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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 7:00 PM

The big news in the legal betting markets over Super Bowl weekend is that Seattle money finally started hitting the board Saturday morning. Though the influx of tourists did bring in square bettors preferring the Patriots…a mix of square and sharp money on Seattle caused many Vegas sportsbooks to drop their lines to pick-em before lunchtime Saturday.

*Sharps who had been waiting to see what “the best they could get” was destined to be…decided that +2 or better wasn’t going to be in the cards. The sharks were all waiting for the same bite!

*Though New England is more of a public team than Seattle, particularly in a showcase spot like this…Seattle does have enough of a public following to split much of that action. West coast residents have been making a good return investing in Seattle the past two seasons, and put some money down as they arrived in Vegas.

Oddsmakers could read the tea leaves fairly quickly, and it was clear from market action and media coverage (multiple mainstream articles quoting oddsmakers) that a move toward Seattle was imminent.

That’s where we were as of midday Saturday, when lines of humanity were already long in crowded sportsbooks. Sunday is going to be a madhouse! That madhouse does provide the possibility for more dramatic market news. Be sure you monitor lines throughout the day just in case the public swings back more heavily in favor of the Patriots. Or, if we begin to see sharps who prefer New England firing back if Seattle becomes a favorite.

For now, it’s pretty clear that there are Wise Guy contingents who are happy with either side as an underdog. Patriots money hit the board early when Seattle opened as a favorite. Seahawks money finally came into play aggressively at +1 on Saturday.

Of course…the game can’t end in a tie! This isn’t so much about line value as it is about both groups wanting to get the best numbers they can. And, +1 either way could come into play in a 24-23 type game (right on the side and total prices), or even 21-20 or 17-16 for those anticipating an Under…or 28-27, 31-30 for anyone projecting a shootout.

Speaking of the total, the Wise Guys still like the Under at earlier prices of 49 and 48…but the public is taking some Over shots below the 48. Squares like betting the Over. And, in this case, if you like Tom Brady to score some touchdowns…then you’d naturally bet the Over too.

Who should YOU bet in the big game? JIM HURLEY has been working all week with his full team of experts.

His SCOUTS and SOURCES are over every story and every angle

His STATHEADS have crunched every number

His COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS have run simulations round-the-clock

His WISE GUY CONNECTIONS are on top of every move…and positioned to report back on bets from the heaviest hitters

It’s all going to come together in a blockbuster SUPER BOWL PARLAY that will provide a true fireworks show in the grand finale of your football season. You’ll be able to purchase the final word from JIM HURLEY with your credit card right here at the website Sunday morning. If you have any questions or prefer talking directly to a representative, call the office at 1-888-777-4155 any time Sunday before kickoff.

Don’t you dare make a move until you hear what JIM HURLEY has to say!

And…don’t you dare forget that the Super Bowl is the unofficial beginning of THE ROAD TO MARCH MADNESS as pro football hands the headlines to college basketball. Here’s what’s ahead this week in the NOTEBOOK.

Monday: College Basketball…#2 Virginia at #13 North Carolina

Tuesday: College Basketball…#22 Indiana at #5 Wisconsin

Wednesday: College Basketball…special major conference report

Thursday: College Basketball…UCLA at Stanford in the Pac 12

Friday/Saturday: blockbuster previews choosing from Kentucky at Florida, Louisville at Virginia, Notre Dame at Duke, and Georgetown at Villanova!

The Super Bowl is imminent! We may see the culmination of the New England dynasty…or the launch of a new Seattle dynasty. The man in the middle of the action who has seen it all built a handicapping dynasty 25 years ago and continues to thrive at the top of his game. When championships are on the line, YOU NEED WORLD CHAMPION HANDICAPPER JIM HURLEY!


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