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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Monday, July 9, 2012 at 1:11 PM

One month from now, August 9th, Robert Griffin III will take the field for the Washington Redskins in their NFL Preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills. The next night, Ryan Tannehill of Miami and Brandon Weeden of Cleveland will see their first exhibition action. After the Big 12 trio gets its chance to make headlines, Andrew Luck of Indianapolis will finally play August 12th against St. Louis.

NFL fans and Las Vegas gamblers are wondering if any of those four #1 draft picks can have an immediate impact at the quarterback position in 2012. Oddsmakers will post their guesses every week. Whenever oddsmakers are guessing, YOU have a chance to out-think and out-work them!

Is Luck really the next Peyton Manning? Griffin looks to be following on the heels of Cam Newton, who was an immediate start in the league last year. Can Griffin match Newton, on his way to becoming an even bigger force than Michael Vick? Tannehill and Weeden are question marks given the inconsistent play of the former at the college level, and the advanced age of the latter. Does Tannehill really have an NFL arm? Is Weeden over-the-hill before he even starts?

Here are the Preseason schedules each rookie will be dealing with…


#1 Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

August 12: St. Louis at Indianapolis

August 19: Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (on NBC)

August 25: Indianapolis at Washington (Luck vs. RGIII)

August 30: Cincinnati at Indianapolis

The home crowd will get a look at Luck right away in a Sunday afternoon game that will surely draw a big crowd. The NFL Network hasn’t announced its broadcast schedule yet. That game will either be broadcast live, or soon afterward on tape delay. Luck makes his network debut the following Sunday Night in Pittsburgh. You know Al Michaels and company are very excited about getting Luck on their August slate. Week Three’s dress rehearsal brings a showdown with #2 pick Griffin! We’re guessing that one’s going to get picked up by the NFL Network for live coverage. It remains to be seen whether or not the rookies will see action in Game Four. All will have short preparation weeks, and most teams have taken to blowing those games off anyway so the starters are healthy for the regular season.


#2 Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

August 9: Washington at Buffalo

August 18: Washington at Chicago

August 25: Indianapolis at Washington (RGIII vs. Luck)

August 29: Tampa Bay at Washington

Some believe that there’s less pressure on rookies when they’re playing on the road. Griffin won’t make his home debut until that Week Three dress rehearsal game against Luck and the Colts. We’d be very surprised if he took more than token snaps in that finale just four days later. A manageable slate for the Baylor star.


#8 Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins

August 10: Tampa Bay at Miami

August 17: Miami at Carolina

August 24: Atlanta at Miami

August 29: Miami at Dallas

Tannehill hasn’t won the starting job yet. He’ll get a chance to do so away from the national spotlight. None of the networks have selected Miami games for national coverage. We’ll see if the NFL Network does anything beyond tape-delayed coverage for the Dolphins in August. Given that Tannehill may not be the starter going into the season, he may see significant action in the finale at Dallas. We’d expect a big game from him there in his return to Texas. Something to file away in your notes for future use.


#22, Brandon Weeden, Cleveland Browns

August 10: Cleveland at Detroit

August 16: Cleveland at Green Bay

August 24: Philadelphia at Cleveland

August 30: Chicago at Cleveland

Weeden will be battling Colt McCoy for the starter’s job. It’s interesting that both had similar stats in college, even though McCoy was many years younger. Weeden may be more mature. But, he’s less experienced vs. NFL defenses, and is far from a sure thing to surpass what McCoy did last year (which didn’t impress anybody!). A good sign for Weeden that he won’t face home pressure until Game Three, where he’ll get to play his dress rehearsal game in front of a fired up home crowd.

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