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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 10:48 AM

I love all college football, regardless of the level of play. It can be Bucknell at Fordham, Pittsburgh State at Abilene Christian, Friends at Ottawa or Alabama at Texas A&M. College football is special when compared to the cookie-cutter variety in the National Football League, where opposing teams could exchange uniforms and most would never know the difference. It's not quite as if "you have seen one, you have seen them all" but it is close.

Each college team has its own style of play, usually giving each game something new. It is the same for each conference, whether it is the Southeastern Conference, the Southern Conference or the Missouri Valley. In all this mix, the most consistent and predictable element of the game could be the dominance of the SEC, which has won seven straight national championship BCS games.

The United States is overrun with legions who hate SEC football.  The uninformed believe the country's best college conference dominates for one reason-it cheats in every aspect of the game, especially in recruiting and in the classroom to keep players eligible.

Evil is thy name, SEC. Truth be told, the SEC has the same level of integrity as do all other conferences. In fact, winners have no reason to cheat; they get the blue-chip players because the do win.

Sorry, haters, but the SEC is on track to win its eighth straight BCS championship.

Alabama, Georgia Co Favorites To Win National Championship

I have spent months analyzing the 125 Division 1 football teams on which we will be betting this season and I have concluded there is not a hair's difference between defending champion Alabama and fellow SEC member Georgia. Both are loaded-and I mean loaded up and down the depth chart-and if they were to meet on a neutral field today I would make the game a pick'em.

If you are a futures bettor, my suggestion is to bet both of them-favored Alabama at 5-2 and Georgia at 12-1. Of note is the fact when these two teams met in the conference championship game last year, Georgia was driving for the winner touchdown and was inside the Crimson Tied 10-yard line when the clock struck midnight, leaving Alabama with a 32-28 win.

While my numbers say it will be either Georgia or Alabama with the BCS title, this does not rule out a handful other contenders, topped by Louisville and Oregon. Yes, Louisville has the talent to go the distance.

Here is my College Top 10

1. Georgia-Will field best offense in college football.
2. Alabama-The champions until somebody knocks them off.
3. Louisville-Bridgewater may be best quarterback in country.
4. Oregon-Deep in talent, explosive offense, lightning fast.
5. Ohio State-12-0 last season and armed with Urban Meyer magic.
6. Clemson-Best Clemson team in decades. Might go all the way.
7. Texas-Has more blue-chip talent than any team in college football
8. Stanford-Great defense, top five offensive line.
9. South Carolina-Primed for another giant winning season.
10. Texas A&M-If Manziel can't play, the bottom will fall out.

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