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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Monday, September 9, 2013 at 2:00 PM

that I decided I needed to come back with a special Monday report to grant honors in BOTH sports. If you were like the fans watching games here in Las Vegas sportsbooks, you spent a lot of time telling at the TV screens this weekend.

Among the “Honorable Mentions”

*Texas…who was so ill-prepared for BYU’s option attack and playing at altitude that you have to wonder about the coaching situation at that school. Maybe we had a case of one bonehead firing another when defensive coordinator Manny Diaz was fired after that debacle. You almost never see early season firings in this sport…particularly at programs that pride themselves at publicizing the “great hires” they make for their staff. Mack Brown had his moment a few years ago. He seems to have lost the ability to recruit real talent, gameplan, or discern knowledge from BS when interviewing coaching prospects. Oh, I guess the Preseason pundits who thought Texas was a top 10 or even a top 5 team also deserve consideration!

*Indiana coaching was an off-the-radar choice that deserved honors for their poor preparation against Navy. This was obvious if you watched the game. I know a lot of you didn’t though, and it’s not like a bad Big 10 team losing is going to have national ramifications.

*I try not to go too hard on college kids. They’re young and still learning. But, whichever Western Kentucky players managed five turnovers in six offensive plays were obviously doing some boneheaded things at Tennessee.

*My BONEHEAD OF THE WEEK award in COLLEGE football goes to Lane Kiffin of USC. It’s amazing what a horrible job he’s done with great talent at that program. Many of his different boneheaded tendencies combined at once to lead to a stunning home loss to Washington State this past Saturday Night as a double digit favorite.

Among them…he didn’t recruit any good quarterbacks for this year’s team. He doesn’t know how to use what he has to get the ball to one of the greatest receivers in the sport. He doesn’t know how to get his offensive players fired up and motivated to play…which you saw against both Washington State and Hawaii this year, and more than a half-a-dozen times last year. (Whoever’s running the defense IS doing a great job with that so far in ’13).

Las Vegas is basically a suburb of Los Angeles in sports betting terms. You wouldn’t believe the anger and fury shown by Trojans fans during this game at the local sportsbooks. LANE KIFFIN, you’re a BONEHEAD OF THE WEEK!

Among the NFL nominees were:

*The Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff, who mangled the second half so badly that the team lost a game in Chicago they probably should have won. The Bengals are lucky they play in the very weak AFC. They might be the best team in their division already…and would definitely be if they had any smarts.

*The referees in the Green Bay/San Francisco game

*The player for Denver who dropped the ball before scoring his defensive TD last Thursday

*Whoever in Jacksonville thought Blaine Gabbert is currently an NFL caliber quarterback

It’s pretty obvious here that the NFL BONEHEAD OF THE WEEK should be Tampa Bay’s Lavonte David. He's the guy who hit Geno Smith late on the sidelines to literally hand away a victory in the final seconds of the game. The Jets needed a miracle to even have a shot at a field goal. David gave them that miracle when all he had to do was let Smith run out of bounds. THERE WAS NO REASON TO HIT HIM!

The Jets don’t deserve to be 1-0…and Buddy Ryan is still a nominee for Bonehead of the Year. Nobody in pro football did anything dumber than Lavonte David this week…which gets him a trophy

Don’t YOU be a bonehead by betting your own picks. My top plays are always just a few clicks away here at this website. If you’re reading this Monday afternoon, you still have time to get my best shots in the TV doubleheader tonight featuring Philadelphia at Washington and Houston at San Diego (and don’t forget about baseball). Be sure to check out my full season rates too, which offer the most bang for your buck.

Back with you later this week to talk more football. I’ll be focusing on many Texas-related storylines this season because my roots are in Texas. A lot of possibilities for discussion coming up because TCU/Texas Tech is a Thursday Night game…because Texas A&M hosts Alabama in the biggest game so far this season on Saturday. And, the Texas Longhorns have a tough game at home against Ole Miss right after the disaster they just endured at BYU. And, that’s not even talking about the NFL, where the Dallas Cowboys run into Andy Reid again when they visit the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

It’s a great time to be a Texan making bets in Las Vegas! It’s also a great time for YOU to be cashing winning tickets. Make sure you’re GETTING THE BEST OF IT with TONY SALINAS!

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