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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, April 12, 2013 at 4:00 PM

We’re down to the last few days of the NBA regular season, which means you need to focus this weekend on the teams you’ll be handicapping through the rest of the Spring. Pick your spots to build bankroll Friday Night through Wednesday Night based on our proven techniques. AND be ready to hit the ground running when the lines come up for the opening round of the NBA playoffs.

Here’s what you need to do this weekend:

*Comb the injury list to make sure you know which pro basketball PLAYMAKERS and GAMEBREAKERS are going to be at less than 100% in the first round. This is vital this year because there are real injuries out there, but a lot of relatively minor tweaks that aren’t going to matter in the postseason. Coaches are resting many stars under the illusion of injuries because they don’t want to get fined by the commissioner. Be sure you know who’s hurt (because you saw the effects of the injury at the time it happened). Be sure you know who’s just resting. A PLAYMAKER with a bad ankle isn’t much of a playmaker any more!

*Review recent form so you know which teams are peaking at the right time, and which teams are fading at the wrong time. I can think of at least three teams who are poised to be big disappointments in the first round, and they won’t have injuries to blame. I know of at least two teams I’m looking to pound in the first round because all their ducks are lined up in a row. Look at records over the last 10 games, the last 20 games, and over the last two months in “challenge” games when top teams faced each other.

*Spend extra time on DEFENSE because this is the area too many sports bettors forget about. You watch all the highlight shows celebrating dunks and other big offensive plays. You forget that defense plays a huge role in determining the eventual champion. Look at shooting percentage allowed, points allowed per possession, and points allowed late in close games to develop a keen sense of what’s going to happen in playoff style basketball. One of the best college basketball defenses of the last 10 years just won the NCAA Championship. Be sure you’re thinking about defense when the NBA Championship is on the line.

*Evaluate playoff experience for each team. If you have time, count up how many playoff games the projected starters have played. You often hear that you have to go to the playoffs a few times before you learn how to string together victories in the playoffs. LeBron James had to get to the Finals and lose before he could get to the Finals and win. Award the most points to units who have a lot of games TOGETHER. Be skeptical about teams that are way behind the field in playoff experience. I strongly believe this is going to become an important factor on the court in very short order.

I have a few very big NBA plays planned over the next few days (starting tonight) as long as the Vegas spreads are posted as I expect. You have to throw out a lot of the card right now because there are so many garbage games. I’m okay with that. Patience and selectivity are two of the hallmarks of my Advanced Sports Betting approach. We don’t have to play the board. We just have to find the small number of clear mistakes that can be attacked for profit.

If you’d like some help finding those games this weekend, you can purchase my top plays here at this very website with your major credit card. Please check out my seasonal rates for the rest of NBA and MLB when you get a chance.

I’ll talk some  more about the NBA Playoffs a week from right now, in the hours just before the first tip once all the matchups our known. Your next lecture from the Dean of Sports Handicapping in my College of Advanced Sports Betting will be early next week concerning the developing Major League Baseball season. We have a lot to talk about this Spring. Too many gamblers take time off between March Madness and football, blowing an opportunity to make BIG MONEY in basketball, baseball, and horse racing. I appreciate that all of you reading this have the good sense to go for the gusto year round!

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