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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, July 19, 2013 at 1:00 PM

The All-Star Break has come to an end, and Major League Baseball teams will be back on the field this weekend as they gear up for the stretch drive. This is always a GREAT time to be a sports bettor and handicapper because Las Vegas oddsmakers take their eye off the ball in this sport. They start worrying about football, and lose track of what’s happening on the diamonds.

*If a few teams get red hot as they try to win a pennant, the markets usually take a few weeks to adjust.

*If a few teams go in the tank because results just don’t matter to them, oddsmakers can’t make the punishment high enough for fading them.

Now, if a big city team like the Yankees get hot…then the prices will be too high. But, somebody like Oakland…who caught fire in the second half last season…or another mid-market or small-market team can make you a lot of money because the lines move up incrementally at a very slow pace.

Today I want to talk about the important keys sports bettors must use to isolate teams who are most likely to make a big second half run. We’ll have time to talk about other issues in the coming weeks. Today, the focus is on finding “this year’s Oakland,” or even a set of teams who are positioned to post a very strong won-lost record over these last 65-70 games of the season.



Hot teams have FIVE guys who can get people out. Some of the big name teams have frontloaded rotations that have aces in the first two spots, but then trouble in the last two spots. You can’t get hot over 70 games if the back end of your rotation is struggling! Take some time this weekend to evaluate every starting rotation from 1-5…and then make it a point of emphasis to follow the teams with the most starting pitching depth.



I can’t emphasize this enough. Injured teams don’t put together winning streaks. At best, they can tread water while waiting to get everyone back. (At worst, they fall apart and you need to bet against them every day!). Study the Disabled List this weekend to refresh your memories about which star players are still unable to contribute. It’s easy to lose track of this during the day-to-day grind when you’re scoreboard watching at night, then studying the odds during the day. Know who’s out. Know who’s BACK at full strength.



Every year there are some “explosive” offenses who break the hearts of gamblers because they don’t score consistently. They occasionally post really big numbers, which tricks bettors into thinking of them as a juggernaut.  No team can get hot by scoring a bunch of runs on Tuesday, but then not getting anything Wednesday or Thursday. You want to isolate offenses who get runs on the board consistently. You will start seeing immediate dividends of you pay less attention to raw scoring volume, and more to day-in and day-out consistency.

Now…put all three of those together…and you’re going to have something very special in the second half of the baseball season. Deep rotations and consistent offenses will put a team in position to win every day. Since making Vegas money in baseball is all about picking straight up winners…finding those teams will put YOU in position to win every day.

If you’d like some help building a bankroll via baseball as you gear up for the football season, you can always purchase my daily BEST BETS or a seasonal package right here at the website with your credit card.

Back with you again early next week for more coursework here in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping. We’ll have a mix of baseball and football through the rest of July and into early August. Then, we’ll transition to mostly football once the NFL Preseason is under way. Football is KING out here in Las Vegas. But, the Dean of Sports Handicapping knows that you maximize profits during August, September, and October by supplementing your football winnings with baseball.

Thanks again for all of your hard work. I hope you took my advice during the All-Star Break and studied hard for the coming football season. Now…study those pitching rotations and injury reports this weekend so your picks stay HOT all through the summer!

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