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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 2:28 PM

"Show me the money" is and should be the battle cry of all bettors and I am doing just that daily in Major League Baseball as I get ready for what I know is going to be my greatest football season ever. That's quite a statement from someone who just five seasons ago set an all-time record of hitting 78% winners (50-14-3) in all games rated 50 units and up and in the process won $218,475 for those betting $100-per-unit.

The formula that produced that record season and those that followed was refined in the off season to include two addition elements-the ability to know for certain where a team is in its form cycle and accurate insight into how each team will perform today. It all adds up to more money.

With the National Football League teams set to open camp Thursday and with the colleges to follow six days later it is time for you to get into the game and start winning today and you can do just that with a free baseball season that already has rocked the bookmaking world.

The NFL pre-season begins in just 13 days when the Arizona Cardinals meet the New Orleans Saints in the nationally televised Hall of Fame game from Canton, Ohio. The first night of college football will be Thursday, August 30, when 17 games are scheduled, with the five of them on national television and with the card highlighted by the South Carolina at Vanderbilt and Washington State at BYU games.

I have put together an outstanding football package that includes both the colleges and the NFL and those who sign up for it get:

1. The entire NFL pre-season free and all the bonus big game plays are included.
2. The rest of the baseball season free, right through the World Series in October, including my 25-unit American League and National League games of the week.

I have priced this package at a modest $275 and it will get your from 7-10 Best Bets Football Investment Club plays in the colleges and the NFL every single week of the season. Purchased on an individual game basis all the above releases would cost you more than $2,300.

Sign up for the entire package on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $275 and start winning baseball tonight. All major credit cards accepted.

Money Pouring In With Baseball Winners

O.K., so I'm not perfect but remember I never said I win them all and I proved that Sunday when I finally lost a big game play-a 100-unit move on the Texas Rangers (-105) who lost 7-4 at the Los Angeles Angels. That loss snapped a seven-game winning streak with my big game plays but by no means was it a serious blow for my Personal Baseball Investment Club highrollers. These things happen in a world where trees do not grow to the sky and I am right back today with another 100-unit play. For the record, here is how my Personal Best Baseball Investment Club has performed over the past eight days.

Last 8 Highroller Plays
7/22...100 Units...Rangers (-105) 4, Angels 7 (L)
7/21...100 Units...Pirates (-135) 5, Marlins 1 (W)
7/20...100 Units...Tigers (-170) 4, White Sox 2 (W)
7/19...100 Units...Rays (-165) 6, Indians 0 (W)
7/18...100 Units...Pirates (-130) 9, Rockies 6 (W)
7/17...50 Units...Phillies (-160) 3, Dodgers 2 (W)
7/16...50 Units...Tigers (-120) 8, Angels 6 (W)
7/15...100 Units...White Sox (-150) 2, Royals 1 (W)

Not only is my Personal Best Club burying bookmakers, my Chairman's Club is in high gear and my Best Bets Club is taking down the cash. You can join any of these clubs for a modest price and get a load of free bonuses.

For instance, membership in my Personal Best Club will get nothing but 50-unit and 100-unit games that grade out with at least a 90% chance to win-and it does not bet any better than that. Sign up for Personal Best Baseball today for just $399 and win another 100-unit play tonight. Those signing up for membership in this club will also get the entire NFL Pre-Season FREE!

Get $2,300 Worth Of Winners For Just $275

I have put together a college and NFL package for this season that is without equal in the world of handicapping. It is my Best Bets Football Investment Club and it offers you everything.

  • An average of three Best Bet Investment Club college plays each Saturday.
  • An average of three Best Bet Investment Club NFL plays each Sunday.
  • Most Monday Night games.
  • Most mid-week college games.
  • My 200-unit College Game of the Year.
  • My 200-unit NFL Game of the Year.
  • My 100 Unit College Kickoff Blowout of the Year
  • My 100-Unit College Upset Game of the Year.
  • My 100-unit NFL Upset Game of the Year.
  • My 100-unit AFC Game of the Year.
  • My 100-Unit NFL Game of the Year.
  • All 50-unit and 100-unit College Conference Games of The Year.
  • A subscription to my week FOOTBALL FORECAST.

All Saturday, Sunday, Monday and mid-week college plays will be rated from five to 25 units.

This truly is a football package without equal and I know you already have figured that out for yourself- and you can get it for just $275 on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255. All major credit cards accepted.

Get NFL Pre-Season And MLB As Free Bonuses

As generous as is the Best Bets Football Investment Club package I am going to sweeten it with two free bonuses-the Entire NFL Pre-Season FREE and the rest of Major League Baseball, right through the World Series in October, FREE.

The NFL pre-season includes:

  • Unit-rated best bets, rated from five to 50 units each day games are played.
  • My 50-unit NFL Pre-Season Game of the Year.
  • My 50-unit NFL Pre-Season Upset Game of the Year.
  • My 50-unit NFL Pre-Season Blowout Game of the Year

Investment Package Valued At More Than $2,300
To put into perspective the value of my $275 Best Bets Football Investment Club package, if you were to purchase each part of it on an individual basis...

  • Saturday and Sunday football selections would cost you more than $800 for the season.
  • Monday Night NFL and mid-week college best bets would cost from $500.
  • Big Game Plays-rated from 50-units to 200-units-would cost more than $1,000.

There is not much more to say when you can get more than $2,300 in football winners for just $275. Get on board and win the big money with me, starting today with baseball's best bets.

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