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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 2:44 PM


San Diego State (-20.5) Crushes San Jose State 90-64
To Push February Record In 100-Unit Games To 7-1  

600-Unit Crunch Time Festival Begins Tonight
With 100-Unit College Bounce-Back Game Of Month III  

Wichita State Becomes 1st Team Ever To Open
Regular Season 30-0…Can Close Out 31-0 Saturday  


By Kelso Sturgeon 

                In a world where betting lines are has hard as a rock the success of college basketball bettors is almost always found in the details—the little things that improve a betting line a point of two one way or the other—and it is these little things that have opened the door to a 7-1 run in February with eight 100-unit releases, including last night’s San Diego State win over San Jose State.

                To lay the 20.5 points with the Aztecs was quite a leap of faith because in games such as this—where one team is so superior one can mark it up as winner before it takes the floor—the backdoor cover is always in play as the better team can open up a big lead late in the game and then rest its starters for their next contest. Believe me, to lay 10 with any team at this time of the season is dangerous, let alone more than 20.

                In the case of San Diego State it was a matter of the Aztecs—certainly one of the top 10-15 teams in the country (they have won at Kansas and suffered their only home loss to Arizona in the second game of the season)—it was their eye-catching 58-44 loss at New Mexico. The final score told me something was out of whack. New Mexico is good, but not that good.

                I gather all the post-game information I could and found:

1.       A San Diego State team that averaged 69.3 points per game had scored 25.3 points less than that.
2.       A San Diego State team that hits 43.7% of its field goals hit 32.3%.
3.       A San Diego State team that averages 32.7% from 3-point range hit 20.0%--2-of-10.
4.       San Diego Coach Steve Fisher—one of the best in the business—was outraged with the team’s unbelievably bad performance.
5.       Fisher told the Aztecs they had embarrassed him, the university and themselves and he was not going to let it happen again, or someone would have hell to pay.

The Stage Was Set For A Blowout Win

These things, details available and hidden factors not obvious unless one had the insight to go looking for them, set the stage to cash a big ticket and I marked the Aztecs down as a must play on team in their next game, regardless of the opponent. I did not care if it was the Los Angeles Clippers plus the points or The Citadel minus the points. My money was going to be on San Diego State.

                In this situation, bettors had three big things working in their favor—(1) the fact the team was in major bounce-back form off a dreadful performance and had a 90% chance to regress to the mean, (2) a respected coach who was embarrassed by his team’s efforts and told the players such would not be tolerated and (3) the blue-chip talent to respond and win.

                It is difficult to keep up with all 351 college basketball teams on which we will bet this season but a good place to start the search for a winner is with a detailed study of any team that performed far off its performance profile in a single game.

All Things Are Related

                This situation also sets up other opportunities connected to New Mexico and San Diego State. Both are now 13-2 in Mountain West Conference play and each has three remaining games, the last of which finds the Lobos at the Aztecs in a contest where the conference championship probably will be on the line.

                New Mexico plays next at Nevada, then at home against Air Force and then at San Diego State.

                San Diego State plays its next two games on the road—at Fresno State and at UNLV, before the grand finale at home.

                It goes without saying both the Lobos and the Aztecs can ill-afford to lose either of the two games before their showdown—and in those four contests one might find a big edge.

                While some are oblivious to the fact everything that happens from game to game for all college basketball teams is connected and from the analysis of these connections come winners.

5th Straight 100-Unit Play Set To Win Tonight To Launch 600-Unit College Crunch Time Package

                I have been absolutely crushing bookies in February and did it again last night, as noted, with San Diego State (-20.5) and its 26-point 90-64 win over San Jose State, to push my February record with 100-unit releases to 7-1 (88% winners).

That was just the preview because I am going for another one tonight with my 100-unit College Bounce-Back Game of the Month III and it will launch my 5-day, 600-unit College Crunch Time Package. The team I am releasing—like all other 100-unit plays—has better than a 90% chance to win and cover and you can get it for just $50, charged to your major credit card, or get the entire Crunch Time run for just $175.

Sign up and get the games on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255 and start winning tonight. All major credit cards accepted.

The Crunch Time Menu

Wednesday, Feb. 26—100-Unit College Bounce-Back Game Of The Month III.
Thursday, Feb. 27--100-Unit Sun Belt Game Of The Year
Friday, Feb. 28--100-Unit College Blowout Shocker
Saturday, March 1--200-Unit College Game Of The Year II
Sunday, March 2--100-Unit College Upset Game Of The Year II

Keep in mind, this is $475 worth of Personal Best Investment Club winners, where all my highrollers play, for just $175.

Personal Best Basketball Investment Club’s 7-1 February Record

2/25…100 Units…San Diego State (-20.5) 90, San Jose State 64 (Win)
2/24…No Game Qualified For Play
2/23…100 Units…Nebraska (-5.5) 76, Purdue 57 (Win)
2/22…100 Units…Wisconsin (+6) 79, Iowa 74 (Win)
2/15…100 Units…Texas (-6) 88, West Virginia 71 (Win)
2/13…100 Units…USC (+4.5) 71, Utah 79 (Lose)
2/12…100 Units…Air Force (-2) 52, San Jose State 48 (Win)
2/11…100 Units…Texas (-4) 87, Oklahoma State 68 (Win)
2/9…Connecticut (-6) 75, Central Florida 55 (Win)


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