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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, January 28, 2013 at 4:15 PM

The countdown to Sunday's Super Bowl has officially begun in Las Vegas where opinions are a dime a dozen, almost all of them aligning individuals with the well-loved (in this town) San Francisco 49ers to beat the Baltimore Ravens. The 49ers have settled in as a solid 4-point favorite to push their Super Bowl record to 6-0, with just a handful of sports books offering the game at -3 ½. The total is 47 ½.

Super Bowl XLVII has become very special to me and I will be releasing it as my first ever 400-unit play-300 units on the side, 50 units on the total and 50 units on a side and total parlay, getting 13-5 odds for my money. For the record, just in case you need a bit of background to boost your confidence in my ability to get it done, please note:

Some years ago, the late Hank Stram, the Hall of Fame Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, shared with me his formula for picking Super Bowl winners-and it has served me well. It is made up of 42-different elements and since 2001 has permitted me to go 21-3 (87.5% winners) in sides and totals in the game-10-2 on sides and 11-1 on totals.

The team I am releasing Sunday grades out at the highest level to win and cover than any of the 12 previous games. It does not get any better than this and presents the biggest opportunity of the entire football season to make a major score. The game will be available on this website and toll free at 1-800-7555 Sunday morning for just $75, charged to your major credit card. In addition to the side and total bets, I will be releasing five of the best proposition bets (there are more than 300 on the board) being offered to bettors.

While it is your choice to purchase only the Super Bowl Day plays, your best bet is to get on board for my 1,000-unit, 50-day Super Bowl Package for just $150, charged to your major credit card, and get the following.

The Greatest 5 Days Of Winning Ever With My 1,000-Unit Super Bowl Package

Wednesday, Jan. 30
200-Unit College Basketball Game Of The Year
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Thursday, Jan. 31
100-Unit College Upset Game of The Year
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Friday, Feb. 1
100-Unit NBA Game Of The Year
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Saturday, Feb. 2
200-Unit College Blowout Game Of The Year
11-1-1...92% Winners In These Games This Season

Sunday, Feb. 3
Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Ravens (13-6) vs. San Francisco 49ers (13-4-1)

  • 300 Unit Wager On Winner
  • 50 UnitsWager On Total
  • 50 Unit Side/Total Parlay Getting Odds Of 13-5

Not only is this my first 400-unit play on the Super Bowl, it is my first ever 1,000-unit, 5-day package ever. Get on board with me and get all the money-again win it all for just $150, charged to your major credit card. Sign up on this site or toll free at the office, 1-800-755-2255.

Michigan, Kansas Top National Rankings And It Means Absolutely Nothing To Bettors

The new national basketball polls came out today, with Michigan (19-1) in the number one spot in the always-suspect highly-prejudiced Associated Press poll while Kansas (18-1) topped the equally unreliable coaches' poll compiled by USA Today and ESPN. These rankings mean nothing to bettors-a throw-out for handicappers, at least on most occasions.

I am reminded that last week's leader Duke (17-2), a fine basketball team, for sure, was clocked in big-time fashion at Miami, the new yet unrecognized ruler of the Atlantic Coast Conference, 90-63, in what went down in history as the third worst loss ever for a team ranked #1.

The week before that Louisville, also a fine and talented basketball team, took over the number one spot-from Duke, by the way-and has not won a game since, losing three straight, at Georgetown, 53-52, at Villanova, 73-64, and at home to Syracuse, 70-68.

Now, back to Duke, which three weeks ago was ranked number one in the nation but went to N.C. State and as a 1 ½-point favorite lost, 84-76. Losing even a single game is something those who vote in these ridiculous polls won't tolerate and always over-react, never explaining how a team can be #1, losing a game and all at once be just the sixth or seventh best team in the country.

The only poll that counts is the little-referenced RPI, which ranks all 347 NCAA teams as to their ability, using a somewhat complicated formula that stands out in its accuracy. For the record, here are the Top 25 Teams in the Current RPI poll, with their won-lost records.

The Top 25 Teams In The RPI Rankings With Their Records And Strength Of Schedule Ranking

1. Duke (17-2)...2nd
2. Kansas (18-1)...5th
3. Miami (15-3)...1st
4. Arizona (17-2)...4th
5. Florida (16-2)...13th
6. Michigan (18-1)...25th
7. New Mexico (17-3)...6th
8. Gonzaga (18-2)...15th
9. Syracuse (18-2)...32nd
10. Butler (18-3)...22nd
11. Minnesota (15-5)...3rd
12. Michigan State (16-4)...16th
13. Louisville (16-4)...11th
14. Belmont (15-4)...34th
15. N.C. State (16-4)...18th
16. Indiana (18-2)...46th
17. UNLV (15-4)...19th
18. Wichita State (19-2)...85th
19. Oregon (18-2)...74th
20. Marquette (14-4)...21st
21. Colorado (14-6)...7th
22. Oklahoma (13-5)...12th
23. Colorado State (14-4)...54th
24. Ohio State (15-4)...39th
25. Missouri (15-4)...47th

You will note there are several teams listed here that are not listed in The Associated Press or USA Today-ESPN polls. RPI ratings are extremely important for handicappers and can be found at several sites in the Internet-and these are the only ratings one needs to most accurately determine just how good/bad a team is.

For the record, here is a list of the 10 worst college teams in the country, according to the RPI.

347. Grambling (0-17)...325th
346. Longwood (1-18)...279th
345. New Orleans (3-13)...324th
344. Liberty (3-15)...330th
343. Presbyterian (2-16)...312th
342. Kennesaw State (2-19)...293rd
341. Mississippi Valley State (2-16)...261st
340. Austin Peay (3-17)...303rd
339. South Carolina State (2-15)...263rd
338. N.C. Greensboro (4-13)...313th

Today's Betting Menu

15-Unit ESPN Play Highlights 2-0 Night
Pitt vs. Louisville
My Best Bets Basketball Investment Club went 2-0 Sunday, winning a 15-unit play on Creighton (-10) with its 81-51 blowout win at Southern Illinois and winning a 10-unit bet on the Los Angeles Clippers (-9 ) with their 96-83 victory over the Portland Trailblazers and tonight it is more of the same. I am releasing a 15-unit play on tonight's nationally televised Big East Showdown that finds Pittsburgh (17-4) at Louisville (16-4) and a 10-unit play on an NBA game that should win just as convincingly as did the Clippers last night. Win both these knockout plays for just $20, charged to your major credit card.

50-Unit NBA Platinum Power Play Wins Tonight For Highrollers
My Personal Best Basketball Investment Club for highrollers got the big money again Sunday with a 50-unit play on Colorado (-6) with its 81-71 win over California and intends to do the same thing again tonight, this time in the NBA. My Personal Best Club will be going for its fourth straight big-game win tonight and I am confident I will deliver. For the record, here are the last three highroller plays.
1/27...50 Units...Colorado (-6) 81, California 71 (W)
1/26...100 Units...Texas (-12) 73, Texas Tech 57 (W)
1/25...50 Units...Wizards (-6) 114, Timberwolves 101 (W)

Click here to get the money again tonight for just $50.

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