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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 11:09 AM

It is full-speed ahead to Sunday's Super Bowl and my first ever 400-unit play on the National Football League championship game. In Las Vegas the number is holding steady with the favored San Francisco 49ers being offered at -4 or -3 ½, depending on where one bets. The total is still 47 ½ at most sports books, but some have moved it up a notch to 48.

For those factoring history into their handicapping, the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference have split the last 10 Super Bowl games, 5-5. In that time frame the game has gone over by a 6-4 margin. Underdogs are 8-3 against the spread in the last 11 games.

The money line on the game has San Francisco at -175 and Baltimore at +155 and both teams are attracting heavy action.

Vegas bookmakers also report the heaviest-ever wagering on the more than 400 various proposition bets being offered on the game, with San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick leading that charge. Kaepernick, who played his football at Nevada, is so popular in this town some shops are offering more than 40 proposition bets on him alone - and the public is mostly taking the positive side of those wagers.

Needless to say, bookmakers are delighted with all the proposition play since their "hold" on those wagers is traditionally in the 35% range, compared to the 4.0% to 5% they hope to hold on the game itself. There is comfort zone for the guys on the other side of the counter when they can keep $35 out of every $100 wagered on the props, instead of the $4 to $5 out of each $100 wagered on the side.

Because of the added interest in proposition wagering on this game some bookmakers suggest Super Bowl betting in Nevada will break the record $94,534,372 wagered on the Pittsburgh-Seattle game in 2006. While there is no reliable figures to track the money wagered offshore and in the subculture in this country, experts say the volume should exceed $10 billion there.

200-Unit College Blowout Game Of Year Has 90% Chance To Win Tonight

 Before further discussing the Super Bowl, it is of note I won my 100-unit NBA Game of the Year last night as the Boston Celtics (-8 ½) knocked off the Orlando Magic, 97-84, and the winning continues tonight with my 200-unit College Blowout Game of the Year.

I have released fourteen 100-unit college basketball blowout plays this season - all over the past two months - and have gone 11-2-1 (85.0% winners) in those games, and now it is time for the big one, my 200-unit College Blowout Game Of The Year. I take the big-game winners where I find them and I have found that team tonight.

The team I am releasing grades out with a 90% chance to win and should march right to the winner's circle. This is another outstanding opportunity to make a major score and you can win this game for just $50, charged to your major credit card. Available on this site and toll free at my office at 1-800-755-2255

My 11-2-1 Record With 100-Unit Blowouts
1/29...Mississippi (-2 ½) 74, Kentucky 87 (L)
1/26...Texas (-12) 73, Texas Tech 57 (W)
1/23...San Diego State (-4) 78, Nevada 57 (W)
1/19...New Mexico State (-12) 70, San Jose State 53 (W)
1/16...N.C. State (+2 ½) 50, Maryland 51 (W)
1/12...Arizona (-10) 80, Oregon State 70 (P)
1/9...Indiana State (-4 ½) 69, Bradley 53 (W)
1/5...Colorado State (-10 ½) 85, St. Bonaventure 64 (W)
12/29...Illinois (-12 ½) 81, Auburn 79 (L)
12/22...Louisville (-22) 78, Western Kentucky 55 (W)
12/18...N.C. State (-7) 88, Stanford 79 (W)
12/15...Arizona State (-16 ½) 61, Dartmouth 42 (W)
12/8...Villanova (-5 ½) 68, Penn 55 (W)
12/1...Mississippi (-9) 80, Rutgers 67 (W)

Do not miss this opportunity to make another big score.

400-Unit Play On Sunday's Super Bowl
I am so confident of my success in Sunday's Super Bowl I am for the first time ever releasing the game as a 400-unit play and am absolutely confident I will continue what may well be the greatest winning run in the Super Bowl. Please Note:

My Super Bowl Record Since 2001

21-3...88.0% Winners On Sides/Totals
10-2 On Sides...83.0% Winners
11-1 On Totals...92.0% Winners

What I Did In Last Year's Super Bowl
200 Units...New York Giants (+3) 21, New England Patriots 17 (W)
25 Units...Under 54 Points (W)
25 Units...Parlay of Giants And The Under (W)

My success in the Super Bowl is a matter of public record. Since 2001 As noted I have gone 10-2 with winning sides and 11-1 with winning totals - a combined 21-3 record that means I have been correct 88% of the time.

While I would like to take all the credit for this, I want to acknowledge much of this winning has its roots in a Super Bowl formula given to me 13 years ago by the late Hank Stram, the Hall of Fame Kansas City Chiefs coach, who won Super Bowl IV with a 23-7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. The formula broke each of the big games into 42 elements and by grading each team in each of those factors, with each category given its own weighted number, the Super Bowl winner emerged.

The fact it has been right 83.0% of the time on picking the winning team and correct 92.0% of the time on sides and totals speaks for itself - and that brings me to today's game.

In handicapping this game 35 times, using Stram's formula and my insight into hidden edges, one of the teams in today's Super Bowl grades out with the highest numerical rating I have ever seen and that means I am releasing my first ever 400-unit play on this game.

Here is what you get in Sunday's Super Bowl Package

Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Ravens (13-6) vs. San Francisco 49ers (13-4-1)
Kickoff Set For 6:35 P.M. Eastern Time
CBS Television 

300 Unit Wager On Winner
50 Unit Wager On Total
50 Unit Side/Total Parlay Getting Odds Of 13-5

Plus Free Bonus: 5 Standout Proposition Bets

Get on board with me and get all the money - again win it all for just $75, charged to your major credit card. Get the entire package on this site or toll free at the office, 1-800-755-2255.


Super Bowl XLVII Tale Of The Tape

Here is some statistical background that will help you handicap the Super Bowl. 


Average Points Per Game
San Francisco 49ers           26.1
Baltimore Ravens               25.7

Rushing Yards Per Game
San Francisco 49ers           164.6
Baltimore Ravens               123.6

Passing Yards Per Game
San Francisco 49ers           209.6
Baltimore Ravens               240.4

Total Offense Per Game
San Francisco 49ers           374.2
Baltimore Ravens               364.0

Quarterbacks Passing Efficiency Rating
Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco     105.9     
Joe Flacco, Baltimore                      114.7

Leading Rushers

Frank Gore, San Francisco   302 Carries.....1,423 Yards...11 Touchdowns
Ray Rice, Baltimore            321 Carries.....1,390 Yards...11 Touchdowns


Average Points Allowed Per Game
San Francisco 49ers           18.2
Baltimore Ravens               21.1

Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game
San Francisco 49ers           94.0
Baltimore Ravens             123.3

Passing Yards Allowed Per Game
San Francisco 49ers           213.7
Baltimore Ravens               237.7

Total Yards Allowed Per Game
San Francisco 49ers           307.7
Baltimore Ravens               361.0


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