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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 10:04 AM

Some might say there is no reason for handicappers and bettors to be concerned about the decline in quality of play in the National Football League. After all, we are just looking at a schedule-any schedule-that offers games with betting lines and we certainly get that in wholesale fashion.

The bottom line says the long-term consequences could cost the league dearly.

With that said, I won a 25-unit side/total parlay on Monday night's Tennessee Titans-New York Jets game, cashing a 10-unit win ticket on the Titans (+1) with their 14-10 win, a 10-unit play on the total (under 41) and then a winning 5-unit parlay on the side and total, getting 13-5 for my money.

Satisfied to win the bet? Yes.

Sickened to witness the quality of play? Yes.

Tennessee won with an anemic offense that should hope it never runs in a defense like that of Alabama or even Utah State. In many respects, the Titans' win was a gift from the New York Jets and their quarterback Mark Sanchez who threw four interceptions and fumbled away the team's last chance to win. The loss focused on him, but he had plenty of company from his teammates.

When the game was over, Tennessee had won with just 12 first downs294 yards of offense, and with the key to its success the turnovers and 10 punts for an average of 39.1 yards. It was just winning at its ugliest and the NFL at its worst.

If this was the only game in which this happened, and it was merely a once-in-a-while circumstance, it would be one thing. Unfortunately, it is not an infrequent occurrence and it was just as obvious in two Sunday games-Detroit's 38-10 loss to an Arizona team that had lost nine straight and Kansas City's 15-0 loss at Oakland.

Lions, Packers Take Embarrassment To New Level

Detroit (4-10) was picked in the pre-season to be a Super Bowl contender but continued its dreadful play in Glendale. Quarterback Matthew Stafford threw three interceptions and in the second quarter of the game gave up 21 points on three turnovers. The Lions were sloppy, unfocused and never in the game but that is the way it has been with them all season. A non-starter, if you will.

Kansas City (2-12) has pushed embarrassment to its highest/lowest level in years. Against an awful Oakland team, the Chiefs had 119 yards of total offense (with just 10 yards of that rushing) and just 7 first downs against a defense ranked 30th of 32.

Adding insult to injury, Kansas City had 17 yards of offense in the first half-and 40 yards in penalties. It is of note head coach Romeo Crennel gave up his dual job as defensive coordinator a few weeks ago because he wanted to add more punch-and maybe a few more yards-to the offense. When he took over, Kansas City was averaging 357.5 yards and 16.6 points per game. Since he assumed the role of offensive coordinator, the Chiefs have averaged 270.3 yards and 10.3 points.

It is shameful what is going on in the NFL and you can take my word for it-it will only get worse, because the ego-driven airheads in charge, from top to bottom, from the front office to the coaching staffs, believe the public is forever a sucker and the on-field product does not count.

I guess they are blind to all the empty seats I have observed lately in many NFL stadiums.

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5 NBA Teams Key To Riches

Sometimes handicappers and bettors make life far more difficult that it should be, failing to look for the obvious facts that produce winners. It was never more obvious that in the NBA right now, where five teams have gone 89-31 straight up and standing 75-41-4 against the spread.

This means the five teams are winning straight up a combined 74% of the time while covering in 65.0% of those games. Considering that one who bets an equal amount of money on each play has to win but 52.38% of the time to break even, the gold mine is apparent.

Here are those teams, listed alphabetically, with their SU and ATS records, including win and cover percentages

Team SU % ATS %
Golden State 16-8 66.7% 15-8-1 65.2%
Los Angeles Clippers 18-6 75.0% 15-9-0 62.5%
Memphis Grizzlies 16-6 72.7% 14-7-1 66.7%
Oklahoma City Thunder 20-4 83.3% 15-8-1 65.2%
San Antonio Spurs 19-7 73.1% 16-9-1 64.0%

Just food for thought.

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