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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Some bettors mope through the All-Star Break because they don’t have any games to bet on. Advanced Sports Bettors and Handicappers use that time wisely! They go into overdrive with their football handicapping to make sure they’re ready to hit the ground running once the season arrives.

I recently talked to you about scouting out THE MOTIVATION FACTOR for college football teams. I hope you’ve already done that by studying everyone’s 2013 schedules. If you haven’t, the MLB All-Star Break is the perfect time to get to work. Today, I’m going to outline some steps you should take to find the most potent offenses…the teams you can count on to run up the score and cover easily in your biggest Las Vegas bets.



Before you even look at the players, make a list of all the teams who are led by coaches that emphasize offense. I want coaches who have a history of posting big scoring totals whenever they can. Often, that’s with pass-heavy offenses that play fast-break football. But, even some run-heavy teams like to bully outmanned teams in blowouts. Look through the results of recent years and isolate the most offensive-minded programs.



This is obviously the most important position on the field in terms of offensive production. You want PROVEN talent that can either get the job done in the air or with a run-option like you saw with Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M last year or Colin Kaepernick at Nevada before that. Some teams return their starting quarterback…but he wasn’t very good! You want to know which teams are returning high impact quarterbacks. And, very importantly, BE SURE you study the mid-majors. Vegas lines are softer in the MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, etc… I had quite a few monster winners last year with mid-major blowouts.



Teams who have speed AND experience at the receiver positions will light up the scoreboard in September. It doesn’t take long for these offenses to get up to speed because they’re already fast and the players know where to go to catch the ball. Be sure you also know which running backs can do damage on short passes out of the backfield. We’re looking for PLAYMAKERS!

In terms of finding the very best blowout scenarios, those are the three keys. I don’t mean to suggest that bruising running backs aren’t important. I will have medium sized bets on star running backs when they face a defense that can’t stop the run. But, that style tends to shorten the game and make easy covers more difficult. My 100-star and 200-star releases will typically involve multi-faced high octane offenses that are lined up against overmatched defenses. If you do the work NOW during baseball’s All-Star Break, the games will literally pick themselves once the regular season arrives in late August.

Important note: there will be some newcomers that establish quickly that they deserve your betting confidence too. Be sure you’re watching as many games as possible in the first few weeks to see which NEW starting quarterbacks are PLAYMAKERS, and which NEW starting wide receivers can become GAMEBREAKERS. Your list of possible betting teams will grow as the season progresses. You’ll catch oddsmakers with their points down because it often takes the market a month to see what sharp analysts see in the first week or two.

Another football-related item that the MLB All-Star Break is perfect for…signing up for my personal service! My College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping is designed for do-it-yourselfers. If you’d like additional assistance during the season, you can sign up with The Dean of Sports Handicapping for a very affordable rate. Details are available here at this very website. You can lock in for the whole season by way of your major credit card.

Back with you later this week for more coursework.

I hope you’re not considering baseball’s All-Star Break as a vacation. Put your free time to use with football preparation. I can assure you that it will pay off week after week all through the Autumn months. If you’ve been a diligent student, you’ll already be on top of college football PLAYMAKERS AND GAMEBREAKERS as well as THE MOTIVATION FACTOR by this weekend!

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