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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Monday, December 8, 2014 at 7:00 PM

The showcase game in Tuesday Night’s Madison Square Garden doubleheader of college basketball action will be in the nightcap when national contender Louisville takes on Indiana in a battle of up-tempo teams.

If you’ve been watching a lot of games this season…you know how rare this is!

You shouldn’t have to worry about watching one of those 44-39 type games that have been too prevalent this year, even in the shot-clock era. You’ll see in a moment both teams rank in the top 60 in pace. That’s not necessarily run-and-gun…but it’s likely to lead to enjoyable viewing. Let’s see if JIM HURLEY’S key indicator stats can help handicappers WIN WHILE THEY WATCH!

If you’re new to the website, we use the following categories that are publically published by college basketball guru Ken Pomeroy.


Adjusted Offensive Efficiency

Indiana: 110.9 per 100 possessions (#12 in the nation)

Louisville: 108.0 per 100 possessions (#29 in the nation)

Efficiency is scoring adjusted for pace. “Adjusted” efficiency from Pomeroy also accounts for quality of opposition. Indiana has one of the best offenses in the nation when you make those tweaks, which will give them a chance to hang tough as an underdog. It looks like it’s going to be a down year overall for Indiana…who’s still trying to recover from a home loss to Eastern Washington and closer than expected wins over doormats Lamar and North Carolina Greensboro. That’s not because of offense. Having a great offense gives any team a chance to score an upset if the shots are falling. Louisville grades out well here, even though its strength is on the other side of the floor.


Adjusted Defensive Efficiency

Indiana: 99.1 per 100 possessions (#156 in the nation)

Louisville: 83.5 per 100 possessions (#2 in the nation)

This is why Louisville is the market favorite Tuesday…at a price that may have surprised some of you. Indiana’s defense has been fairly awful considering who they’ve played. Louisville’s defense is once again FANTASTIC. This sets up a fascinating battle between the great defense of Louisville and the impressive early offense of Indiana. If you believe that “defense wins championships,” you can see why Louisville is a Final Four threat while Indiana may only end up being a bubble team this season (Pomeroy only ranks Indiana #50 as an overall unit currently in his national numbers). Big edge here to the Cardinals…and likely the determining factor for the straight up winner.


Pace Ranking

Indiana: #60

Louisville: #42

There you go. Well over 300 teams ranked by Pomeroy…and we have two teams in the top 60. This should mean some pressing, plenty of fast break opportunities, and offenses that aren’t afraid to attack the basket rather than just passing the ball around hoping something good happens. It’s going to be REAL basketball!


Against the Spread

Indiana: 4-4 ATS (6-1 to the Over)

Louisville: 2-3-1 ATS (2-1-1 to the Over)

We added in the Over/Under marks this time because the marketplace has been slow to account for tempo with these teams so far. The squads are 6-7-1 ATS as team sides, which isn’t a big surprise because well-known programs are often properly or overpriced. The totals have been too low! Indiana and Louisville are a combined 8-2-1 to the Over against posted totals. Handicappers will have to determine if oddsmakers have finally caught up to what these teams are doing in the 2014-15 season

Louisville/Indiana may or may not be part of the final slate for NETWORK on Tuesday. Our New York sources will also be on top of Villanova/Illinois in the opener at the Garden. Texas A&M at Baylor is a nice rivalry renewal with the Aggies now playing as an SEC team. And, there are some very big games in the NBA like Toronto/Cleveland, and Dallas/Memphis. Let JIM HURLEY determine the best games to pass and the best games to play.

You can always purchase the BEST BETS ON THE BOARD right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions, call the office at 1-888-777-4155. This is a great time to focus on basketball because college football will be off until December 20 except for Saturday’s Army/Navy game. We know many of you have been dragging your heels in the baskets. Now’s a great time to make a great deal!

More college hoops tomorrow here in the NOTEBOOK, and we have a blockbuster matchup looming this weekend too. Here’s what’s ahead over the next few days…

Wednesday: College Hoops TV Preview…Kansas at Georgetown on FOX1

Thursday: NFL TV Preview…Arizona at St. Louis on the NFL Network

Friday: Early Look: Army vs. Navy in college football

Saturday: College Hoops TV Preview…North Carolina at Kentucky

Sunday: NFL TV Preview…Dallas at Philadelphia on NBC

Monday: NFL TV Preview…New Orleans at Chicago on ESPN

You can see that college basketball is ready to step into the limelight while college football takes a short break. You should be winning SEVEN DAYS A WEEK by playing the NFL and hoops! Don’t sit on the sidelines, GET IN THE GAME with JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK!


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