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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 2:33 PM

The National Basketball Association playoffs begin in just 10 days with the Miami Heat the solid odds-on 5-8 favorites to win their second straight championship with the Oklahoma City Thunder the second choice at 7-2 and with the San Antonio Spurs the third choice at 6-1. Every other playoff team is listed in double digits, including the red-hot New York Knicks who have won 13 straight and who are 25-1.

Miami (61-16) will close out the season with the best record in the NBA and that will give the Heat the home-court edge for the entire playoffs. They are 34-4 when playing in Miami this season - a rather formidable and intimidating number.

Even though the playoffs are just days away - they begin one week from this Saturday - two fierce battles continue to be played - the one between the Spurs (57-20) and the Thunder (57-21) for the top-seed in the Western Conference and the giant home-court edge that goes with it, and the battle between the Los Angeles Lakers (41-37) and the Utah Jazz (41-37) for the eighth and final playoff spot in the west.

Both of those races figure to go right to the money, especially the San Antonio-Oklahoma City battle - because both teams have the ability and are primed to do it. The home-court advantage would be a tremendous edge for both, as their records reflect. The Spurs are 34-5 at home this season, the Thunder 33-6.

The Lakers will certainly go all in with four games to go - one tonight at Portland and then three straight at home to close out the season against Golden State, San Antonio and Houston - but they are so beat-up and tired they are no cinch to survive.

Utah has three games left. - Saturday at home against Minnesota, Sunday at Minnesota and then at Memphis Wednesday, the final day of the regular NBA season. The Jazz, like the Lakers, are no cinch to march through these games either, especially if Memphis is still battling for playoff positioning.

Odds To Win The NBA Championship

Here are the odds to win the NBA championship as posted at the Super Book at the Las Vegas Hotel. All teams listed have either already qualified for the playoffs or are still alive for a spot. The first number is the futures lien at which each team opened, followed by current odds.

Team Open Current
Miami Heat 5-2 5-8
Oklahoma City 5-2 7-2
San Antonio Spurs 7-1 6-1
Los Angeles Clippers 30-1 20-1
Denver Nuggets 30-1 25-1
Memphis Grizzlies 30-1 25-1
New York Knicks 60-1 25-1
Chicago Bulls 5-1 30-1
Indiana Pacers 20-1 30-1
Brooklyn Nets 200-1 50-1
Los Angeles Lakers 12-1 50-1
Boston Celtics 20-1 60-1
Golden State Warriors 100-1 60-1
Houston Rockets 100-1 75-1
Utah Jazz 100-1 100-1
Atlanta Hawks 60-1 200-1
Milwaukee Bucks 100-1 300-1
Dallas Mavericks 15-1 1000-1

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$100 Baseball Bettors Up $8,735 Over Past 7 Days
I am having an outstanding Major League Baseball season, have gone 11-3 over the past week and have won for my $100-per-unit bettors $8,735 and for my $10 bettors $873.50. It is of note I have shown a profit on six of the seven days and you can see by the results listed below that I have done it all at the right price, winning with favorites, underdogs, with totals and run line plays. Study the rundown and see for yourself just how the money is being made in baseball and then get on board for the entire season and play right through the World Series in October for just $199.

The Day By Day 11-3 Rundown

Tuesday, April 9
4/9...25 Units...Braves (-160) 3, Marlins 2 (Win)
4/9...5 Units...Royals (-150) 7, Twins 4 (Win)
$100 Players Won $3,000...$10 Bettors $300

Monday, April 8
4/8...10 Units...Braves (-159) 2, Marlins 0 (Win)
4/8...5 Units...Cardinals (-113) 4, Reds 13 (Lose)
$100 Players Won $435...$10 Bettors $43.50

Sunday, April 7
4/7...25 Units...Athletics (-158) 9, Astros 3 (Win)
4/7...5 Units...Cubs (+130) 1, Braves 5 (Lose)
$100 Bettors Won $1,850...$10 Bettors $185

Saturday, April 6
4/6...10 Units...Tigers (-1.5 Runs +110) 8, Yankees 4 (Win)
4/6...5 Units...Rays (-162) 6, Indians 0 (Win)
$100 Bettors Won $1,500...$10 Bettors $150

Friday, April 5
4/5...10 Units...Mets (-150) 5, Marlins 7 (Lose)
4/5...5 Units...Athletics (-145) 8, Astros 4 (Win)
$100 Bettors Lost $1,000...$10 Bettors $100

Thursday, April 4
4/4...10 Units...Nationals (-1.5 Runs -120) 6, Marlins 1 (Win)
4/4...5 Units...Phillies (+120) 2, Braves 0 (Win)
$100 Bettors Won $1,500...$10 Bettors $150

Wednesday, April 3
4/3...10 Units...Giants-Dodgers Over 7 Runs (Win)
4/3...5 Units...Nationals (-1.5 Runs -120) 3, Marlins 0 (Win)
$100 Bettors Won $1,500...$10 Bettors $150

As you can see one need not bet a fortune to win one. Get on board and get your piece of this money beginning tonight.

Tonight's Betting Menu

Baseball On 11-3 Run - Two More Winners Tonight
My Best Bets Baseball Investment Club went 2-0 again Tuesday, winning with my second 25-unit play of the season as the Atlanta Braves (-160) knocked off the Miami Marlins, 3-2, and with taking down the cash with the Kansas City Royals (-150) with their 7-4 win over the Minnesota Twins. Those two winners pushed by record to 11-3 over the past seven days and I am going for two more winners today. The winning continues and you can get the cash with me for just $15 or, better yet, get on board for the entire season for just $199 and get best bets every day right through the World Series in October.

15-Unit NBA Situation Play Wins Tonight
I just missed winning another 15-unit situation play last night as the Los Angeles Lakers (-8.5) just missed the cover in an 8-point, 104-96, win over the New Orleans Hornets but I am coming right back firing tonight with another - and I do intend to get the money. There 10 games on the NBA schedule tonight and in one of those contests there is a team playing in the perfect situation to get a solid and needed win, and I am going for itWin this 15-unit NBA play tonight for just $20, charged to your major credit card.

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