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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, June 18, 2012 at 2:38 PM

I have just returned to Las Vegas from a trip to the East Coast and while there had a fascinating conversation with a big-time well known successful investment banker from Boston who wanted to compare notes about the process he uses to "win" (his words) for his clients and the process I use to do the same for my customers.

There was little surprise in what he had to say, nor did he challenge my belief sports betting has become an investment industry in much the same mode as the Wall Street world of financial management and planning. In fact, he admitted we do the same things to find the edges that win games or produces a profit on stocks and bonds.

We both conceded the always present reality of sometimes being wrong and losing money.

We also both have an intimate knowledge of the risk vs. reward ratio.

The bottom line for him: he gets up every day searching for the right stocks or bonds to buy or sell, using as the foundation for his decisions volumes of numbers and complex data, the history of these particular investments, the accumulated knowledge of working in the financial management field for two decades and his own intuition.

The bottom line for me: I get up every morning searching for the right teams in the right games to release to my clients, using as the foundation for my decisions volumes of numbers and complex data, the history of particular teams when playing is this same situation, the accumulated knowledge of working for more than 40 years in the world of sports betting and my own intuition.

There was much more to this two-hour conversation that this, and I will share it with you at a future date. The one thing I got from my meeting with this gentleman was that we both live in the same world and that one can take one's pick-it is either investing or gambling, or a combination of both.

The one thing that came out of that meeting was a commitment on my part to do want I have stalled doing for six years now-writing a book about the passage of sports betting from the world of gambling to the world of investing. I started on the book this morning upon my return to Las Vegas and have no time line for when it will be done. My estimate is in about six months.

For the record, it will be titled: THE INVESTMENT WORLD OF SPORTS BETTING and will cover football, basketball and baseball.

Best Bets Baseball Investment Club Just The Beginning

A few weeks ago I changed the name of my Best Bets Baseball Club to my Best Bets Baseball Investment Club because it was time to make that move. Wagering on baseball, where 19 of every 100 games have a 90% chance to win-figures that exceed any investment one can make in the so-called legitimate financial world-is an investment business.

This is a move I should have made six years ago when my research revealed the availability of betting-related information had removed almost every single edge bookmakers had previously enjoyed over bettors. The bookmaker's edge was gone and the power shifted to our side of the counter and I proved it right out of the box during the football season, winning more than $218,000 for my clients while hitting a documented 78% winners on games rated from 50 units to 200 units.

The hacks in the business, including 90% of all the well-known gamblers, said numbers such as this were impossible to hit and they went viral on the Internet calling me every name in the book, only to be shot down by people who had my highroller football service. They said they were there, it happened, so shut-up.

It previously had been the cardinal sin to say that one can beat the sports betting game. Misleading, a lie, distortion of the figures and any variety of dishonesty of which one might accuse another.

But I did it and I am no longer going to lay low and not present my sports services as investment services. I know they are and I know they win for most people most of the time. I do not win them all but in the end I usually get the money. The name of the game is profit.

For the record, I have delivered as promised with my Baseball Best Bets Investment Club, winning as promised. Over the past 10 days the club has gone 13-6 and those betting just $10-per-unit have won $767. Highrollers playing at the $100 level in that time frame have won $7,670.

The winning will continue and clients will continue to make money. You can join my Baseball Best Bets Investment Club for the entire season for just $175 and play each day right through the World Series in October. I know I could charge 10 times that figure and get it but this is my opportunity to show you when I say, "investment", I mean just that.

Join the club on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255. All major credit cards accepted.

Current Investment Baseball Club 13-6 Record

6/17-15 Units...Yankees (-110) 4, Nationals 1 (W)
6/17-10 Units...Orioles (+115) 2, Braves 0 (W)
6/16-15 Units-Yankees (-110) 5, Braves 3 (W)
6/16-10 Units...Pirates (+120) 9, Indians 2 (W)
6/15-15 Units...Nationals (-130) 2, Yankees 7 (L)
6/15-10 Units...White Sox (+115) 6, Dodgers 7 (L)
6/14-15 Units...Giants 3 (-135), Astros 6 (L)
6/14-10 Units...Brewers (-120) 3, Royals 2 (W)
6/13-15 Units...Athletics (+105) 10, Rockies 8 (W)
6/13-10 Units...Yankees (+100) 3, Braves 2 (W)
6/12-15 Units...Brewers (-145) 1, Royals 2 (L)
6/12-10 Units...Tigers (-125) 3, Cubs 4 (L)
6/11-15 Units...Yankees (-115) 3, Braves 0 (W)
6/10-15 Units...Pirates (-130) 3, Royals 2 (W)
6/10-10 Units...Dodgers (-110) 8, Mariners 2 (W)
6/9-15 Units...Twins (-120) 11, Cubs 3 (W)
6/9-10 Units...Blue Jays (+135) 2, Braves 5 (L)
6/8-15 Units...Angels (-145) 7, Rockies 2 (W)
6/7-15 Units...Giants (-135) 8, Padres 3 (W)

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