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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 9:06 AM

I went 2-0 in Major League Baseball yesterday, with the highlight being a 50-unit win by the Milwaukee Brewers (-150) with their dominating 9-5 win over the San Diego Padres. In the other game, a 15-unit play on the Los Angeles Angels (-145), I cashed again with a power play 7-2 win over the Colorado Rockies. Both winners were perfect examples of the bed-rock element of handicapping baseball-taking strength against weakness.

For the record, the win by the Brewers was my second straight winning 50-unit play, my fourth straight Chairman's Club big game play and left me 5-1 with my last six releases in such games. Today, I am releasing another standout 50-unit game and intend to make it three straight at that level.

Other than Seattle's six-pitcher no-hitter in a 1-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, it was a rather routine night as the season's second round of interleague play began. The American and National leagues split, 7-7, with seven of the games going "over" and seven "under". Favorites went 9-5 and three games went 10 innings.

Seattle's no-hitter, the fourth of the season, tied the Major League Baseball record for the most pitchers used in a no-hit game.

Of additional interest to baseball bettors should be the fact the New York Mets' Johan Santana, who had pitched a no-hitter in his previous start, definitely bounced downward in a 9-1 loss to the New York Yankees, once again raising the question of whether a standout performance by a pitcher in one game makes him vulnerable in his next.

After giving the Mets its first no-hitter in 8,020 games June 1, Santana was little short of dreadful against the Yankees, lasting five innings and in the process giving seven hits, including four home runs, and six runs.

Does No-Hitter Put Pitcher In Bounce Form?

As a strong believer in the bounce theory for both teams and individuals, the unanswered question bettors must keep asking is whether a pitcher coming off a no-hitter is going to repeat that form, or will he bounce downward and throw in a subpar performance. One thing for certain, we know he can't pitch any better.

Santana's no-hitter was the third of the 2012 season, with the first two turned in by the Los Angeles Angels' Jered Weaver and Chicago White Sox pitcher Philip Humber.

Weaver threw a no-hitter May 2 in a 9-0 home win over the Minnesota Twins. Five days later, he got the job again at Minnesota. Humber did not fare so well. After his April 21 no-hitter in a 4-0 win at Seattle fell apart and went into a slump that last three games.

Regardless, this is a factor to consider. I have just begun a study on baseball no-hitters of the past and hope to report on it in a month or two.

Again, it is all food for thought.

Pacquiao -430 Favorite To Retain Title

One of the biggest boxing matches of the year takes place Saturday night at the MGM Grand Arena when world welterweight champion Manning Pacquiao (54-3-2) lays his title on the line against undefeated American Timothy Bradley (28-0). The man from the Philippines is a -430 favorite and that means those wanting to bet on Pacquiao must lay $430 to win $100. Bradley offers bettors $350 for $100.

The bout is scheduled to go 12 rounds and will be televised on HBO and pay-per-view TV.

In other odds on the fight:

  • Bradley is +500 to win be decision and +950 to win by knockout.
  • Pacquiao is +105 and +170 in those respective categories.
  • If you think the fight will end in a draw, you can get $2,500 for $100.

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Another 50-Unit Solid Gold Knockout Wins Today
My Chairman's Club has been absolutely on fire in Major League Baseball, standing 4-1 with its last five big-game plays and is going for the money again today. The team I am releasing today has every single edge, is primed to play its best game and has more than a 90% chance to win. It does not get better than this and you can get the money with this 50-unit play for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

15-Unit Knockout Power Play Winner Highlight On 2-0 Day
Today's Major League Baseball card is loaded with opportunities to cash a bet and I intend to get the money with two standout plays-one a 15-unit bet on a modest favorite and the other a 10unit play on an underdog that grades out the straight up winner. I am releasing both of these teams with the confidence they will march right to the winner's circle since each has all the edges it takes to get there. Go 2-0 today with 25-units of winning action for just $10, charged to your major credit card.

25-Unit NBA Situation Title Play
Celtics at Heat Tonight

This is it-the game that will decide the NBA Eastern Conference championship that will send to the winner to the title round against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and you can bet it will be a no holds barred affair with the win going to the last team to blink. But the cover, that is another question and I do believe I have the answer. The number and the situation make this game very interesting and you can win this nationally televised (ESPN) showdown with me for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

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