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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, March 14, 2014 at 3:49 PM



Pressures Of Post Season Play Kick In Today
With New Set Of Game-Winning/Losing Dynamics

Three 50-Unit March Madness Plays Set To Win Tonight

200-Unit College Conference Tournament Game Of Year Wins Saturday 


By Kelso Sturgeon

The zero hour is here for the college conference basketball tournaments, where for many teams tomorrow does not exist, especially since a new set of dynamics kick in today that will determine the outcome of more than a handful of the remaining games in a world where it is difficult to the extreme to win and unbelievably easy to lose.

There is no question the college post season presents new challenges to handicappers but things could get a little easier in the games of Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a new set of dynamics kicks in—and it all has to do with the short time-frame in which the games are played.

It is extremely difficult for any team to win three games in three days or four games in five days and that is demanded of each team at this point of the playoffs.

It is a simple fact teams that struggled to win their will be far more tired that teams that have been breezing along. It is impossible for a team that had to give an all-out performance to win its last game to be a 100% for a contest that follows just 24 hours later.

First of all such a team will be drained physically and emotionally with no time to recover and at some time in its next game will feel the impact of tired legs and tired minds, with the latter causing a team to lose the focus required to win under such stressful situations.

There is no better example of this than Northwestern which faces Michigan State in the Big Ten Tournament today.

Northwestern beat Iowa, 67-62, as a 13.5-point underdog yesterday and in the process set itself up to get buried by Michigan State today.

The dynamics are right there in black and white.

Northwestern hit 52% (23-of-44) of its field goals, which it will not do today.

Northwestern hit 48% (11-of-23) 3-pointers, which it will not do today.

Northwestern played outstanding defense, holding Iowa to 30% field goal shooting, and will be too tired to perform at that level today.

Northwestern had to play its starters almost all the game, with two playing all 40 minutes, one 38 minutes, one 34 minutes and one 28 minutes. Only two bench players saw any action in the game.

To me, this means Northwestern is in an awful position today—unable to reproduce that offense or defense against one of the best teams in the country and simply so worn out it will blink early in the game.

It is not a matter if these dynamics will make a fresh and talented Michigan State team the winner but by just how much the Spartans will win.

Even Best Teams Lose And Struggle To win

Cincinnati (27-5), co-champion with Louisville of the American Athletic Conference, discovered how tough is to win in in the post-season when as a 12-point favorite it was a life-and-death 3-point winner of Central Florida, 61-58. At the other end of the spectrum, Villanova (28-4), the nation’s third-ranked team and the number one seed in the Big East Tournament, fell to Seton Hall (17-16), a team it had crushed twice during the regular season—by 17 points at home and by 16 as the visitor.

Again the home court edge did nothing to help Texas-El Paso, St. John’s or Memphis Thursday, with the former losing on its home court to Southern Miss, 64-56, St. John’s losing on is home court to Providence, 79-74, and Memphis getting absolutely blown away by Connecticut 72-53 on is home court.

For the record two teams are playing their conference tournament games on their home courts today, with Weber State meeting Northern Colorado in the Big Sky Tournament and with Norfolk State taking on North Carolina Central in the Mid-Eastern Conference Tournament.

Three 50-Unit March Madness Showdown Plays Win Friday

The March Madness world of big-game winning continues today with three more 50-unit plays—all obviously of the showdown variety. There will be a 50-unit quarterfinals game from the Big Ten Conference Tournament, plus two additional 50-unit plays from other conferences. I know I have the edges in all three games and am expecting dominating wins from all three teams. Get all the big-game money today for just $50, charged to your major credit card.

Better yet, get on board for my complete March Madness Package for just $175 and play right through the NBA championship game in June.

The March Madness Package Includes

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25-Unit NCAA Sleeper Highlight Play On 3-0 Friday Night

There are 39 March Madness games that will be played tonight and I have put together another special package of evening plays that will be highlighted by a 15-unit play on a team that is a sleeper t0 play deeply into the NCAA Tournament that begins next week.  Win with this knockout team tonight, plus get to other winning March Madness releases for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

Better yet, get on board for my complete March Madness Package for just $175 and play right through the NBA

50-Unit NBA Game Of Week Wins Tonight…Bargain Priced At $15

Tonight’s NBA schedule is an outstanding one and I have found the perfect game to release as my 50-unit NBA Game of the Week—and you can get it just this one time for the bargain price of just $15, instead of the usual $50 fee. I am having an outstanding NBA season and this is your opportunity to get a taste of big-game winning in the pros while paying but a modest price to do that. Get this 50-unit winner for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

200-Unit Tournament Game Of Year Wins Saturday

One week ago today I released my 200-unit College Rivalry Game of the Year and got all the money as Nevada (-1.5) came from behind and captured a dramatic 76-72 victory over UNLV. Needless to say, it was much closer than I thought it would be but a win is a win. Today I am going for an encore with my 200-unit College Basketball Tournament Game of the Year with a team that should dominate from start to finish and win by daylight. In other words, this one should not be close. Win this 200-unit play for just $50, charged to your major credit card.


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