolutely no chance - and that includes the Nevada Athletic Commission. No one was allowed to step in and say, "whoa", this fight has to be postponed. With $400 million at stack, blindness and deafness took over across the board and we had a so-called championship boxing match with less credibility that a wrestling bout between the likes of Sputnick Monroe and Haystack Calhoun.

John Dillinger used a gun to rob banks; the management teams of these two fighters used a strong, exaggerated P. R. campaign to set up and rob the public.

Just call this boxing's biggest swindle ever and that takes some doing.

There obviously is nothing that can stop the creeps that run the game. Carbo was a bad guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Today's promotors are bad guys in $5,000 designer suits who operate behind a screen of semi-respectability that grows with the support of the laziest media in the history of the written word.

There is no reason to let the crooks to keep robbing the public and the sport needs to be banned. If these guys have not changed in the 75 years since Carbo took over, it is not going to change now.

Investigations All For Show

A few days after Pacquiao said he was unable to perform at his best because of the rotator cuff problem, there was outrage in the real world. The Nevada Athletic Commission is conducting an investigation into the fight. The Nevada attorney general has sent his bulldogs out to get to the bottom of this mess and a $20 million class action suit has been field against the challenger for failing to report his injury (something he said he did but the public never heard about it).

None of this means anything and if you lost a bet on the fight, please don't waste your time worrying about it. It's over and you have fallen victim to a scam beyond words. And, just think about it - if boxing is not banned, all the perpetual suckers can get even next year on Mayweather-Pacquiao II.

The End, With More To Come

As I pointed out earlier I am well equipped to deal with the daily realities of sports betting - the fixing of college basketball games, the presence of the insiders who rule this world and with the deceitful manipulation of betting lines, but boxing - forget it. I'll just have to stay away because I do not want to let any of the smell rub off on me. The last time I made a bet on a boxing match was in the second Ali-Liston fight in Lewiston, Maine. I lived in Louisville - Ali's hometown, at the time - and I got the word from the street and with it 8-1 for my money.

More in the future but there are a few things I cannot write about until there are a few more funerals.

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