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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, May 31, 2013 at 3:55 PM

The first four parts of this 10-part series on what you need to focus on to get ready for the coming football season has focused primarily on the offensive aspects of the game and today we move to defense, which is the 5th most important element in building a winning football team. By "winning"I mean a team that will be successful in the won-lost department for its school and, even more important for bettors, a team that has the ability to cover numbers big and small.

The previous four issues of this series are archived on this website, but for review, here are the elements we have discussed previously, listed in the order of their importance.

1. A successful team will have a high percentage of blue-chip players.
2. A successful team will have an outstanding quarterback.
3. A successful team will have an experienced, big and deep offensive line.
4. A successful team will see its ability to win exponentially increased by the number of skill players it has on offense.

As noted, today's article is all about defense and the important role it plays in winning at every level of the game. Speaking loudly to the power of defense is the Southeastern Conference which has won the last seven national championships. The SEC has always been about defense first.

Alabama, which won last year's BCS championship game, 42-14, over Note Dame finished the season 13-1 and fielded the country's number-one defense, giving up just 250.00 yards per game, and was number one against the score, with opponents averaging just 10.93 points per game.

The fact the Crimson Tide also had all the ingredients making up the first four categories made it easy to beat Notre Dame in embarrassing fashion in the championship game.

There were 120 teams listed in the NCAA's statistical review last season and it is of note four of the top 11 defensive teams in the country were from the SEC - Alabama (13-1), Florida (11-2), LSU (10-3) and South Carolina (11-2). It is of note the combined eight losses of these four teams came against fellow conference members. Six of the top 18 teams in scoring defense were from the SEC, adding Georgia (12-2) and Vanderbilt (9-4) to the aforementioned four.

Defensive Skill As Important As Offensive Skill

While football will occasionally recognize defensive players who repeatedly perform well, they are basically ignored and little is ever said about the skill it takes to be an outstanding defensive player.

I have been around some of the best defensive players the game as ever seen and from that have my own opinions as to what makes a truly outstanding player and a truly outstanding defensive team.

Defensive players who get it done are, in order, are aggressive to the extreme, are extremely quick off the snap, have tremendous upper body strength and seem to be equipped with instinctive elements that permit them to bust up offensive plays while at the same time covering for a fellow player who has been taken out of the play. This is of course an over simplification of it all but it is the beginning of being able to play defense effectively.

One outstanding defensive player is an asset, two are a step in the right direction, three gives a team the essential building blocks it needs and four or more is a dream come true. A top-flight defense has just as many requirements as does a top offense and the value of defensive players was again shown in this year's NFL draft. Four of the top 10 players drafted in the first round were defensive players, as were 10 of the first 20 and 14 of the top 25. The public and the media may ignore defensive players but coaches do not.

In analyzing college and NFL defenses for the coming season, one must focus on experience, the past effectiveness of a team's defense, factoring in changes from last season, and recognizing the reality the longer a defensive unit has played together the more effective it will be. Players who have been together in a previous season have a chemistry that dramatically improves the effectiveness of the unit.

The bottom line is simple in that the numbers tell it all. In analyzing a defense, begin by:

1. How many yards and points per game it gave up last season.
2. Determine how many of those players are back for this season.
3. Make a note of the 3rd down defensive stops.
4. Make a note of the red-zone defense.
5. Factor in special teams and determine their effectiveness on stopping kickoff and punt returns.

There is not space here to cover all the details of defense but this discussion is a beginning of the importance of the defensive factor in winning football games at both the college and NFL levels.

Again, a reminder this entire series is archived on this website for your study. I will be back here with Part VI - The Coaching Factor - on Tuesday.

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