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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 11:50 AM

I made the point yesterday that in the National Basketball Association no lead is ever big enough and that dramatic comebacks are as routine as breathing. The Oklahoma City Thunder and the amazing San Antonio Spurs confirmed that yesterday with the Thunder coming from 13 points down in the fourth quarter to beat the Los Angeles Lakers 103-100 and the Spurs erased a 25-point deficit to knock off the Los Angeles Clippers 96-86.

The three-point win by Oklahoma City (-1 ½) was especially rewarding since I had released the Thunder as my 100-unit NBA Playoff Semifinal Game of the Year. The win left me with a 6-2 playoff record this week and that means those betting $100-per-unit are sitting on a profit of $13,500 over the past six days and $10 players are up $1,350.

It's right back today with another 50-unit NBA playoff winner, a situation power play that last season produced 87.7% winners in the post-season when games were played under these circumstances. Today's nationally televised matchups-the Miami Heat at the Indiana Pacers (ABC at 3:35 Eastern) and the Spurs at the Clippers (TNT at 10:35 Eastern)-are both quite playable but my focus will be on just one of these games.

You can get this 50-unit winner on this site or toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $25, charged to your major credit.

For the record San Antonio leads it series with the Clippers 3-0 while the Pacers are up 2-1 on the Heat. Miami is a 2-point road favorite while San Antonio is -7 ½ at the Clippers.

NBA Playoff Record 6-2 This Week
5/19-100 Units...Thunder (-1 ½) 103, Lakers 100 (W)
5/18-50 Units...76ers (-2) 92 Celtics 83 (W)
5/17-10 Units...Pacers (+1 ½) 94, Heat 75 (W)
5/17-10 Units...Spurs (-11) 105, Clippers 88 (W)
5/16-50 Units...76ers (-2) 91, Celtics 107 (L)
5/15-25 Units...Spurs (-11 ½) 108, Clippers 92 (W)
5/14-15 Units...Celtics (-4 ½) 81, 76ers 82 (L)
5/14-10 Units...Thunder (-7 ½) 119, Lakers 90 (W)

Best Bet Baseball Up $5,875 Last Seven Days

The American League continued its winning ways Saturday in interleague games, again going 9-5 to push its record after two days to 18-10, picking up right where it left off last year, or for the past eight seasons. The AL has dominated interleague play since it began, beating the NL the past eight years and standing 11-4 since it began 15 seasons ago.

Meantime my Best Bets Baseball Club kept bringing in the money Saturday, going 2-1 with three underdogs, highlighted by a 15-unit win by the underdog Baltimore Orioles (+100) with their victory over the Washington Nationals, 6-5. I also won a 10-unit play on underdog Kansas City (+105) over Arizona, 7-3, while losing a 10-unit bet on the Atlanta Braves (+105) who fell to Tampa Bay, 5-2.

This means my Best Bets Baseball Club is 10-5 over the past seven days and remains the biggest bargain in all of sports betting. Just to give you a look at what you can expect for a service just wins, here are the games clients received over the past seven days.

10-5 Best Bets Club Record

5/19-15 Units...Orioles (+100) 6, Nationals 5 (W)
5/19-10 Units...Royals (+105) 7, Diamondbacks 3 (W)
5/19-10 Units...Braves (+105) 2, Rays 5 (L)
5/18-10 Units...Blue Jays (-150) 14, Mets 5 (W)
5/18-10 Units...Rays (-125) 3, Braves 5 (L)
5/17-25 Units...Braves (-140) 7, Marlins 0 (W)
5/17-10 Units...Brewers (-140) 0, Astros 4 (L)
5/16-15 Units...Rays (-135) 2, Red Sox 1 (W)
5/16-10 Units...Marlins (+105) 8, Braves 4 (W)
5/15-15 Units...White Sox (-125) 8, Tigers 10 (L)
5/15-10 Units...Indians (-130) 5, Twins 0 (W)
5/14-15 Units...Braves (-137) 1, Reds 3 (L)
5/14-10 Units...Nationals (-150) 8, Padres 5 (W)
5/13-25 Units...Pirates (-135) 3, Astros 2 (W)
5/13-5 Units...Rays (-120) 9, Orioles 8 (W)

This means those betting at the $100-per-unit level have won $5,875 the past seven days while $10 bettors are up $587 in that time frame.

As most of you know I have proved for years baseball betting is a true investment business and the winning is going to continue right through the World Series in October. You get the entire Best Bets Baseball Club season-an average of 2-3 plays a day-for just $199, or play by the day for just $10.

Spurs Go For 18th Straight Win Today

Those who bet the NBA have never-and I mean never-had a friend the equal of the 2011-12 edition of the San Antonio Spurs. When San Antonio takes the floor against the Los Angeles Clippers tonight they will be going for their 18th straight win, having not lost a game since five and one-half weeks ago, on April 11.

Just as amazing as the fact the Spurs are 17-0 in their last 17 games is the fact they stand 15-1-1 against the spread (ATS) in those games. Those who have capitalized on the under-rated Spurs this season expect this, since this is a team that has gone 31-3 in its last 34 outings and in those contests went 27-5-2 ATS

To say the least, San Antonio is a real meal ticket for bettors.


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