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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 12:09 PM

NFL Hall Of Fame Game Just 8 Days Away With Opening Line On Giants-Bills A Pick’em

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Lush Life And Kissing Players’ Butts Over At Texas As New Coach Boots 4 From Team

50-Unit 2-0 Win By Underdog Marlins (+120)
Pushes Highrollers Record To 11-1 Over Past 12 Days
Goes For Two More 100-Unit Winners This Weekend

By Kelso Sturgeon

No new football season is officially here until betting lines on current games are posted and that happened today as bookmakers the world over opened the NFL Hall of Fame game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants—to be played in just eight days—as a “pick’em” affair. No surprise—the total was 32.5.

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Things are also kicking into gear in college football, with teams set to report in just a few days. Even though official practice has not begun (unofficial practice has gone on all summer) coaches are making their presence felt and none more so than new Texas coach Charlie Strong who booted four players from the team this past week.

No one should be surprised. Strong—one of the best coaches in the business—is a no-nonsense guy who explains the rules to everybody right up front and advises them not to break them. He did not go 12-1 last year at Louisville or 37-16 in four years there, trying to be a good time Charlie. He walks in the footsteps of the late Alabama Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant who also was all business, demanding the best from his players with the promise to make them better than they ever thought they would be.

For Bryant, it was break the rules and look forward to finishing your career at Jacksonville State or Youngstown State. He drove home that point when he suspended superstar quarterback Joe Namath for the 1964 Sugar Bowl Game against Ole Miss because he broke team rules (had a few beers). When confronted Namath admitted he had broken a team rule and Bryant told him that he made no exceptions for anyone who broke a rule and would be forced to resign on principle if he let Namath play.

This is Charlie Strong and the Texas football players who violate his rules will suffer the same fate. In other words, nobody is going to kiss their butts any longer—something that has long been a problem in Austin. There was a reason the Longhorns did not have a single player taken in this year’s NFL draft. Walk the straight line, or transfer to SE Louisiana or UT-Martin.

Highrollers Baseball Club On 11-1 Run-Big Money Is There For The Taking

It is not too late to make a fortune betting Major League Baseball this season and I would suggest you join my Personal Best Baseball Investment Club for highrollers and break the bank with them. The club is currently on a sizzling 11-1 run (see below) over the past 12 days and the winning continues. Every team I release to my highrollers is ready to absolutely dominate and crush its opponent. Every team grades out with better than a 90% chance to win.
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Highrollers Red-Hot 11-1 Run

7/25…50 Units…Marlins (+120) 2, Astros 0 Win)
7/24…50 Units…Padres (-120) 13, Cubs 3 (Win)
7/23…50 Units…Athletics (-1.5 Runs -120) 9, Astros 7 (Win)
7/22…100 Units…Orioles (+135) 4, Angels 2 (Win)
7/21…50 Units…Yankees (-165) 2, Rangers 4 (Lose)
7/20…50 Units…Red Sox (-140) 6, Royals 0 (Win)
7/19…50 Units…Diamondbacks (-145) 9, Cubs 3 (Win)
7/18…100 Units…White Sox (-155) 3, Astros 2 (Win)
7/17...No Games Scheduled
7/16…No Games Scheduled
7/15…25 Units…AL All-Stars (-105) 5, NL All-Stars 3 (Win)
7/14…No Games Scheduled
7/13…100 Units…Angels (-150) 10, Rangers 7 (Win)
7/12…50 Units…Angels (-1.5 Runs -110) 5, Rangers 2 (Win)
7/11…50 Units…Angels (-165) 3, Rangers 0 (Win)


3-0 With Last Tree 100-Unit Winners And Set To Win Another One Saturday

My Personal Best Baseball Investment Club for highrollers has been absolutely on fire and today is going for its 4th straight 100-unit winner—actually the fourth in the past two weeks—and I am 100% confident the team I am releasing will march right to the winner’s circle. This team has a 95% chance to win, is being offered at the right price and grades out stronger than any of the three previous 100-unit winners. Get all the cash with me today for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

3 Straight 100-Unit Winners Past Two Weeks
7/22…100 Units…Orioles (+135) 4, Angels 2 (Win)
7/18…100 Units…White Sox (-155) 3, Astros 2 (Win)
7/13…100 Units…Angels (-150) 10, Rangers 7 (Win)

100-Unit Power Play Game Of Month Wins Sunday

The Sunday Major League Baseball schedule is loaded with games where bettors can take the edges and get the cash. One of those games is a go-for-broke contest and I am releasing it as my 100-unit Power Play Baseball Game of the Month and am absolutely confident it will get the job done. This team has edges in 12-of-the-13 elements I use to analyze baseball games, giving it a 90% chance to win, and I will be personally stunned if it does not completely dominate. Go for broke with the big one today for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

Two Strong Opinions On NFL Season

The Philadelphia Eagles (20-1 to win the Super Bowl) grades out as the favorite to win the NFC East with quarterback Nick Foles in charge. I believe the third-year quarterback out of Arizona is the real deal. He started 11 games after replacing Michael Vick last season and finished with the third highest passer rating (119.2) in NFL history on the strength of 29 touchdowns and just two interceptions.

The biggest boost the Washington Redskins received in the off-season was the firing of head coach Mike Shanahan, an ego-driven bully who was never as good as his media-created reputation. His vindictive attitude towards players who questioned him, or who even tried to make suggestions, was sickening. He was successful at Denver because he had quarterback John Elway. Without the latter, he was nothing, as his record shows. Jay Gruden, former offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals, can only do better.

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