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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 12:07 PM

The first football game of the new season has finally arrived! Vegas sharps (professional wagerers) made their intentions fairly clear in early NFL Preseason betting action. As we approach Sunday Night’s kickoff of the Arizona/New Orleans matchup in the annual Hall of Fame Game, we can report the following from our sources offshore and in Las Vegas.

*Sharps liked the “Over” more than anything else in terms of the opening lines. They bet Over 35.5, Over 36, and Over 36.5. The number has settled at 37 as we go to press. There’s been no buy back yet on the Under for early position-takers. That suggests the Wise Guys are happy with the value they see on those early Over bets, and won’t want to water them down by trying for a middle on 36, or a partial hedge on Under 37 that wouldn’t cost them anything if the game lands on 37.

*Regarding the team side, all we’re seeing to this point are line value bets. Most sharps are passing the side. Those who are betting, are either taking the favorite New Orleans at -2.5, or the underdog Arizona at +3. If YOU have a preference on the team side, be sure to shop around to get the best number. Both of those are out there as we go to press.

We can tell you that, generally speaking, sharps like Underdogs at +3 in the Preseason. Though, that’s more of an issue in games where the HOME team is laying the field goal. Sharps believe that home field advantage is overpriced in exhibition action. Vegas oddsmakers will make a neutral field toss-up -3 for the home team. The right number is probably more like -2…so sharps will take road dogs.

Of course, tonight’s game is at a neutral site, and isn’t seen as a toss-up because New Orleans was a playoff team that went 13-3 last year, while Arizona managed a .500 record at 8-8. Sharps will aggressively bet any Preseason road dogs they see at +3 as long as the teams are coming into 2012 at comparable strength. Be on the lookout for that in the coming month. Now you’ll understand why so many games sit on -2 or -2.5!

In the past, the Sunday Night game was televised by NBC. Don’t turn there tonight or you’ll just get more Olympics coverage! It’s the NFL Network that’s showing the Preseason opener. Here’s the rest of the live TV schedule this week:



7:30 p.m. ET Live Cut-ins to Various Games on NFL Network

8 p.m. ET Green Bay at San Diego on ESPN



7 p.m. ET: NY Jets at Cincinnati on NFL Network



7 p.m. ET: Houston at Carolina on NFL Network



1:30 p.m. ET: St. Louis at Indianapolis on NFL Network



8 p.m. ET: Dallas at Oakland on ESPN


Obviously, if you don’t have it…you should get the NFL Network! Note that all other Preseason games this week will be shown on tape-delay at various points of the weekend.

Now that football is here, RIGHT NOW is the ideal time to get locked in for your Preseason or full season packages. Available right now here at the website:

*Kelso Sturgeon has a 25-Unit play in Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game. Get it for just $20 if you want to test the waters before making a full month commitment. You can sign up for the full Preseason for only $99. And, early-bird rates for the full season of Investment Club Best Bets are still available at $275.

*Wayne Allyn Root is the King of Las Vegas partly because he always does so well in the Preseason. He knows that’s a great time to make a killing against very soft numbers. Get tonight’s Arizona/New Orleans showdown for just $20, or the full Preseason for $99. Commit now to the full 2012 Football campaign, and pay just $349.

*Jim Hurley’s exclusive TEAM HANDICAPPING approach is extremely valuable during the Preseason since INFORMATION is king in these kinds of games. Try out his NETWORK for tonight’s game for just $15. You can purchase the Preseason of a Lifetime for $95, or the advertised Season of a Century for only $195.

Check the “Buy Picks” pulldown page for additional offers from VSM legends Jim Feist, Tony Salinas, and Coach Ron Meyer. It’s time to take care of business! If you’re the type that prefers to pick your spots with big plays as they pop up, be sure you check the home page of this website for announcements on game days throughout the month of August.

Football fans must visit every Thursday through Monday. And, given all the hot streaks going on right now in baseball…you need to be here seven days a week!

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