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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 9:16 AM




By Kelso Sturgeon

I don't knock bookmakers and shall not now even though they made a classic mistake on the opening line for the Super Bowl and in the process set themselves up to get buried on the biggest single-game betting event of the season. Seattle opened as the -3.0 favorite over New England and today the latter is either a 1-point favorite, or the game is a pick'em.

When the Seahawks and Patriots take the field in Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, one week from Sunday, you can bet your last nickel the gentlemen behind the counter will be sweating bullets and hoping against hope they can buy some insurance with hundreds of proposition bets that traditionally permit them to hold (win) at least 35% of total monies bet.

The situation bookmakers are in has no real out since they opened themselves up to get middled. When they opened Seattle at -3 the wiseguys and sharps - all big bettors - jumped on New England +3. So much big money was wagered at that price on the Patriots the game dropped within hours to a pick'em affair. In several books, New England is now a 1-point favorite.

The dilemma is simple. Those who took the Patriots at +3 can now take Seattle at +1, or at a pick, hope the game falls on one or 2 and win both bets.
The math also is simple.

Lay $1,100 to win $1,000 on the Patriots +3 and then wager $1,100 to win $1,000 on Seattle at pick or +1 and take the opportunity to get 20-1 for your money. Since it is impossible to lose both bets, the most one can lose is $100, or the vigorish on a losing bet.

However, let the game fall on 1 or 2 and the bettor wins both wagers and pockets $2,000 while risky but $100.

Yes, my friend, all reports to the contrary, bookmakers are sweating. In the ruthless betting circles in Las Vegas, jobs are on the line, since bookmakers are not permitted the luxury of losing.

This Is Not The First Time A Team Has Fiddled With The Weight Of The Football

It is my opinion the so-called weight-of-the-football scandal hanging over New England is much ado about nothing. New England has been accused by the Indianapolis Colts, whom they crushed 45-7 in the American Football Conference championship game, of playing with an under-inflated football in that game and thus took an illegal edge.

NFL rules require balls to be inflated to 12.5 to 13.5 pounds and it is alleged an investigation shows 11-of-12 balls New England used in the game were short about two pounds - something that certainly helped the Patriots win on a cold, rainy, dreary day.

An under-inflated football is by far easier for receivers to catch in inclement weather that one that is fully inflated.

Some are crying for New England to be kicked out of this year's Super Bowl and to be replaced by the Colts (Seattle would love for that to happen) for this infraction, and that is an absolute joke.

Doing this is as old as football itself. Every quarterback wants to feel comfortable grip on the ball and this means some like it over-inflated (Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers) and others like it under-inflated (Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.). And they and other quarterbacks with specific preferences do what the need to do to be comfortable when handling the football. In other words, this happens all the time and nobody says a word.

Quarterbacks make millions of dollars and their teams take all the edges they think they can get away with. Teams want these guys to earn their money. Rogers, for instance, is the highest-paid signal caller in the NFL at $22,000,000 per season. Brady makes only $14,120,000 but he has deferred several million dollars of his annual income until after he retires.

Over-inflate, under-inflate, have someone - say a trainer - scuff up the footballs before each game, making them less slippery and easy to grip. In truth, anything goes.

The rules say each team can bring its own game balls (12 of them) and turn them over to the officials to be examined for weight 2.5 hours before each game. The balls that are used in kickoffs are not used for anything but that and are not included within the 12.

The whole issue is a joke. In the Super Bowl, the NFL has control of all the balls - about 100 of them - and both teams use them. In other words, no team balls.

Plus 3 Prime-Time TV Games
I intend to make a major score Thursday night with a 100-unit college basketball release that will break bookmakers from throughout the world and I have seldom been more confident of cashing a big-game ticket than I am with this team tonight. You can win this 100-unit play, plus get three nationally televised marquee TV games, for just $50, charged to your major credit card.
The Marquee TV Winners
DePaul (10-9) at Seton Hall (13-4)
Alabama (12-5) at Arkansas (13-4)
Arizona (16-2) at Stanford (13-4)

Get Entire College/NBA Seasons For Just $199 Charged To Your Major Credit Card
11-4 The Past Week

My Best Bets Basketball Investment Club has gone a perfect 6-0 the past two days and intends to keep right on rolling with three more college games today that include teams primed to play their best games. You can get Best Bet Club plays for $15 per day or better yet get the entire college and NBA seasons for just $199 and get an average of 2-3 best bet winners every day.

My Current 11-4 Run

1/20...15 Units...Wis-Green Bay (-18) 78, Illinois-Chicago 55 (Won
1/20...5 Units...LSU (+11) 79, Florida 61 Won)
1/19...15 Units...Clemson (-4.5) 55, Florida State 59 (Lost)
1/19...Kansas (-5.5) 85, Oklahoma 78 (Won)
1/18...15 Units...Oregon (+4) 77, Washington 85 (Lose)
1/17...15 Units...Alabama (+9) 48, Kentucky 70 (Lose)
1/17...10 Units...Indiana State (-3.5) 78, Drake 84 (Lose)
1/17...10 Units...Long Beach State (-3.5) 69, Cal-Santa Barbara 53 (Won)
1/16...Detroit Pistons (+1.5) 98, Indiana Pacers 96 (Won)
1/15...15 Units...Richmond (+7) 70, George Washington 73 (Won)
1/15...10 Units...Florida (-14.5) 75, Auburn 55 (Won)
1/15...10 Units...Nebraska (+15.5) 55, Wisconsin 70 (Won)
1/14...15 Units...Villanova (-10) 88, Xavier 75 (Won)
1/14...N.C. State (+4.5) 78, North Carolina 81 (Won)
1/14...10 Units...New Mexico (-10) 60, Air Force 48 (Won)

I also must remind that you can get the entire college and NBA seasons for just $199 and get an average of 2-3 best bet winners every day.

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