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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Betting Syndicates Were Not As Smart As Believed But Were Instead Fixing College Basketball Games

50-Unit Side/Total Parlay Launches NBA Championship Round Thursday Night…Spurs -4 Favorite In Opener

Chairman’s Club Goes For 4th Straight 25-Unit Underdog Baseball Winner Tonight

By Kelso Sturgeon

The truth behind the amazing success of the big sports betting syndicates is slowly coming to the surface—and it is ugly. All reports to the contrary, most of these groups were/are not run by genius handicappers who had uncovered the holy grail of winning but instead were simply fixers. They focused most of their attention on college basketball, the NBA and college football.

They do not bet baseball because fixing a game is complicated, requires too much work with too little reward and are simply not worth the time—and even fixers need some time off to get ready for the next season where they know millions of dollars are there for the taking.

As a public handicapper and one who bets for his own account, I long ago adopted the rule of “never trust anybody” and I have not, do not and never will. It is naïve to believe one can put money and men together in the same room and not expect trouble. There is always that one guy.

I am proud of the fact I have gone against several of the moves over the years and been successful. Hidden form and talent can beat any fix.

My introduction to this plague began in San Jose Costa Rica during a study of off-shore betting—an industry that was born when bookmakers in Las Vegas woke up to what was happening and gave the game to those they believed were doing something shady. History has proved them right.

I will never forget the night I spent at a big sports in San Jose. When I arrived it seemed to be business as usual with the 15-20 employees taking wagers over the phone and taking care of business, but all that changed when everyone in the room focused their eyes on the clock when there was about 15 minutes before the first college basketball games were to begin.

There was total silence in the room and everyone, especially owners of the book, were obviously nervous—and then it happened. The betting screens used by bookmakers all at once started blinking as betting lines on several games changed jumped two of three points in within seconds. This was the betting syndicate money entering the market at exactly the same time at books through the world.

As fast as they could, bookmakers everywhere put a hold on these games to give them time to adjust their lines. If the betting syndicates had got down at -3, one now had to pay -5 or -6 to wager on the same game.

The Many Elements Of The Fix

If you had made even a modest wager on one of these teams—at the better price—you can rest assured it was the last time you would bet with that specific off-shore book. As did the bookmakers in Las Vegas, the off-shore books took the position the “fix” was in in these games and that they had little chance to beat the bettor.

Bookmakers were determined to eliminate the risk of booking these syndicates in what was for them a no-win situation. The cartels might blow a bet or two—sometimes on purpose—but they won at least 75% of the time. This was easy when they game was fixed.

Some of the betting groups had 45-50 beards wagering for them and it was not unusual for them to beat the books for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The beards did not get paid but were permitted to bet their own money on the fixed games.

The games were fixed in one of two ways—getting to the officials, which was easier than one might imagine, and finding starting players who had the talent to make-or-break a game. The players were told to play their normal game until there were but seven or eight minutes left on the clock and then miss the baskets and make the mistakes that would determine the pointspread winner.

There is a much greater story to be told and I will do that in the coming weeks.

Stand by.

Going For 4th Straight 25-Unit Underdog Winner Tonight
My Chairman’s Club has won with three consecutive underdogs, all 25-unit plays, and is going for another one tonight on a schedule with four ‘dogs that all have better than a 50% chance to win straight up. One of the underdogs stands out, with a 75% chance to win and I am releasing this team as another 25-unit play, quite confident it will get the money. Win this 25-unit play for just $20, charged to your major credit card.

Underdogs 3-0 Last 3 Days

4/3…25 Units…Royals (+115) 8, Cardinals 7 (Win)
4/2…25 Units…Pirates (+108) 10, Padres 3 (Win)
4/1…25 Units…Reds (+120) 4, Diamondbacks 3 (Win) 

15-Unit Bookmakers’ Mistake Highlights 2-0 Tonight
Bookmakers occasional make mistakes and tonight they made a big one with the betting line on one game. As I have said for years, when the supporting figures are there, and the price is tilted in the bettor’s favor, one must go for the money. We have such a game tonight and I am releasing it to my Best Bets Club members as a 15-unit play and you can win it, along with a second play, for just $15, charged to you major credit card.

50-Unit Side/Total Parlay Launches NBA Championship Round

The betting public has made the San Antonio Spurs the solid -180 favorites to win the NBA championship, with the defending champion Miami Heat the underdog at +155. The first game of the best-of-seven series begins Thursday night in Texas with the Spurs a 4-point favorite, with a total of 198.5.

This is a rematch of last year’s championship round which was won 4-3 by Miami, giving the Heat its second straight title and is loaded with drama. The Spurs have been to the championship round five times and last year was the first time they lost but believe they should have won and been 5-0.

In last year’s game, San Antonio had it all wrapped up in game six but blew a five-point, 94-89, lead with 28 seconds to play and then lost in overtime. Miami won the final game95-88 for the title.

In handicapping the game, you should know:

  • San Antonio’s superstar guard Tony Parker (16.7 points, 5.7 assists and 2.3 rebounds per game) is suffering from an ankle injury but is expected to play.
  • The teams split their two games this season with San Antonio winning at home, 111-87, and with the Heat winning in Miami, 113-101.
  • The Spurs really go after it when the reach the championship round. Other than losing the series 4-3 last season, in 2007 beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1, in 2005 knocked out the Detroit Pistons 4-1, in 2003 took care of New Jersey 4-2 and knocked out the New York Knicks 4-1 in 1999.
  • San Antonio is 74-26 Straight Up (SU), Miami is 66-31.
  • San Antonio is 41-10 at home, Miami 40-9.
  • San Antonio is 33-16 on road, Miami 26-22.
  • San Antonio is 54-46-0 against the spread (ATS), Miami 47-48-2.
  • In the totals department, both have played to the over. The Spurs are 54-45-1 to the over while Miami is 55-42-0

I closed out the divisional championship round with a nice 25-unit upset win by the Spurs over the Oklahoma City Thunder and will open the championship round with a 50-unit side/total parlay. All selections will be available on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

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