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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 7:00 AM

Back with our weekly Tuesday look at misleading college football scores from the prior weekend. It’s very important that handicappers know what REALLY happened on the field. If you assume the final score tells the story, you’re going to be making bad bets this week and in the future. We strongly encourage you to read the boxscores and game write-ups from every board game. If you were caught scoreboard watching this past weekend rather than doing actual research, here are a few misleading scores you need to be aware of…


*Nevada 31, Hawaii 9

Hawaii is certifiably horrible. You don’t need to change your perceptions of that! But, Nevada didn’t suddenly “find themselves” in this blowout victory. Hawaii turned the ball over SIX times, which helped the Wolfpack score gift points this week that probably won’t be there against other opponents. Hawaii actually won total yardage 376-340 even while experimenting with three different overmatched quarterbacks. Nevada was not as good as that final score made it look.


*Georgia 45, North Texas 21

This was an early game that kept getting “upset watch” coverage because North Texas was hanging tough longer than expected. That was only happening because the Mean Green scored two non-offensive touchdowns. Georgia won total yardage 641-245, rushing yardage 191-7, and threw for 450 yards while only nothing eight incomplete passes. Georgia played much more like a 33-point favorite than a team that was “struggling” with a feisty visitor.


*Iowa 59, Western Michigan 3

You probably heard that Iowa scored FOUR non-offensive touchdowns in this game. Now, even if you take those away, this is an impressive 31-3 rout. But, there were additional turnovers helping to fuel THAT! We don’t want to suggest that the wrong team won this game. Iowa is much superior. But, the final score is extremely misleading. Don’t assume Iowa is now poised to take the Big 10 by storm. Taking candy from a baby isn’t an indicator for what’s going to happen when you’re not up against a baby.


*Cincinnati 14, Miami of Ohio 0

This game was actually scoreless into the fourth quarter! Cincinnati was supposed to win by more than three touchdowns. Your take away from this one shouldn’t be that Miami of Ohio was in position to score an upset. It should be that Miami is terrible! Total yardage was 369-87 for Cincinnati. Rushing yardage was 198-7. Miami was 0 for 11 on third downs! Cincinnati was reeling from the loss of their quarterback, and played down to the level of a horrible opponent. Don’t give Miami much credit for covering here. They didn’t do anything!


*Maryland 37, West Virginia 0

Another game where the superior team won and covered as they should have. But, the score is still misleading. Maryland isn’t THAT good. West Virginia turned the ball over SIX times, setting up multiple cheap points. Maryland’s yardage edge was only 330-175, and rushing yardage was dead even at 113. Maryland showed clear edges in the passing game and third down conversions. They probably would have won by 10-14 points had the game been even in turnovers. Give them credit for what they accomplished, not what was handed to them as you consider Maryland’s chances to make a statement in the ACC this year.

Again…winning handicappers study EVERY boxscore so they have a true sense of what’s happening in college football. You do-it-yourselfers should be devoting more time to that. If you don’t have the time, link up with the only TEAM HANDICAPPING JUGGERNAUT in the industry. JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK is happy to do all the work for you. Get the winners and get the money!

You can purchase game day releases in baseball and football right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions, talk to a JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK representative in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-777-4155.

We’ll have some NFL notes for you on these pages Wednesday. Here’s the big game preview schedule for the rest of the week…

Thursday: San Francisco at St. Louis on the NFL Network

Friday: an early look at LSU at Georgia

Saturday: Wisconsin at Ohio State in prime time

Sunday: New England at Atlanta on NBC

Monday: Miami at New Orleans on ESPN

The college schedule really picks up this week after a disappointingly quiet first month. Switch into higher gear with the fastest man in the race…JIM HURLEY!

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