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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, September 20, 2013 at 10:20 AM

It never stops - this situation in which a blind, uninformed and self-proclaimed "expert" media misleads the public, taking them down a road that exists only in its mind. Nothing illustrates this more than the hype these fools have unknowingly brain-washed the public with the belief the "new" hurry-up offense run by the Philadelphia Eagles was so refreshing and would be so devastating to opponents it would revolutionize play in the National Football League.

Well, folks, the Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) were upset 26-16 last night by the Kansas City Chiefs, leaving them 1-2 and with back-to-back home losses as a favorite. The underdog San Diego Chargers (+7.5) sliced and diced them, 33-30, in their previous game.

The media convinced the world that exciting new coach, Chip Kelly, would make Philadelphia fans forget Andy Reid's 14-year reign in the City of Brotherly Love. Kelly used the "hurry up" offense at Oregon with great success and consistently crushed opponents such as it did last year in burying the likes of Arizona, 49-0, Colorado, 70-14, and California, 59-17.

He made it look easy and the folks in the Eagles front office figured they made the score of the century when the stole him away from Oregon. Four years at the helm, and Kelly was 46-7. Quite impressive.

No one can dispute the fact Kelly is an outstanding coach but he and the Philadelphia Eagles overlooked one very important fact. Oregon dominated its opponents with its high-octane hurry-up offense - and it was a thing of beauty to watch - because it had in most games dramatically superior talent. It is easy to run over people when your team runs three-deep on the depth chart with blue-chip players and the other side has but 10 on its entire roster.

Collective talent defines the chances for success of all 125 NCAA I-A teams and the difference between an Oregon and a Central Michigan are so great it would be no contest if they should meet. There is no such difference in the NFL, and therein lies the problem with Kelly's offense.

In the 32-team NFL, there is a thread of parity that, with the possible exception of the Jacksonville Jaguars, runs from top to bottom. The worst team has what it takes to beat the best and it happens with frequency.

Run any offense you want in the NFL and opponents will find a way to deal with it and stop it. San Diego and Kansas City have already proved that.

The hurry-up worked at Oregon; it has very little chance to be successful in the NFL.

Remember where you read it.

50-Unit Winner On Chiefs…10-Unit Loser On Clemson
There is a logical reason I release to my clients the games that I do and I like to share them with you as a learning moment in the world of handicapping. I went 1-1 last night, winning the 50-unit play with Kansas City and losing by a half-point a 10-unit play on Clemson. Here is my projection on the games' outcomes and the comments I shared last night with my Internet customers.

NFL Thursday Night Game of the Month
50 Units: Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) +3.5 over PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (1-1)
Prediction: Chiefs by 6-7
Results: Kansas City Chiefs 26, Philadelphia Eagles 16 (Winner)

Comments: I am one that does not believe the high-octane hurry-up offense run by the Philadelphia Eagles under first-year coach Chip Kelly is the alpha and omega of NFL football. If it were, the Eagles would be undefeated and would not have lost last week to a mediocre San Diego Chargers game. The Eagles offense is to be respected but the bottom line is that it is better for individual players than for the team. Remember where you read that. Kansas City plays a well-balanced game on both offense and defense as it showed in both its first games - a 28-2 win at Jacksonville and a 17-16 home win over the Dallas Cowboys. I look for first-year Kansas City coach Andy Reid, who coached the Eagles for the past 14 seasons, to come with a game plan that will slow down the Philadelphia offense and keep the Eagles off the field. It is important to note San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers sliced and diced the Eagles' defense last week and I look for KC QB Alex Smith to do just the same thing. The better prepared and coached team wins this one and that is Kansas City.
After Game Comments: The Chiefs followed the script from start to finish.

10 Units: Clemson (2-0) -12.5 over N.C. STATE (2-0)
Prediction: Clemson by 21-24
Results: Clemson 26, N.C. State 14 (Loser)

Comments: This Clemson football team is very special team loaded with explosive game-breaking offensive players, the best of which is senior quarterback Tajh Boyd, a man with the tools to destroy a team by himself. The only chance N.C. State has to win this one is with its defense and my feeling is that if the Georgia defense could not stop Clemson (The Tigers won 38-35), there is no reason to believe the Wolf Pack can. Clemson has won eight of their last nine games against N.C. State and the figures say that trend will continue in a big way tonight. It also is important to note Clemson will want to showcase itself to a national television audience and will put on the dog to do just that.
After Game Comments: I under-estimated N.C. State's talent on both sides of the ball.

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 Mountain West Conference Showdown Game Wins On ESPN Tonight
Fresno State at Boise State
When the season began it was a given Boise State and Fresno State would be the two teams fighting it out for the Mountain West Conference championship and that makes tonight' meeting in Fresno one of the most important games these teams will play this season. The winner will have a big leg up on the title and that means both these teams are going to bring their "A" games. The pointspread will be in play in this one but I am confident I have the winner and will be releasing the game as a 10-unit Best Bets Football Investment Club play. This one will be televised nationally on ESPN and you can win it for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

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