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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Monday, July 2, 2012 at 1:08 PM

Many eyebrows were raised Sunday when Zack Greinke of the Milwaukee Brewers wasn’t named to the National League All-Star team by manager Tony LaRussa. There always going to be outrage about SOMEBODY because the first guy left off is going to have strong credentials. But, Greinke had seemed like a sure thing.

Making matters worse, LaRussa told the press he had to do that because Greinke was scheduled to pitch Sunday and wouldn’t be available to throw Tuesday Night (along with Johnny Cueto of Cincinnati). The problem there is that Greinke is scheduled to pitch SATURDAY, not Sunday. Conspiracy theorists had a field day because LaRussa has had past grudges with Cueto and Greinke before he retired as head man of the defending World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

As handicappers, your goal isn’t to worry about who did or didn’t make the team (well, not until you handicap the All-Star Game next week!). You need to figure out how Sunday’s announcements will affect this week’s action. Will Greinke come out with a chip on his shoulder tonight against Miami and pitch great? What about Cueto when he throws Tuesday Night for the Reds in Los Angeles?

Greinke already had a lot going for him coming into this evening’s game with the Marlins…



2.82 ERA

1.08 Home ERA (tonight’s game is at home)

1.17 WHIP

0.79 Home WHIP

102 strikeouts in 102 innings

Those are clearly All-Star worthy, no offense to anyone who was selected. Throw in only 22 walks allowed and only 4 home runs allowed, and you’re talking about a Cy Young candidate who’s managed a 9-2 record this year on a bad team.

Tonight, he’s facing a Miami team that’s struggled to score on the road. If Greinke comes out with a point to prove, he has shutout…or even no-hit potential against this Marlins offense. The current Vegas line of Milwaukee -160 is going to be too low because Miami won’t get anything on the board. But, we’ve seen Greinke have troubles in the past when he’s under the spotlight. He’s always been a good fit for smaller Midwestern markets like Milwaukee and Kansas City because he can just go about his business and get his work done. Should yesterday’s hoopla be a distraction…then he’s not going to pitch to his price and the dog will offer big value.

Now is the time to develop wagering strategies for all the snubbed pitchers…and all the guys who made the team and might be prone to look ahead to the national TV showcase rather than keep their eye on the ball this week. Greinke’s performance tonight might give a sense of what to expect from the other big name hurlers this week who believed they were unfairly overlooked.

If handicapping were easy, sportsbooks couldn’t exist! Sportsbooks exist and thrive because handicapping is hard for the vast majority of sports bettors who don’t fully understand the work it takes to beat the number. You have to know the true strengths and weaknesses of all the players. And, you have to know how intangibles can rise up and play huge roles in any given game.

The legends here at Vegas Sportsmasters earned their stellar reputations by doing the hard work year after year and making fortunes for themselves and their clients. If there’s an edge to be found in Miami-Milwaukee or other Monday Night games (like Yankeees/Rays, Angels/Indians, and Reds/Dodgers), they’ll post it for you right here at this website.

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