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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 3:29 PM

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most dominant, successful and popular National Football League franchises in history. Win, baby, win, is what the game is all about  and the Steelers have continued to do that since Mike Tomlin took over five seasons ago-a Super Bowl championship in 2008, another trip to the big one in 2010 and with an overall 60-28 record in that time frame.

That is why what is going on in Pittsburgh right now is completely out of character for a franchise that under the Rooney family has always been a bit kinder and gentler to its players-young and old alike-and that is something in the meat-rack NFL, where losing a step, hurting a knee or falling out of favor with a coach brings about swift, "good bye," as in we've gotten all we can get out of you and now get the hell out of here.

Move over. Make room for the next 300 pounds of raw beef.

Almost every single report from the Pittsburgh training facilities say love and loyalty have been lost, that the air has been poisoned by new offensive coordinator Todd Haley, former head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Haley has so annoyed and enraged superstar quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, and many of his teammates, that the latter is mad as hell and is practicing with a 10-ton chip on his shoulder.

The air at practice is so toxic and thick you can cut it with a knife.

The sequence of events leading up to this situation are downright ugly and have everything to do with the fact that, despite Roethlisberger's success, Haley is not happy with him and wants remake him in a run-oriented offense that puts most of the things that made Big Ben successful, and the Steelers with him, on the back-burner and to some extent right in the trash can.

Where It Started And Where It Will End...

The trouble started at the end of last season-a regular season in which Pittsburgh went 12-4, made the playoffs as a wild-card team and then lost to underdog Denver, 29-23, in overtime in the wild-card game. The loss got long-time offensive coordinator Bruce Arians-a close friend of the quarterback-fired. Roethlisberger was pissed he was never consulted about it, because he credited Arians with being the key to his NFL success.

Things worsened when Haley, who was fired as head coach at Kansas City, was hired in Pittsburgh. Again, no one consulted Roethlisberger. From my point of view, Haley was little more than a clown in K.C. but that is just my opinion.

It really hit the fan when Haley handed out his playbook and it had changed 90% of the offense that had won two Super Bowls (2005 under Bill Cower and 2008 under Mike Tomlin) and had sent Pittsburgh to the 2010 Super Bowl, where they lost to the Green Bay Packers, 31-25.

No longer would the offense rest on the shoulders of one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history (10th in all-time passing efficiency rating at 92.9, 5th all-time in yards per attempt at 8.06, 11th in all-time completion percentage at 63.24 and with the 4th highest career win percentage at .710 as a starter) but would be based on a running attack.

To say Roethlisberger was furious that he was basically being cast aside would be a classic understatement.

Where all of this is going to go, no one knows and that includes Haley who is considered by some to be a genius and by others to be an ego-driven fool. You can draw your own conclusions.

The bottom line is simple: quarterbacks the quality of Roethlisberger are almost impossible to find while offensive coordinators such as Haley are a dime a dozen.

Yes, there is something hazardous going on in Pittsburgh and it all starts with the element of stupidity. As a bettor one must pay attention.

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Sunday, May 27
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