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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, October 28, 2013 at 4:41 PM

I get up every single morning, seven days a week, aware I am in a business that demands you trust no one. That is just the nature of the world of sports betting where the successful are ever mindful that one with a little larceny on the back burner of one's mind has an edge over those who swear by the purity of the game.

My formal gambling/betting education came on thoroughbred tracks from New York to Chicago, to Florida to Arkansas, to California and all points in between and it did not take six or seven years to get my Ph.D in Advanced Larceny.

However when drugs took over I checked out of horse racing and devoted myself full time to sports betting. There is no way to beat a game drugs control. Handicapping knowledge is always trumped by the vial and needle and that information is in hands of just a few.

Lest you think it was easy to walk away from horses, it was not. I did everything one could do around the race track and was an agent for jockeys who won more than 11,000 races. In horse racing I was a member of a secret closed society that ruled the game and through various forms of manipulation cashed almost all the big tickets. It was life in paradise.

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It was living and surviving in this world of thieves, con-men and professional liars I learned if someone said success was in the north, I instinctively headed south, and I might remind you I excelled in all three areas - thievery , conning and lying. It was necessary in a world where the mantra was, "if you have a friend who is kind and true, screw that friend before he screws you", and we all did.

Sports betting is little different, except the enemy is not drugs but shady officials, crooked gamblers/fixers and an occasional player trying to do, bad things. The biggest culprit of all are game officials looking to make a fast buck in a way they rationalize is harmless.

And this brings me to that group of sports bettors known as the "wiseguys". These are the people many bettors worship and would not think about making a $10 wager without knowing what the "wiseguys" liked.

Many Think Wiseguys Are Fixers

When trying to place the "wise guys" in their proper place in the real landscape of successful sports betting, there are many opinions about why and how they are so successful. The betting public believes this select group of gentlemen handicappers and betters are just pure geniuses. Bookmakers think they are fixers, manipulators and con-men.

Bookmakers ran the wiseguys out of Las Vegas by refusing to take their bets and from that move came the creation of the off-shore sports betting industry. Las Vegas bookmakers could not beat the wiseguys; the big offshore books hold their own with them.

For the record, it is against the law to win in Las Vegas. The offshore books fear no one.

My personal opinion: the wiseguys are individually and collectively the smartest and hardest working bettors in the business. They are to be respected but not revered in the way the public worships them. Are they fixers: most are honest but there are a few rotten fish in the group. For certain I watch everything they do.

This brings me to a moment of truth.

Wiseguys Speak Loudly About Honesty

For those who believe the sharps fix games in order to win, their work in the betting arena Saturday and Sunday throws a lot of water on that thought. They made one giant stand on Saturday - and lost - and went all-in on four games on Sunday - and went 0-4.

As noted I always chart what these folks to do, although I seldom follow them.

On Saturday they sent it in on winless Hawaii plus the points over Colorado State, while I released the latter as a 10-unit play. When the wiseguys starting betting on Hawaii, for whatever their reasons, Colorado State was -6 and when they were done the number was down to -2.

Colorado State won, 35-2. Wiseguys: 0-1.

On Sunday, they stepped in on these four games.

  • Jacksonville (+16) over San Francisco and the 49ers got the cash, 42-10. Wiseguys 0-2.
  • Buffalo Bills (+10.5) over New Orleans and the Bills lost, 35-17. Wiseguys 0-3.
  • Atlanta Falcons (+2.5) over Arizona Cardinals and the latter won, 27-13. Wiseguys 0-4.
  • Under 52 in Dallas-Detroit but a total of 61 points were scored. Wiseguys 0-5.

If the sharps are really fixers, they need more practice at it. This is not to knock the wiseguys but merely to point out that, as sharp as they are, they too can lose.

NBA Season Begins Tuesday Night With 3 Games

The NBA begins its 2013-14 season Tuesday night and I will be releasing two of the games to my Best Bets Club clients - one a 15-unit play, the second game a 5-unit move. I have worked long and hard to get ready for the NBA, where the power shifts are the big news, and intend to start off 2-0.

Tuesday Night NBA Schedule

Indiana Pacers are-11.5 at home over Orlando Magic
Miami Heat -5 at home over Chicago Bulls
L.A. Clippers 8.5-point favorite over L.A. Lakers

All games available on an individual basis and bettors can get both Best Bets Club plays Tuesday night for just $15. However, your best bet is to join this club and get on board for the entire NBA and college season (which begins in 11 days) for the early-bird price of just $249.

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