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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Monday, January 7, 2013 at 9:32 PM

As we transition from college football to college basketball here in the NOTEBOOK, we want to start with the #1 team in the country as they take the floor tonight on national TV. That means we’ll be looking at DUKE and the whole ACC heading into the Clemson-Duke game on ESPNU. Through this week and next, we’ll touch on all the major conferences with the occasional mid-major digression, in a way that lines up with games that sports bettors will be watching on TV.


#1 Duke

#23 NC State

#27 North Carolina

#35 Maryland

We used the additional votes summary to see where NC and Maryland stood. They didn’t make the top 25, but would be ranked if the AP did a top 25!

Not much competition for Duke this year at the top of this historically sound league. Let’s go deeper, checking out where all 12 teams stand in the rankings posted late Monday in Jeff Sagarin’s numbers in the USA Today and at college basketball guru Ken Pomeroy’s website.


Duke: #1 in USA Today, #3 in Pomeroy

Miami-Florida: #20 in USA Today, #21 in Pomeroy

NC State: #27 in USA Today, #36 in Pomeroy

Maryland: #36 in USA Today, #50 in Pomeroy

Virginia: #54 in USA Today, #27 in Pomeroy

North Carolina: #56 in USA Today, #38 in Pomeroy

Lets’ stop after the first six for a moment. You typically have to be top 40-45 to be assured of going to the Big Dance. Clearly the ACC is going to have some lobbying to do from this point forward. Duke and NC State look like sure things. Miami is getting computer respect but isn’t even mentioned in the polls. Maryland is highly regarded in some circles but needs to hold its own in league action. There’s a chance for six bids…but there’s also a possibility for only 3-4. North Carolina looks to be overrated by AP voters based on where the computers have them.

Florida State: #74 in USA Today, #70 in Pomeroy

Georgia Tech: #79 in USA Today, #72 in Pomeroy

Clemson: #118 in USA Today, #83 in Pomeroy

Virginia Tech: #126 in USA Today, #148 in Pomeroy

Boston College: #156 in USA Today, #150 in Pomeroy

Wake Forest: #158 in USA Today, #156 in Pomeroy

This group is well off the pace for tournament inclusion as of early January. They have about six weeks to lift their games substantially if they want to go dancing.


Saturday: Duke at NC State (noon ET on ESPN)

Jan. 23: Duke at Miami

Jan. 26: Maryland at Duke

Feb. 7: NC State at Duke

Feb 16: Duke at Maryland

March 2: Miami at Duke

For now we’re leaving Duke-North Carolina off the list because Carolina has to prove they’re going to be relevant this year! Those games are set for February 13 and March 9

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Back with you tomorrow to look at the Big 12 as #6 Kansas will be in action. It’s time to HOOP IT UP with JIM HURLEY!

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