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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM

College football schedules have been out for awhile. You can find them online, or in any of the multiple newsstand preview publications that are readily available a few minutes from your home. You should take advantage of this by scouting out THE MOTIVATION FACTOR for all college board teams through the 2013 season.

Advanced Sports Bettors and Handicappers plan ahead!

If you’ve been at this for a long time, you know that things get very busy once a new football season begins. There are games almost every day. You’re dividing your time between the colleges and the NFL (along with Major League Baseball in September and October, then the NBA in November, and college hoops beginning right around Thanksgiving). You’re hanging on during a wild ride rather than calmly evaluating the Las Vegas board.

Use the summer to its best advantage by doing as much football work as possible. In terms of schedules, you really should be on top of all possible ramifications of THE MOTIVATION FACTOR.

High Priority Games (peak motivation and possibly peak performance)

Look-Aheads the Week Before High Priority Games (potential flat spots)

Letdowns the Week After High Priority Games (potential flat spots)

Low Energy Games vs. Very Poor Opponents (potential flat spots)

Every single team on the college board has at least 2-3 games that they would tell you right now are their most important matchups of the season. You follow the sport, you don’t even need the teams to tell you this!

Here’s what you should do within minutes after getting your hands on everyone’s schedules.

*Circle the high priority games, or highlight them with a yellow marker

*Put a big X in ink next to the games immediately before and after those high priority matchups. If there’s a sequence where a team plays two or more high priority games in a row (which often happens in the best conferences), put the X before and after that sequence.

*Put a big X in ink next to any game against a low-profile opponent that won’t get the juices flowing. This should happen at least once for everyone in non-conference action, and probably 1-2 times in league play.

*Circle or highlight any game that comes immediately after an October or November bye week as long as there’s not already an X by it. Teams often come out with a lot of energy and enthusiasm after a week off in the middle or latter stages of a season. You get peak motivation even if it’s not a big name opponent or traditional rival.

This really won’t take you very long. And, you can split it into a couple or a few different sessions if you have a short attention span. The point is…get it done in JULY so that you’ve already got these bases covered once the season starts racing by. If you’ve isolated all the major PLAYMAKERS and GAMEBREAKERS in July and August along with THE KEY SCHEDULE SPOTS…then you’ll be on top of your game once it’s time to pick winners and place bets.

There’s no doubt that regular season dynamics will necessitate some adjustments. Some teams will overachieve expectations…turning them into marquee opponents in a flash. Some teams will disappoint, which will lessen the energy for what had been projected for classic late season showdowns. That’s okay. You’ll have time to read and react as it happens because so much legwork was done early.

Don’t forget that additional help is always just a few clicks away. You can sign up for full season football right now here at the website with your major credit card. I strongly advise you to build your bankrolls this summer with either your own strongest baseball bets or my top plays that are available here daily.

Back again later this week for more coursework from The Dean of Sports Handicapping in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping. I hope you’re printing out all of our discussions to create a virtual textbook you can use in future years.  We’ll be mixing baseball and football through the summer. I expect an All-Star Break status report will go up some time next week. Keep working hard. It’s gratifying to know that so many of you have improved your personal performance since this web feature began because of your regular attendance!

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