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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, February 16, 2015 at 2:19 PM

Kentucky (25-0) Might Go 40-0 Because It Appears The Only Team That Can Beat Kentucky Is Kentucky

Louisville, North Carolina Head List Of 5 Teams In Major Bounce-Back Mode This Week

Inferior Teams That Figure To Stall May Be Good 1st-Half Bets

Best Bets Basketball Club On 7-1 Run And You Can Get The Entire College & NBA Seasons
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By Kelso Sturgeon

The undefeated Kentucky Wildcats (25-0) are the 5-7 favorites to win the NCAA college basketball championship - something they just missed doing last season, losing to Connecticut 60-54 in the title game. However, the biggest question in the Las Vegas betting world is whether Kentucky can run the table and finish 40-0?

At some sports books, the question has been posted of whether Kentucky will win the national championship. If you say "yes" to that you can get even money on that proposition, with the "no" listed at -120. Shortly we should see the prop of whether Kentucky can go undefeated and my figures say that will be a 5-1 play.

There are no gifts in college basketball and Kentucky is certainly going to be challenged all the way. The first thing the Wildcats have to do is win their last regular season games - At Tennessee Tuesday night, at home against Auburn, at Mississippi State, at home against Arkansas, at Georgia and then back home against Florida.

From there Kentucky, as the top-seed in the Southeastern Conference Tournament in Nashville, would have to win three games there and then march through a gauntlet of six NCAA teams. The 40-0 is possible but will be extremely difficult to achieve.

For the record, there are many bookmakers and bettors who say it would be in the top-ranked Wildcats' best interest to lose a game before the Big Dance begins. A loss would take away the added pressure of trying to go undefeated, regardless of how noble that might be.

The task is not impossible and it must be noted eight teams have gone undefeated on their way to the college title, the first being Long Island University (24-0) which won the NIT in 1939 when it was a more important tournament than the NCAA, and the last being Indiana which went 32-0 in winning the 1976 NCAA Tournament.

Four other teams finished their regular season schedules unbeaten but for a variety of reasons did not participate in the post-season - Seton Hall (19-0) in 1940, Army (15-0) in 1944, Kentucky (25-0) in 1954 and N.C. State (27-0) in 1973.

My Best Bets Basketball Investment Club has gone 7-1 over the past three days and it is of special note five of the seven were underdogs that won straight up (see below). The winning is going to continue tonight with two more standout winners, with the top play of the night rated 15 units. You can win this one, plus a second unit-rated best bet, for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

7-1 Last Three Days
2/15...15 Units...Purdue (-7) 66, Nebraska 54 (Won)
2/15...10 Unit...Northwestern (+6.5) 66, Iowa 61 (OT) 61 Won
2/15...10 Units...Washington (+2) 68, Arizona State 78 (Lost)
2/14...15 Units...Kansas (-7.5) 74, Baylor 64
2/14...10 Units...Central Michigan (+5.5) 75, Buffalo 74 (Won)
2/14...10 Units...Kansas State (+3.5) 59, Oklahoma 56 (Won)
2/13...15 Units...Washington State (+4.5) 74, Arizona State (71 (Won)
2/13...5 Units...Rider (+2) 60, Canisius 59 (Won)

There are just seven games on tonight's basketball schedule and one of them involves a team that is playing in just the right spot to pull off a surprisingly easy win. As tough as winning is right now against the toughest betting lines in history, situations under which games are played sometimes give teams a hidden edge and the team I am releasing tonight as a 50-unit play is just that team. Win tonight's 50-unit college basketball play, which is on national TV, for just $35, charged to your major credit card.

Louisville, North Carolina Head List Of 5 Majors In Bounce-Back Form

As a long-time believer in the bounce-back theory, there are eight teams that will be playing this week that are in that mode and because of it have a bit of an edge in their next game. The bounce theory simply says a team that was favored, played far under its performance profile, and lost will regress to its true form in its next game. Here are the teams that fit that mode and will be playing this week.

  • Georgia, an 11-point favorite, lost at home, 69-68, to Auburn and Tuesday night hosts South Carolina.
  • Cincinnati, an 11-point home favorite, lost to Tulane, 50-49, and host cross-town rival Xavier Wednesday night.
  • Louisville, a 10-5-point home favorite, lost to N.C. State, 74-65, and plays at Syracuse Wednesday night.
  • Oklahoma State, a -3.5 favorite at TCU, lost to the Horned Frogs, 70-55, and play host to Iowa State Wednesday night.
  • North Carolina, a 3-5-point favorite at Pittsburgh, lost there, 88-76, and is at Duke Wednesday night

The "bounce" seldom guarantees a winner but it must be part of the handicapping equation because it does offer an edge.


  1. Kentucky (25-0) - So superior it can only beat itself.
  2. Duke (22-3) - Has unstoppable offense (80.3 ppg) and has talent to beat anyone.
  3. Wisconsin (23-2) - Great defense (56.2 PPG) and coaching secret to it all.
  4. Utah (20-4) - Great defense (56.2 ppg) and tremendous game-time focus.
  5. Arizona (22-3) - When Wildcats are "on", they can beat anybody.
  6. Wichita State (23-3) - As usual, most under-rated team in country.
  7. Villanova (23-2) - Talent to go all the way.
  8. Virginia (23-1) - Needs to get healthy again.
  9. Gonzaga (26-1) - Very good but weak schedule makes Zags suspect.
  10. Kansas (21-4) - Very young but loaded and set to make a lot of noise.
  11. Northern Iowa (24-2) - Could be the biggest sleeper of all.
  12. Baylor (18-7) - Better than its record.
  13. Iowa State (18-6) - Another team that when it is "on" can beat anybody.
  14. Notre Dame (22-4) - Still suspect with me, but just keeps winning.
  15. Arkansas (20-5) - Flying under radar in SEC, right behind Kentucky.

Handicapping Hint Of Week

I have not done an actual study on this matter but there is substantial anecdotal evidence that lesser-talented college basketball teams are using a slowdown offense to keep the score close for as long as possible. This may actually make these teams a good first-half bet. More on this later but when you see a team that has been playing in games that never seem to have the expected amount of points, pay attention.

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