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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 3:32 PM

It's coming up all roses for just about everybody for Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII. NFL officials, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, started breathing easier today when the National Weather Service said the game will be played with temperatures in the 30s and with no precipitation and not under doom's day weather as had been raises as a possibility - wind, rain, snow, sleet, bitter cold.

So serious had been the possibilities for terrible weather for the game, the NFL brass had back-up plans to move it to Monday or Tuesday if necessary. The official forecast for the championship game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is for a high temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) with no precipitation.

And everybody said, "amen" and "thank you Lord", including the bookmakers of the world who had seen business drop to a trickle because of the uncertainty of the weather. Now it's full speed ahead and Nevada books are back to their prediction the state's first-ever $100-million Super Bowl will come Sunday.

That figure will be small potatoes compared to the billions of dollars - nobody really knows how many billions - that will be wagered offshore in the Caribbean and, in foreign countries and in the illegal subculture of the United States. The money amount is difficult to fathom but one indirect comparison to Las Vegas and the rest of the world comes in the number of clerks taking wagers.

The average Las Vegas sports book will have eight or nine clerks working on normal days and maybe a dozen on big days. I know of one sports book located in San Jose, Costa Rico, that has more than 100 clerks working on normal days and will have more than 400 working Super Bowl Week. And that is just one book.

Do the math.

Denver Remains 2.5-Point Favorite Over Seattle

The Denver Broncos (15-3) remain a solid 2.5-point favorite over the Seattle Seahawks for Sunday's game. Here are the facts and figures, with some of the betting history of this year's contest.

Played At MetLife Stadium In East Rutherford, New Jersey
Seattle Seahawks (15-3) vs. Denver Broncos (15-3)

Current Odds:
Denver is -2.5 In Las Vegas Sports Books
Denver is -2.0 In Many Offshore Sports Books
The Total Is A Solid 47 Almost Everywhere

On The Money Line
Denver is -130...Seattle is +110

Line History
Seattle Opened As The Favorite At Prices Ranging From -1 to -2.5
The Total Opened At 47.5

My Super Bowl Record 23-3 Since 2001

It is always at this time of the year I give credit to the late Hank Stram for my success in winning the Super Bowl. Stram was for years a mentor who was a master analyst of the NFL and the Super Bowl. In the 18 before he passed away, he was right by a 17-1 margin and was gracious and kind enough to share with me his 42-point formula for winning. I have used it ever since, and my record of success certainly speaks for itself.

Using Stram's Formula, I have become the most successful professional handicapper of this game ever. Since 2001, I have gone:

  • 11-2 with winning sides.
  • 12-1 with winning totals.
    That is an amazing 88% winners in the biggest NFL game of the season.

Last season I was so confident on the success I had had with Stram's Formula that for the first time ever released the Super Bowl at the 400-unit level, with these winning results:

  • 300 units on the underdog Baltimore Ravens (+5) who beat the San Francisco 49ers, 34-31 straight up.
  • 50 units on "over" 47 and that number fell on 65
  • 50 units on a side/total parlay of the Ravens and the "over"

It was my biggest Super Bowl score ever in more than four decades of handicapping the game. The 400-unit encore is coming Sunday

200-Unit College Basketball Play Officially Kicks Off 1,000-Unit, 6-Day Super Bowl Package Tonight
Tonight I am kicking off my special six-day Super Bowl Package with another 200-unit college basketball winner. This 200-unit play follows my first 200-unit winner of the season - Washington (-3.5) with its 87-81 win over Oregon State. While Washington got off to a slow start and had to come from behind to win, my Wednesday night release so outclasses its opponent, it should roar from the opening tipoffs.

And we will be on the way to my second straight 400-unit Super Bowl win on Sunday with the following plays:|
300 units on the side.
50 units on the total.
50 units on side/total parlay at odds of 13-5.

The Super Bowl program offers big-game (50, 100 and 200-units) plays in college and NBA basketball every single day through next Monday night when it concludes with a 75-unit 2-team college parlay.

As always the price is right--$150 for six days of more than 1,000 units of winning big-game action over the next six days, plus daily Best Bets Basketball Investment Club plays for two weeks, beginning with the day you sign up.

Get all the Super Bowl Package details by clicking here, or call me toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

My Certified 23-3 Record

Year My Selection Result Score
2013 Baltimore +4 over San Francisco WON! 34-31
Totals Go Over 48 WON! 65 Pts
2012 Giants (+3) over New England WON! 21-17
Totals Go Under 54 WON! 38 Pts
2011: Green Bay -2.5 over Pittsburgh WON! 31-25
Totals Go Under 45 lost 56 Pts
2010: New Orleans +5 over Indianapolis WON! 31-17
Totals Go Under 57 WON! 49 Pts
2009: Arizona +7 over Pittsburgh WON! 23-27
Totals Go Over 46 WON! 50 Pts.
2008: NY Giants +12 over New England WON! 17-14
Totals Go Under 55 WON! 31 Pts.
2007: Chicago +7 over Indianapolis lost 17-29
Totals Go Under 47.5 WON! 46 Pts.
2006: Seattle +4 over Pittsburgh lost 10-21
Totals Go Under 47 WON! 31 Pts
2005: Philadelphia +7 over New England WON! 21-24
Totals Under 47 WON! 45 Pts
2004: Carolina +7 over New England WON! 29-32
Totals Over 37 WON! 61 Pts.
2003: Tampa Bay +3? over Oakland WON! 48-21
Totals Over 44 WON! 69 Pts.
2002: New England +14 over St. Louis WON! 20-17
Totals Under 53 WON! 37 Pts.
2001: Baltimore -3 over New York Giants WON! 34-7
Totals Over 33 WON! 41 Pts.

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