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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 12:55 PM


200-Unit College “Perfect Storm” Game Of Year
Should Win Tonight In Dominating Fashion  

College Conference Tournaments Begin Tonight 

Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari Has Class But Unfortunately It’s All Low  


By Kelso Sturgeon

There are approximately 10,530 college basketball games played during the regular season and it is quite rare to find many that qualify as 200-unit play. Sometimes one can see coming and plan ahead a bit while others suddenly appear overnight—coming from unexpected places. Tonight we have such a game that because of the circumstances under which it is being played meets all the requirements for a 200-unit play.

This means for the first time in more than four decades of handicapping I am releasing two 200-unit plays in a three-day time span. This past Saturday I won my 200-unit College Basketball Game of the Year II as Virginia (-3.5) ran off and hid from nationally-ranked Syracuse, winning in blowout fashion by 19 points, 75-56. Tonight, I intend to win my 200-unit “Perfect Storm” Basketball Game of the Year.

The most talented of Hollywood script writers could not have dreamed up the scenario we have going for us tonight and it is a situation that happened by accident.

The team I am releasing has an overwhelming edge in ALL of the 12 categories I am now using to handicap college basketball. I have always said one must take the winners where one can find them and this one jumped up at the end of Saturday’s games.

For the record I am 2-0 in 200-unit college releases this season and 10-3 in big-game plays since  February 9. The winning continues in a big way and you can take down all the money tonight with my 200-unit “Perfect Storm” game of the year. All the pieces are in place and you can take down the cash with me for just $75, charged to your major credit card.

Personal Best Basketball Investment Club’s 10-3 Since Feb. 9

3/2…100 Units…UAB (+5) 58, Louisiana Tech 67 (Lose)
3/1…200 Units…Virginia (-3.5) 75, Syracuse 56 (Win)
2/28…100 Units…Providence (+2.5) 74, Seton Hall 69 (Win)

2/27…100 Units…Troy (-2.5) 55, Arkansas Little Rock 62 (Lose)
2/26…100 Units…Texas (-4) 74, Baylor 69 (Win)
2/25…100 Units…San Diego State (-20.5) 90, San Jose State 64 (Win)
2/24…No Game Qualified For Play
2/23…100 Units…Nebraska (-5.5) 76, Purdue 57 (Win)
2/22…100 Units…Wisconsin (+6) 79, Iowa 74 (Win)

2/15…100 Units…Texas (-6) 88, West Virginia 71 (Win)
2/13…100 Units…USC (+4.5) 71, Utah 79 (Lose)

2/12…100 Units…Air Force (-2) 52, San Jose State 48 (Win)
2/11…100 Units…Texas (-4) 87, Oklahoma State 68 (Win)
2/9…Connecticut (-6) 75, Central Florida 55 (Win)

Conference Tournaments Launch March Madness With 15-Unit Winner Tonight

March Madness begins tonight as the Patriot League begins its post-season tournament to decide which team will represent the conference in the NCAA Tournament.  The Horizon League follows Tuesday, with the Missouri Valley, West Coast, Ohio Valley and Metro Atlantic joining the conference tournament arena the following three days.

There are two Patriot League Tournament games being played tonight—10th-seeded Navy (9-20) at #7 Colgate (12-17) and #9 Lafayette (4-12) at #8 Loyola-Maryland (11-18)—and one of them merits 15-units of play. You can win this game for just $15, charged to your major credit card, but your best bet is to get on board for my complete March Madness Package for just $299 and play right through the NBA championship game in June.

The March Madness Package Includes

The Rest Of The Regular College Basketball Season
NBA Basketball Right Through The Championship Round In June
Complete Coverage Of 30 College Conference Tournaments
Complete Coverage Of The NCAA Tournament
Complete Coverage Of The NIT
Complete Coverage Of The Other Post-Season Tournaments
200-Unit College Rivalry Game Of Year Saturday, March 8
At Least 10 More 100-Unit Games 

The complete March Madness package is a major bargain at $299. Keep in mind the 200-unit college game will cost your $75 and Ten 100-unit games $500, and this says absolutely nothing of daily best bets for the next 3 ½ months. Get on board and start winning tonight. The winners are waiting for you and the price is right.

Kentucky’s Calipari Comes Unglued As Road Continues To Take Its Toll On Traveling Teams

As a matter of journalistic integrity, I must say up front I am not a John Calipari fan because, as do 99% of all college basketball coaches, I believe he is an amoral snake-oil salesman who will do anything to win. He usually does the latter but leaves when the NCAA heat starts, as it did when he was at Massachusetts and Memphis. When he left UMass and Memphis he had produced winners with programs that were found to be in violation of a myriad of NCAA rules and both were penalized for it.

Still, schools that want to win, regardless of the price they have to pay, seem to stand in line to hire this weasel. Kentucky, once one of the classiest programs in NCAA basketball, is now looked upon with disdain as Calipari advertises to recruits he is running a one-and-done NBA prep program in Lexington. “Come to Kentucky, play one season as your prepare for the NBA, and then leave to pursue the big money”.

In other words, there is no intent to build a team but to use McDonald’s All-Americans each new season to win. Calipari arrived in Lexington in 2009 and in 2012 won an NCAA championship with this formula, proving, he and Kentucky fans thought, this was the future.

Not quite.

Last season Kentucky brought in its new group of blue-chip players, finished 21-12 and in the process missed a trip to the NCAA Tournament and lost in the first round of the NIT at Robert Morris. Calipari apologized for this blip on the radar screen and blamed the players for the team’s lack of success, as in, “they just wouldn’t listen to me”.

The college basketball world bought this B.S. and almost every basketball publication overlooked reality and proclaimed this season’s team, with five of the best players in the country—all McDonald’s All-Americans—were so talented Kentucky would bounce back and, yes, probably go 40-0.

40-0? Wichita State (31-0) maybe, but not Kentucky, which with one of its most embarrassing losses in history fell to 21-8. “Those players just won’t listen”.

Saturday, in on the road in Columbia, SC, Kentucky lost to the last-place team in the Southeastern Conference as the South Carolina Gamecocks took them apart, 72-67. Heading into that contest, South Carolina was 10-18 overall for the season and 3-12 in the SEC.

Adding fuel to the fire, it is of note the loss to USC was Kentucky’s second straight. The Wildcats lost at home to Arkansas, 71-67, in overtime and in the game before that had to go to overtime at The Rupp to beat LSU, 77-76. Kentucky was a 10.5-point favorite over both Arkansas and LSU.

Things looked much easier on Saturday as the Wildcats were -9.5 against the worst team in the SEC.

Things went so badly in Columbia Calipari exploded on the bench and was ejected from the game after drawing his second technical foul with 10 minutes left to play and refused to attend the post-game news conference.

Despite his silence, one thing is for certain. It’s all on the players who Calipari contends won’t do what he tells them.

One might suggest Kentucky’s troubles are just beginning. They get an under-rated Alabama team at home Tuesday and then take to the road again to meet top-ranked Florida (26-2) in Gainesville.

40-0? Yeah.

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