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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 1:15 PM

All American League teams have now played SIX games against the National League in 2012 Interleague action. This past weekend’s slate was actually the second get-together for the competing circuits. These next two weeks of intense action will finish the schedule requirements for this season.

Who’s getting the best of it so far?

Once again the American League is on top. This past weekend saw the Americans go 22-20, which isn’t particularly dramatic. But, the first batch was a more impressive 24-18 for the AL. That puts them at 46-38 through the first 84 games…a winning percentage of .548.

More impressive to us at this point are the across-the-league advantages for the AL. Again that wasn’t so clear this past weekend when the record was 22-20 overall. But, look at how many teams have winning records so far in the AL…


AL Teams With 4-2 Records in IL

Tampa Bay

NY Yankees


Chicago White Sox




LA Angels


That’s nine of 14 teams in the AL who are exactly at 4-2. Toronto and Cleveland are 3-3, which means 11 of 14 teams are at .500 or better…with a lot more teams over .500 than sitting right on it. We’re still early in the process. That suggests a comprehensive edge in terms of the league as a whole. Note also how many contenders are on that list. The BEST teams in the American League are really doing some damage.

The only poor AL teams have been Boston (2-4), Kansas City (1-5), and Oakland (1-5)

Let’s turn it around now and look at the National League. You might expect mostly bad news given what you’ve read already. But…there are some teams who are posting good results.


NL Teams at 67% or Better

Arizona 5-1

Washington 4-2

Atlanta 4-2

Pittsburgh 4-2

San Diego 2-1

LA Dodgers 2-1

Six teams out of 16 in the National League have posted winning records. Sitting at the .500 mark are Cincinnati, Houston, and San Francisco. That means that half the league is .500 or better…which isn’t all that bad a showing given the debacles we’ve seen in recent years for the NL. There are still some debacles to note:


NL Teams Struggling So Far

Colorado 0-6

NY Mets 1-5

Chicago Cubs 1-5

Miami 2-4

Philadelphia 2-4

St. Louis 1-2

Milwaukee 1-2

If you’re following baseball, you’re probably aware that this year’s slate is mostly East vs. East, Central vs. Central, and West vs. West. The evidence to the degree that it exists would suggest backing the best teams in the AL divisions against whoever they’re playing…but going against the lower ranked teams if they’re playing an NL team that’s in good form. This probably won’t be a year where a “blanket” strategy of betting the AL is going to score big. Handicap each game as it comes…respecting the edges of the AL powers but being cognizant that some of the AL weaklings can be exploited.

There are four IL games on the schedule Monday Night. But, it’s a strong card for being so light!

Washington at Toronto

NY Yankees at Atlanta

Boston at Miami (on ESPN)

LA Angels at LA Dodgers

Matchups of interest that get started Tuesday include NY Mets at Tampa Bay, Cleveland at Cincinnati in the Battle of Ohio, and the Chicago White Sox at St. Louis.

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