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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 9:14 AM

Miami Nice.

No, following the Heat's "get-even" 109-93 win in Game 4 of the NBA Finals against the San Antonio, there were no post-game pronouncements by Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra that his team "got what it deserved".

This time- following an embarrassingly bad 36-point loss to the Spurs in Game 3- the Heat showed why they entered this post-season as the 2-to-1 choice to win it all.

Remember that Miami was- 220-to-$100 prior to the start of these NBA Finals that are now tied at two games apiece- a heavy-duty betting favorite if there was one.

Know you just saw why!

In Game 4, the Heat played with a passion and with a mission and showed any/all doubters that they have the best team on earth ... now if only LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and mates can bottle how they played between 9:05 p.m. Eastern time and 11:40 p.m. ET last night that this series could be over-and-done-with by Tuesday's Game 6 in South Beach.

Naturally, the Heat followed up a playoff loss with yet another resounding triumph- the defending champs are now a perfect 6-0 SU (straight-up) and 6-0 ATS (against the spread) this post-season after losing a game and there was a real energy and bounce to the step for Miami's so-called "Big Three":

Right, you know the numbers that say James (33 points), Wade (32 points) and Bosh (20 points) combined for approximately 78 percent of the team's offense in Game 4- heck, we suggested in our Jim Sez Game 4 preview the other day that this trio had to exceed 50 points in order for Miami to have a shot and guess they laughed at that recommendation!- but it really was the other things they did that told the tale here like blocking shots and showing off quick hands on defense (see 7 blocked shots and 13 steals) that powered Spoelstra's squad here and he knew it:

The defense had to "come alive" after that stale showing in Game 3 and all the times Wade stepped in front of a passing lane for a steal or the times James nearly jumped out of the building to swat away a shot propelled the Heat to its Game 4 win and all that was really left for the host Spurs was to pick up the pieces of a busted game.

Hey, we're wondering too why PG Tony Parker (15 points) didn't score in the second half and really went MIA as a distributor too for periods at a time- San Antonio head coach Gregg Popovich didn't believe his nagging hamstring was to blame and so that was a head-scratcher.

And as all the post-game pundits weighed in at both ESPN and at NBA TV, it sure looks as if Spurs' G Manu Ginobili has reached the end of the line: Ginobili finished Game 4 shooting 1-of-5 from the floor for 5 points in 26 minutes of action and he spent much of his court time moaning to the officials about their quick whistles (sure looked like Ginobili committed all four of his fouls and it could even have been more!)

Maybe it wasn't fair to expect the Spurs to come out for Game 4 with lots of fury and fire after that near-flawless showing in the 113-77 win in Game 3 but save for quick finishes at halftime and towards the end of the third quarter, it sure appeared that Miami was a step too fast for San Antonio much of the evening and both Wade- who played his best all-around game for the whole 2012-13 season- and James let it be known they were not gonna be denied going to the hoop.

And hats off to both of 'em for taking 25 field-goal attempts apiece as they shot a combined 29-of-50 from the floor while the rest of the Heat team shot a collective 16-of-35- conversely, San Antonio's Tim Duncan (20 points) only attempted 10 FG tries and there was something very wrong with that!

Okay, so the Spurs went from shooting 16-of-32 from downtown in Game 3 to just 8-of-16 from beyond the arc in Game 4- yes, 50 percent is wonderful but as we keep pointing out during these playoffs the Spurs must make double-digit treys every night against good teams ... or else!

Meanwhile, as far as folks looking to bash "Pops" for his Game 4 matchup decisions, know this:

Wade and James were not gonna be stopped by any soul on this particular night and the four-time champion head coach knew it but we would have liked to see Popovich call a timeout during one of those Miami runs in the early-to-mid stages of the fourth quarter.

The Heat outscored San Ant 28-17 in the final frame of Game 4 and there might not have been all that damage had Popovich signaled for a timeout after one of those drive-to-the-hoop goals by Wade. Just sayin'!

Here's how the NBA Finals series between the Heat-Spurs has gone so far (note the home team in CAPS):







San Antonio

+ 5





- 6.5

San Antonio




- 2





- 1



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The NBA coaching wheel of fortune swung in the favor of Jason Kidd on Thursday:

Okay, so the 19-year NBA point guard and lock cinch to be in the Hall of Fame someday may not have any experience at the coaching profession but that bothers us way less than the fact that Kidd has been what is generally called a "coach killer".

It's no secret that Kidd helped to shove one-time New Jersey Nets boss Byron Scott out the door not long after he helped take the Nets to back-to-back NBA Finals in 2002 and 2003 plus Kidd was behind the coup against Avery Johnson down in Dallas a few years later. Add in the fact he helped sabotage Lou Campanelli at Cal-Berkeley two decades ago and the jury's hardly out with Kidd:

He was a great player but he "didn't always get along with others."

So, now it's pretty funny that he's been named the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets and- wouldn't you know it- but this New York City team has its own "coach-killer" on the roster in star point guard Deron Williams.

Exhibit A- see Jerry Sloan's unhappy end in Utah;
Exhibit B- see poor ole aforementioned Avery Johnson last year right after Christmas Day in Brooklyn.

We're not here to say Kidd can't coach- nobody knows yet if he can or can't- but even if he considers himself "friends" with Williams, this is sure to be a doomed relationship and we wouldn't be all that surprised if the Nets wind up seeking out a new coach come June of 2014 ... really!
And one last thing, Mr. Kidd:

It's your job to give this passion-less team some energy- they sure didn't show any in that Game 7 loss to the Chicago Bulls back on May 4th.

In other coaching-related news, was first to report that former Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl- this year's NBA Coach of the Year- will interview with the Memphis Grizzlies this Monday but that is akin to fitting in the proverbial square peg into the round hole.

After all, aren't the Grizzlies a "defense-first" team after leading the league in points allowed while sporting the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year in big man Marc Gasol?

Karl simply isn't the answer in Memphis where his style won't be welcome and why should the Grizz have to turn over its whole roster for a new/old coach? It shouldn't.

Best bet for Memphis is to get in the ear of Indiana Pacers' assistant Brian Shaw and swipe him away from the Los Angeles Clippers and/or the Nuggets who appear to have Shaw on their so-called short list.

Finally, maybe we'll be proven wrong but just don't see current Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers winding up as the next boss-man of the Clippers: For one thing, highly unlikely the Celtics will let him go and plus the savvy Rivers has to know that despite the talent on this team it's always gonna be a second-class citizen to the Lakers.

Stay put, Doc, and try convincing GM Danny Ainge to go for the gusto in free agency this summer.

NOTE: Catch our NBA Finals Game 5 Preview in tomorrow's edition of Jim Sez.

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